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  • Guilds are character bound. Alts can join other guilds.[1]
  • Complex leveling mechanic
  • Option to advance guilds by expanding on niche focus, or get bigger[2]
  • Increase max size as they level
  • Max size will fall around 250-300 [3]
  • The possiblity to upload or make your guild logo [4][5]
  • Most abilities will be Passive abilities to increase a characters ability to perform in combat[6]
  • Affects the way merchants interact with guild members[7]
  • Have reputation scores.[8]
  • Perhaps some augment abilities for certain members e.g. officer or knight, should you go down the non-expansive route. Gives a fine tuned honed in specific things your guild is good at.[9]

Guild Hall

  • Guildhalls are the ultimate expression of a guild's power!
  • A focal points for a guild, offering any guilds who construct them a whole host of benefits as well as customization options.[10]
  • Fortresses are siegable guild halls within our world, these are different from nodes and castles.[11]
  • Guildhalls will unlock certain actions a guild can perform within a city and node like the Shareholder system (3mill goal)[12]

Guild Castles

  • Is a separate entity from the Guild hall[13]

Guild Wars

  • Not part of the flagging system, just to each other
  • There may be objectives, etc
  • May have mechanic that allows alliances to war against each other
  • Guilds are not limited to warring one guild at a time[14]
  • There will be mechanics for surrendering and winning.[15]

Guild Rewards

  • $1,000 Kickstarter Exclusive - Receive Guild themed character cloaks and mount barding
  • Assigned to a guild by the owner of the reward.[16]
  • Once Assigned it becomes a Guild asset[16]
  • If a member leaves a guild they no longer have access to its assets[16]

Developer Quotes

How will the game empower small guilds? How will you prevent zerg groups overpowering things?[17]

  1. AoC is being designed with a focus that applies on small groups, while also allowing larger groups to do different thing.
  2. Small groups can do some things better than larger groups.
    1. Sieges will have things that smaller groups have an advantage in.
    2. Same with building things out in the world.
  3. Zerg play is empowered by fast-travel, removing fast-travel will help mitigate this. Meaningful travel times will prevent zerg play from being so much of an influence.
  4. Guilds should have to plan to have people in the right place at the right time, alliances with smaller guilds will help enable that. Having people spread out all over the place will be beneficial.
  5. Guild leveling?
    1. Intricate guild system, guild quests?
    2. Advancing guilds will allow them to expand on niche focus, or get bigger?
    3. Membership slots will be traded off for advantages, a larger guild won’t have access to power boosting guild ability slots.
      1. Alliance system may be a key part in creating a larger “guild”
    4. Larger guilds can siege fortresses? World specific locations.
      1. Mechanics that are geared towards larger guilds and smaller guilds
    5. All this is pre-Alpha design, will need testing. Getting this right will require work, will require feedback from the community.

Guild Skills. What tools will guild leaders have to bring people together? Will there be guild missions? Just down to what players are doing?[18]

  1. Lots of tools for guild leaders.
  2. Steven has a lot of experience here, lots of wants.
  3. Knock our socks off, so many tools, wow, YUGE tools.
    1. Activities, leadership tools, passives, all kinds of things! No real details.
  4. Robust tool set, really focusing.
    1. Guild leaders should have recruitment tools, management tools, communication tools, motivating people to do things. Again, no real details.

Guilds?! How will you make guilds more than just a collection of people? Games ruin that by adding teleportation to dungeons, flying mounts, how are you going to make the social aspect come to life[19]

  1. Trying to put in mechanics that encourage people to work together, conflict/together
  2. Guild houses, skills, sieges, alliances, exert influence over the rest of the world
  3. Benefits for different sized guilds, large/small
  4. Zergfests, we are not going down the road to support zergfests.
    1. There will be things for different sized guilds to do.
  5. Quest lines which players participate [20]

Are there mockups or concept art available for the guild hall, angelic/demonic skins?[21]

  1. In the works, some next week.

More on guilds:[22]

  1. Leveling guilds, skills associated with guilds (augments), achievements, guild halls, castle system. There will be a lot of depth in the guild system.

Guild leader set tax rate regardless of node ownership? (Siigari)[23]

  1. No guild specific taxation. There are a lot of guild leader tools they can implement in the guild interface system. There could be a defacto “Hey, deposit this into” or payments are necessary, but there isn’t a specific field to denote taxation.

[18:30] What functions will guilds have to rally members to a location (outside of chat)?[24]

  1. They do not like the ability for guilds to instantly rally and port to points on a map.
  2. There should be an element of intelligence gathering and strategy/travel
  3. A portion of the interface will come into play with a “certain software” (looks at co-hosts) they are talking about implementing
    1. Also allows something “outside of the game”
  4. Have a very functional UI
    1. Calendar, roster, etc.

[21:00] How will the guild advancement be determined? How will buffs be… to members?[25]

  1. It will relate to a few things
    1. We want guilds to participate in development of the world via accomplishments
      1. Crafting certain items
      2. Events


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