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  • Crafting drives the economy. [1]
  • Crops will have many applications.[2]
  • Fishing will have lots of applications, from crafting to furniture/clothing/costumes and food, also treasure if you catch something big.[3][4]
  • Crafted items will be tagged with crafter's name.[5]
  • Crafting will be unique with three tiers of artisan trees[6]
  • Crafting may require resources from other regions [7]

Developer Quotes

Is there RNG when crafting/upgrading gear? Breaking while upgrading, for example?[8]

  1. Recipe based, no RNG. Recipes can be granted through a lot of progression paths[9]
    1. While leveling found as drops from monsters
    2. From quest lines
    3. Societal stature, being a mayor might give community recipes to book
    4. Thieves guild or other societies can grant recipes
    5. Legendary bosses or titles might give recipes
    6. Being a landowner and building up processing power through infrastructure, through buildings
    7. Religious devotion can grant holy recipes based on the church your belong to
  2. Will involve going out and finding rare items, killing rare monsters, epic bosses that make epic gear.
  3. Deconstructing that epic gear to learn how to make it yourself.
  4. All about the synergy between the different artisan types.
    1. Might be some RNG with upgrading/over enchanting items.
      1. Comes with a risk, +10 sword? There will be some potential rng to that.
      2. No comment on whether it can be destroyed or just RNG to succeed.
  5. Monsters will have drop tables, which will involve RNG

Will crafting stations only be found on freeholds or can Artisans craft on the go?[10]

  1. Right now, we’re looking at keeping things in-station/at a node.
  2. Will be on recipe/profession basis

What role does crafting play? Durability? Quest/raid gear vs. crafted gear?[11]

  1. Top crafted gear will be on par with epic world boss drops
  2. Taken the trinity approach to classes and applied it to crafting (Artisan Class)
    1. Gathering[12]
    2. Processing
    3. Item Creation (Crafting)
    4. Need to focus a specific tree to become a “master”[13]
      1. Though you have the option to be a “jack of all trades”
    5. There are dependencies between the three crafting “paths” requiring coordination between players on the server
  3. There is durability in the game
    1. Won’t be a trivial durability
    2. Potential to destroy gear
    3. Ability to “reforge” gear using materials
  4. Three kinds of “Item Sinks”
    1. You can gain (the ability to create?) craftable items by deconstructing completed items
    2. Item decay exists
    3. If you want to “over-enchant” an item there is a chance to destroy it as well

Will people who focus on crafting be able to keep up with other players in character progression? (Siigari)[14]

  1. Crafting is such an in-depth system. PVE and questing, that is relatable to the adventuring class. Crafting is an artisan class. It’s a different approach. These are separate progression advancement tracks. Will you experience some crossover between progressing in adventuring and artisan classes? Yes. But primarily, systems advance once class or another.

Steven, you talked about crafting and how it’s a big thing in the game for the economy. Weapons, armor system, but one problem in Guild Wars 2, in the very endgame, a lot of the gear is the same. Max level items are identical. Suggestion: we can have 2%-3% of the base crafting stats to be RNG. Sword is 100 and folks can craft 97-98.[15]

  1. You don’t have to introduce an RNG element to conquer the problem. Your progression in the artisan tree enables you as a crafter to exercise agency over what stats the item contains. Those stats are specific to what role your class is customized to achieve (PVE vs. PVP). There’s a wide range of applicable stats based on what the master crafter has set those dials to when crafting that item. Set bonuses are different, passives are different. When you reach top tier crafting, you’re going to have a diverse realm of items and gears that relate to how you’ve built your character.

By that logic, the artisan tree has a lot of abilities and can’t choose them all?[16]

  1. Two things: one – there are parameters on the dials determined by the recipe; second – you may unlock different dials based on progression in the game. The social organizations $2M KS goal, being a captain in the thieves’ guild may unlock a certain dial that you could apply when crafting leather armor. That could relate to more dex/evasion classes.

Will the game have potions? Is there an artisan class for alchemy? (Sir Pook)[17]

  1. Yes, absolutely. Never potions that replace the role of a class. Items should never replace a class’ abilities or value. Potions will probably not give buffs; maybe, but I wouldn’t answer that question right now.

At Peter / Steven, we know there is gathering, processing and crafting , how many crafting professions do you plan to release?[18]

  1. Can’t give you an exact answer, there are a lot.
  2. All may not make the cut.
  3. Over a dozen.
  4. It's how they fit together.


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