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Lumber (wood) is a gatherable resource in Ashes of Creation.[1]

List of lumber resources


Gathering lumber in Alpha-2.[3]

The first major reveal is that in Ashes of Creation we have now expanded the resource gathering system to include a great many of what the world is showing you of these resources. So when you see a tree, you can chop a tree. If you see a rock, you can mine a rock.[3]Steven Sharif

Lumberjacking (Logging) is a gathering artisan class in Ashes of Creation.[1][4]

  • The developers are considering the introduction of gathering tools that require two players, such as two-person saws that can fell larger trees.[5]

List of gathering tools

Item Icon Type Resource tiers Rarity Level requirement Source Cost
Axe AxeIcon.png Tool 1 Common 1 Vendor 10
Iron Chopper IronChopperIcon.png Tool 1 - 2 Uncommon 1 Vendor 100

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