LiveStream August 17 2018

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Date August 17, 2018

This LiveStream covers Alpha 1, animation and engineering departments, a LOT of artwork, action combat gameplay, and community Q&A.



  • [00:09] Showing Action Combat out of the battlegrounds later
  • Testing starting next month For Alpha 1, Early by a quarter
  • [01:30] Alpha 1 Split into 2 phases.
    • Alpha 1, Phase 1 starts next month running 7 months
    • 3 Testing modes
      • Open World Battlegrounds up to 100 players total.
        • no ranking
        • action only combat (tab targeting was done in Alpha 0)

Matt Broome - first guest.


  • [04:00] 4 animators : Nathan, David , Chris, and Brad
  • 29 different pieces
  • [04:36] Modelers : Chris, Keith, Javier
  • Animation has to be customizable to 64 unique characters x 2 (m/f)
  • Alpha 1 players will see this customization



  • Potion Gun - Fire potion / Frost potion exchangeable ammo type
    • [08:45] Some weapons will have skills attached such as meteor or knockback
  • Alchemy Table
  • Large Statues that have been around for a long time 200ft tall
  • [10:55] Furniture, Craftable. Empyrean
    • Luxury scales with the skill you gained in the artisan tree.
  • [12:28] Special Effects Concepts
  • More Statues
  • [13:50] Animal Husbandry Concepts for customization of offspring (griffin)
    • Will be able to adjust dials to give it a unique representation.
    • Might see this in Alpha phase 2
  • Blacksmith Forge
  • Pews or Bench
  • Desk
  • Merchants Bench
  • Weapon Rack
  • Lamp post
  • [16:38] Horse Armor
  • Shield
  • Sword and Shield
  • [17:30] Battle Ram - Customizable mount
  • Spell Book
  • Rusty Axe
  • Two Handed Sword
  • Scepter
  • Snake Wand Concept to Model
  • Two handed Battle Axe
  • Book
  • [20:20] Armor - Human Basic Robe
    • Base to Higher tier... Customize pieces (single or dual belt)
  • Orb
  • Shield
  • Axe
  • Sword
  • [22:30] Empyrean Plate higher tier.
  • Kaelar Tier 3 Plate
    • Plate / Leather / Robe 9 unique looks
  • Basic T-shirt / Pants



  • Starting Alpha 1 next month, Sales have closed. Under 10k participants
  • [26:30] Phase 1 Cont.
    • Focus is 100% Action combat and PVP
    • Math drives Tab Targeting, Player skill drives Action
    • How to harmonize tab target with Action combat.
    • Dedicated 7 months
      • [30:30] Battlegrounds
      • Castle Siege mode
        • 200 players in a match
        • Objectives within castle.
        • Guard NPCs
        • Respawn Timers
      • Horde mode
        • 50 players defending city against waves of NPC’s
        • Time between waves to collect XP and items before next wave
  • [32:05] Phase 2
    • 120sqkm of world map
    • Progression to level 20
      • Alpha 0 was till 10 wasn’t representative to traditional leveling
    • in Depth leveling
    • 4 playable races
    • [33:50]Character Customization suite
    • 8 base Archetypes
    • [34:52]Portions of our housing systems
      • Getting the certificate
    • [35:14] Portions of our crafting/Artisan systems
      • Gathering / processing / crafting
    • [35:27]Node Progression to Stage 4
    • Questing and Society/Guild Systems
  • [36:36] At PAX prime will be announcing 2 world servers
  • Name Reservations for Alpha one participants will begin during Phase Two.
  • [37:06]Battlegrounds game mode test periods will be a number of hours per day and eventually will be 24/7

First pass on Action Gameplay Video


  • UI not present in video
  • Some weapons are not skinned
  • Effects are still being worked on

Second Guest: Kevin McPherson


  • Optimization is needed for more players
  • Planetside 2 has record for most players in a single zone
  • [46:03] Announcement: See you at Gamescom... Will see you this weekend
    • Important and big announcements will be made with project and studio
  • [46:52] back to engineering
    • Scale testing needed
    • Challenge is on backside, latency, hitching. Packet optimization,
    • This phase is critical, so they are doing it sooner in the process than usual
    • Will be able to implement some cosmetics we’ve earned. Work out the kinks early on.
    • [50:40] Deployable system / Destroyable system. Pushed to client side.
    • Deploy structures, siege weapons, crafting stations
  • [54:48] We are at pax West Sept 1 in Wyvern Theatre @ 10:30 am PDT with big announcement
  • We will be doing one at Gamescom Time TBA with big announcement


[56:00] If testers of Alpha 1 do a good job, do you think it’s possible for US to help get intrepid even further ahead of schedule?

  1. As much as we appreciate help, and hope that you guys will do great testing, I don’t know if that will necessarily help us move faster.

[59:45] Action combat looks great, how will that mix and be competitive with tab targeting, I enjoy tab targeting?

  1. Over these next seven months, as we are testing, we are going to figure it out. And when we do find that out, you’ll be able to see it in Alpha 2.

[1:00:14] When will Character Creation be available

  1. We are aiming for phase 2

[1:00:40] How strongly will player level affect what monsters you can fight?

  1. It will be important in a sense that player level will gains you access to skill points that you assign to your skill tree in order to access skills. Higher level skills will make it easier fighting different monsters. But at the same time we don’t want it like, if you are not a certain level, you cannot fight this certain monster. We just want it to be more difficult, or maybe considerably more difficult. We want all things to be possible if you talked to the right people have the right numbers.

[1:01:37] Will there be future road maps for future patches so we have a rough idea when certain content comes into the test phases or the live game so we can keep building the hype.

  1. Yes! At PAX West we intend to unveil. A bit of a roadmap. That was going to be one of our surprise. Gosh, I’m just like a walking leaking bucket.

[1:02:17] Will we ever see anything resembling the majestic Yata from ArcheAge in game?

  1. Well resembling in sense that there are animals that exist in the world, and mounts. And some of those mounts might be two legged like a kangaroo-ish thing. Potentially, maybe, majestic, maybe.

[1:02:38] Other subscription model games have promised things like no future charge for dlc. Will you commit to no dodgy wordsmithing in the future to try and milk the playerbase for more money?

  1. No, we do not intend to wordsmith around future charge for dlc content as subscription model. That is part of agreement between us as a studio and you guys. That there will be regularly scheduled updates and chapters that subscription is what lets you access that content.

[1:03:30] How would you describe Ashes to someone who doesn't play MMOs that would make them want to play it? And if they do join will their buying alpha packs etc. count toward the 15% referral system?

  1. Yes, on referral system. MMO’s are such a unique genre. What is really appealing, games in general, MMO’s specifically, are about connecting people together. Connecting people in either a common goal, or conflict. We watch movies because we want to suspend our disbelief and we want the movie to illicit an emotional response, whether it be sadness, laughter, and intrigue. Movies do that for us. MMO’s are like a movie, except you are the character .You are in it and it’s a live action story playing out. You get to decide the decisions. So if i were to tell a new player what is so attractive about an MMO? You are driving the story for thousands of people across the world potentially, Hundreds of thousands. That’s such a unique aspect to our genre. Makes it so enticing. There is nothing like it. In my opinion, why I love mmo’s so much is because in no other realm in life do you have the ability to so easily interact with other human beings. I can go hang out with a bunch of my friends and we can go eat out together and spend a couple hours together. Eventually we all have to go home. In an MMO, everything is always there, it’s always on, there is always something interesting to do and interesting people to do it with. And you can expand your social circle beyond what you could do in real life. And what makes Ashes so unique, it plays on to that MMO aspect. That you build this world the story from the ground up with these other people. In other games, you are just the wanderer listening to the narrator. In ours, you are narrating the growth of this world.

[1:07:08] Will nodes Part 3 and 4 come before release?

  1. Yes, they will come before release.

[1:07:32] Adding the secondary archetype will change the "flavor" of the skills from the main class archetype, but will there be at least one skill slot where we can choose an ability innate to the secondary archetype?

  1. No. You will not be able to choose active skills from the secondary archetype.

[1:08:26] What will be the minimum requirements or recommended requirements. I do not except an answer but it would be quite the nice thing.

  1. Our target is 5 years. Target is a 5 year old system, when we launch you should be able to run the game. So 2014, 2015. Mid to high range graphic card from that era. Another great thing about unreal engine and our partners at Epic is that the game itself will be highly customizable from a graphic settings / setting standpoint. So if you don’t quite have the rig now you can dial it down. We will also have culling algorithms to cull out characters in large battle settings if you want to emphasize those settings. Those are not in yet but will be worked on.

Final Notes


  • Anti-cheat is implemented for the Alpha 1 stage. Not an invitation to cheat.
  • We had a fun time showing this stuff off to you. We can no tell you enough how much your support and following of the project means to us. It is vital to have your communication, your feedback during this development process. It is a core aspect of our process to develop this project to see what the community is saying about our progress. Our game doesn’t exist without you. We appreciate 100% your participation, coming to these streams, spreading the word of Ashes of Creation. Coming to visit us at Gamescom, and PAX West. Thanks, Fooshy.