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  • Pets can be named.[1]
  • Will be available at level 1 [2]
  • Some Pets will be levelable and have gear available to them [3]


  • Cosmetic Pets[4]
  • Battle Pets[4]

Pet Skins

Developer Quotes

  • Will there be a wide variety of tameable animals to use as combat pets? [5]
    • Akil: Probably, at the simplest level what I can see us doing is, if you can tame something, and it'll fit a creature template, and even though you've got a certain creature, you can tame, it can be a wolf, it can be a dog, it can be anything in the world. We just kind of like balance it so it just looks like whatever you just tamed and it looks like whatever you just tamed but it has the behaviors of a real pet. That is something that's not super complicated, easy to balance, but beyond that say you could tame anything, I think that's cool, but it's a whole set of other difficulties. I’d love to see it. It’s something we can shoot for without it being a reach.
  • Will there be cute Pixie and Fairy pets? Fae themed staffs with lanterns maybe? [6]
    • Steven: I think a safe answer to that is yes there are going to be cool / cute / Interesting pets that are available and some may feel very Fae like


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