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Vaelune character appearance options.[1]

There is a great variation that's going to be available from a character standpoint when creating your character, especially around the face. Whether it be the shape of the jawline, the cheeks, the ears, the nose, the lips. You know we want to provide a lot of options and an agency to the player to customize their character appearance.[1]Steven Sharif

So many options coming down the road. Our character team continues to refine our customization options![2]Steven Sharif

Vaelune beard appearance options.[4]

We want there to be a lot of room for people to manifest their own identity, to role play how they want to from an appearance standpoint. There's going to be parameters within which you will be able to customize a character. We want the culture and the identity of the races to exist in a range that makes them easily identifiable from other players and other cultures. So, because of that, we have to have a spectrum you can exist on. There will be a lot of hair variants you can do, body art tattoos that you can apply. You'll be able to play with the scales of the facial structure, the bones, the height, width, the body fat percentage. You'll be able to add body hair on different parts of the body. If you want to have hair on your feet, you can dial that up.[5]Steven Sharif

Character appearance can be customized in the character creator (CC)[6] and via in-game salons/barbershops.[7]

  • Character models are focused on realism.[8]
  • A player will see a generic character before customization.[9]
  • Character designs will have influences from a wide range of cultures, such as European, African and Asian.[10]
  • Lolis will not be in the game.[11][12]
There's going to be constraints to the sliders, so that was one of those big questions as work began on the character creator: How much agency do you want to allow pulling like the lower lip all the way down in this weird deformed look, or having like [an] offset cheek that's just asymmetrical to the side of the face. There's not going to be the ability or agency to create those types of weird character things. However you will have the ability to move, slide, change, grow, decrease all those components, but they'll be kept in a more reasonable and presented way in the same sense you won't be able to change the appearance of the dwarven, nor the Dünir or the Niküan races to, in my opinion, create what would be traditionally considered a Loli character.[11]Steven Sharif

Sliders will offer flexibility in customization.[13] There will be limits to the amount of deformation possible for a character based on their race.[11][14]

  • Body type.[15][14]
    • Overweight, skinny, muscular.[16]
    • Body fat percentage.[5]
    • Bone structure.[5]
    • Height.[5]
      • You can't have a one inch tall character.[17]
    • Width.[5]
    • There will be "boobie sliders".[18][17]
      • The scale is not going to be ridiculous.[15]
    • Facial structure.[19][5]
      • Shape of the jawline/chin, cheeks, ears, nose, lips.[15][1]

Adjustments will allow a character to appear more feminine or masculine.[15]

  • These are relative to the character's race.[15]
    • Female Dwarven beards will not match that of the male. It will be more of a braided option that is not as voluminous.[5]

Character appearance is able to be saved to hard disc.[21]

A "default player appearance" may be automatically applied during sieges or other large scale battles to improve client-side performance.[22][23][24]

Gear appearance

Alpha-1 female plate armor 3D render.[25]

We want to be realistic with the application of particular types of armor, such as plate armor. In this regard for the different sexes there's a fine line that has to be drawn between accentuating the form of the sex as well as making it somewhat realistic and actually applicable to the environment.[25]Steven Sharif

Gear is intended to be realistic in appearance.[26][27]

  • There will not be "oversized" weapons.[28]
  • Armor will not be overly sexual in appearance.[27]

We're going for kind of a more realistic look; not necessarily realistic setting, but we want our characters to have weight and kind of feel like they're there.[26]Jeffrey Bard

I'm more of the mind that it wouldn't really serve a purpose to have bikini plate armor, just in like reality, if you're going to have armor, it should be protective. I think from a fashion statement is enjoyable for some people, but it's a kind of an immersive issue.[26]Steven Sharif

Armor will take on a racial appearance.[29]

Each race is getting its custom geo pieces, which then will share thematic components such as color palette, attachments, design filigree. Those types of things will get shared across the geo but generally you're going to see unique races with unique geo.[30]Steven Sharif

  • Cosmetics can be used by all races but there may be slight variations to make them work with the body builds of each race.[31]

Players can change gear colors using dyes.[32][33]

Helmet display can be toggled on and off.[34]

  • Hair will likely be masked if helmet display is toggled on.[35]

Particle effects are used to denote the importance and rarity of some weapons.[36]

Weapons are able to be sheathed.[37]

Crafters are able to influence what their crafted items will look like.[38][39]

Appearance slots/Transmogs

Gear will have appearance slots (Transmutation/Transmog/cosmetic slots) that are used to copy the appearance of an item (in some cases).[40][41]

  • There are rules when applying cosmetics to specific items, unlike costumes, which don't have level restrictions.[42]
  • Cosmetic slots can be toggled on or off by the player.[43]
  • A "default player appearance" may be automatically applied during sieges or other large scale battles to improve client-side performance.[22][23]

Character creator

info-orange.pngSome of the following information has not been recently confirmed by the developers and may not be on the current development roadmap.
Alpha-1 launcher/character selection.[44]

The character creator (or character customization screen) allows players to define the look of their character in Ashes of Creation.[47]

We're gonna have a wide array of character customization.[19]Steven Sharif

The goal is to have a character creator that is on par with if not much better than what BDO provided.[18]

If I had to give a comparison, I would use BDO as an example of what our Character Creation is going for.[48]Steven Sharif

A character's voice may be able to be selected from preset options.[49]

There is a chance that the character creator will be released early.[18][50]

Racial appearance

The races in Ashes of Creation are primarily humanoid in appearance. This was mainly driven from a lore perspective as well as savings in animation and character design.[51]

I didn't feel that it was necessary to recreate the wheel on races from a fantasy perspective. I'm not sure how much that would add to the flavor of the game. Obviously I think that we're capable of doing unique things within the cultures and I think we are doing that specifically like an islander dwarf race. I mean like that really hasn't been seen before; or a stargazing noble Vek kind of looking race: Those things are still unique and they still bring innovation to the idea of what these races can be, but at the same time there's a familiarity there that players can feel comfortable with in the traditional fantasy setting.[52]Steven Sharif

Dünir dwarven appearance

Facial hair is characteristic of the Dünir, not the Niküa.[5]

Female Dwarven beards will not match that of the male. It will be more of a braided option that is not as voluminous.[5]

The developers have listened to feedback from Alpha-1 and are updating the Dünir dwarves' design to have a more stout traditional fantasy appearance.[53]

  • The dwarves that were shown in Alpha-1 will be more similar to the Niküa.[53]

Tulnar appearance

Outdated Tulnar silhouettes. These do not represent the current state of game design.[54][55]

Tulnar is the only race with the capability to adjust racial appearance in a significant manner.[56]

  • Tulnar race does not have sub-types, instead, players will be able to customize the appearance of Tulnar characters.[57][58]
  • Players will have dials to adjust the reptilian, mammalian, humanoid, and other attributes of their Tulnar character in the Character creator.[57][59]
    • Mammalian Tulnar may have snout features, fur and inverted knees.[60]
    • Reptilian Tulnar may have more circular eyes and head shape, and scaly skin.[60]
  • There are feline and bestial components that can be scaled up when creating a Tulnar character but Tulnar do not equal furries.[11][61]

Tulnar do not equal furries, but there are definitely some bestial components that you can scale up when you're creating your Tulnar character, so you could max that setting I guess. Whether or not that would give you what you would think of as a furry, I guess it's going to be up to your interpretation of what a Furry is.[61]Steven Sharif

Q: Will character creator allow us to make Tulnar that might look somewhat like Kobolds from Pathfinder or DnD?
A: I wouldn't say exactly, but there's definitely elements of Kobolds that you could incorporate in a character creator with the Tulnar, yes.[62]Steven Sharif

Artistic influences

You will see in the different races that are available from a player character standpoint a lot of different influences that reflect many cultures in the world: Not just European, not just Africa, not Mesoamerican. These cultures are going to be present in many of the races.[69]Steven Sharif

The idea is just to find a base component in the real world as a starting point and then to begin to fantasize.[63]Steven Sharif

Cosmetic items

Cosmetic items allow players to customize their character in-game.[19]

  • Eye color.
  • Skin color.
  • Hair color.
  • Hairstyles.
  • Tattoos.
  • Scars.

Cosmetic items that produce in-game cosmetic effects will also be available.[70]


Emoji adds additional flare either for chat or character representation.[19] Emoji packs were available in the Kickstarter and Summer crowdfunding campaigns at the Explorer level and above.[19]

There will be role-playing emoji such as dice rolling.[71]

Character page

A character web page (character sheet) will be available closer to live launch that shows the following:[72]

  • What a character looks like.[72]
  • Achievements and server firsts.[72]
  • Info on a player's class.[72]
  • Character's back story via journal entries (that are shared publicly by the player).[73][74]
  • Traits can be applied that describe a character's history.[74]

You will have a unique homepage for each character and that homepage will be able to be customized by the user to display unique information. It will have a small out-of-game RPG component where you can construct background and traits and stuff like that.[74]Steven Sharif

The character page will be accessible in game by opening a browser through the UI.[73]

That's part of the character sheet desire for us which hopefully will be accessible in game as well by opening a browser through our UI where you can get back history of a character that that character has input themselves into journal entries that they may choose to share with others... For role play perspective we want people to be in depth with their characters.[73]Steven Sharif

The player can manage what info is shown on the character page.[72]


Ashes of Creation will have a higher graphical fidelity than most western games. It will not be too stylized or "cartoony".[75]

We can push the limits a little bit on the graphical fidelity, especially using Unreal Engine 4... My desire was not to see very cartoony games. I'm not a big fan of highly stylized art.[75]Steven Sharif

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