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Dragons (sometimes referred to as Wyrms or Wyrmlings) are able to be used as mounts, others will serve as NPCs: Some will be bosses or monsters that players can fight.[5]

  • Utilizing a royal mount during an event, such as a siege or war, will incur an upfront cost. If the mount dies during that event there will be a cooldown period before the mount can be used. The cost to use the mount must also be paid again.[8]
We reserved it to very very few people per server, which is also going to make it a lot more meaningful when those flying dragons come into play for certain events.[7]Steven Sharif

List of dragon bosses

Dragon mounts


Dragons are royal flying mounts with strong abilities that can be used during Wars and Sieges.[8][14][6]

Skill Icon Description
Battle Roar Battle Roar Icon.png The mount rears up in a stance of dominance, emitting a thunderous roar whilst flapping its wings forward twice. The first wing flap applies a 25% mitigation buff on allies, and the second applies a 25% power buff on allies, each buff lasting for 15 seconds.[15]
Divebomb Divebomb Icon.png Launch into the air and then dive toward target location, dealing (100%メ) physical damage and applying Tripped to enemies around you upon landing.[16]

Mounted combat

Certain mounts will have combat abilities.[17][18][19]

Mounts will have a variety of effective pvp abilities, some viable in larger scale encounters when organized correctly.[20]Steven Sharif
  • Mounts will have combat skills based on the breed and rarity. There will also be some RNG to the mount skills.[21]
    • Charging through opponents (to knock them down).[21]
    • Abilities to create a lance while mounted have been discussed as a potential design idea.[21]
    • Specific weapons systems may exist on different riding points on group mounts.[22]
There is danger to traversing areas with enemies nearby; and there are specific abilities that knock a rider off of their mount should they venture too close to enemies.[23]Steven Sharif
  • The intention is for players to gain knowledge about mount abilities through observation rather than having that information provided to them in advance.[25]
Q: How will it be evident to players in a PVP scenario what types of abilities they might anticipate from an enemy's mount if its owner has a skin of another breed applied to it?
A: Mount abilities are really meant to be a learned information source. This is not meant to be something that I can look at a mount and know without interacting with that individual- that player what that mount is capable of doing; and as such, when they have skins applied, whether it be through in-game earned or through cosmetic purchase, you will get a learning for what that mount does by observing its use-case and taking that knowledge that you have learned forward with you.[25]Steven Sharif

Mounts can be killed by players, but can be resurrected after a certain cooldown period.[26][27][28][29]

  • Potions obtained from the Alchemy profession can be used to reduce the cooldown.[27][30][28]
  • Mounts that die a certain number of times within a set period might gain a debuff that requires a different material component to assist with their resurrection.[30]
  • Fall damage that occurs while mounted will be first applied to the mount; and if the mount dies as a result, then the remaining damage may overflow onto the player, but this will be determined based on testing.[31]
  • Royal mounts that are killed during an event, such as a siege or war, will incur an additional cost to use the mount when the cooldown period has expired.[8]

Mounts can be targeted separately from the player while mounted.[28]

  • If a player dies there will be a period of time before their mule despawns. Other players must kill that player's mule to be able to loot it.[32]
  • If a player's mule dies its corpse will contain the same percentage of lootable items as the player.[32][33]

List of dragon mobs

info-orange.pngThis section contains potentially outdated information from Alpha-1 testing.

List of dragon bosses


Dragon appearances are based on the region of their origin.[34]

Elder dragons

Elder dragons are more traditional looking dragons: They are much larger, heavier, and slower than other dragons.[35]

Royal mounts

Royal mounts are a tier 3[9] class of flying mounts available to Mayors of metropolis nodes and Kings and Queens of Guild castles. Royal mounts can also be dropped from legendary world bosses.[10][6]

  • Flight capable royal mounts are also dropped from World bosses as eggs. These mounts will have a life-span likely between 15 to 30 days (online and offline time)[10] after which the mounts will pass away.[6][38]
  • Each server may have between 10 to 20 royal mounts based on the legendary world boss timers.[39][42]
At any given point in time you're gonna see anywhere from 10 to maybe at max I would say around 20 based off of the legendary world boss timers. Probably 20 people who have flying abilities.[39]Steven Sharif
  • Utilizing a royal mount during an event, such as a siege or war, will incur an upfront cost. If the mount dies during that event there will be a cooldown period before the mount can be used. The cost to use the mount must also be paid again.[8]

There are different types of royal mounts.[6]

Dragons are a class of these royal mounts. You can get different types of royal mounts. They don't have to be dragons. They could be some other type of legendary mythical creature... It will be an epic looking large-scale creature and people will notice you and it while you are approaching.[6]Steven Sharif


Generally flying is not something that we're going to be doing in this game and there's a lot of reasons for that: Some of it is economic, some of it is ... you create this really great looking world and we don't want you flying over all the time.[7]Jeffrey Bard
  • The maximum flight time on a royal mount is probably limited between 20 and 30 minutes. This will limit the range of effectiveness for these mounts.[6]
There will be a flight time associated with it, but the flight time will be considerable. We're thinking probably between 20 and 30 minutes. So will that limit the range of effectiveness? Yes it will limit the range of effectiveness for that particular mount. [6]Steven Sharif

Royal stables

info-orange.pngSome of the following information has not been recently confirmed by the developers and may not be on the current development roadmap.

Royal stables are a type of building in Ashes of Creation.[6]

  • Castles come with a royal stables.[6]
  • Mayors can choose to build royal stables within their node. Once chosen, the community will need to build the stables through quests.[6]
  • Royal mounts must be mounted in a royal stables in order to fly.[6]
The royal mounts will be the only class of mounts that can fully fly in the world; and they are will be needed to be mounted while in a royal stables. Royal stables are a building that can be built in a node if elected to be built by the mayor and supported by the community building it up through the quests to do so; and castles come with a royal stable as well. So once you have a royal stable and you become that Mayor or King or Queen, you may then mount the creature there and then take it wherever you wish.[6]Steven Sharif


The guild leader of a castle can grant the use of flying undermounts (such as wyrmlings) to guild officers during a castle siege.[28][45][46][47]

  • These may only be granted if the castle nodes are successfully established prior to the siege.[47]
    • Node A grants 1 undermount, Node B grants 2 undermounts, and Node C grants 2 undermounts.[48]
  • This system is subject to change during testing.[48]

Little wyrmlings that you can grant to officers if you're a castle owner, and they can fly around too.[45]Steven Sharif


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