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Mage FAQ

Mage-mage It is going to be highly focused in this DPS, elemental damage, high mobility, CC capabilities. The ability for you to empower your spells, that is beneficial for certain types of encounter. [2]

Skills[3] [4]

Disclaimer: These abilities are just a part of a prebuilt kit that was shown at PAX 2017 and will be available for Alpha0, Skill icons, names and descriptions may change

1HTlguS.png 21FpkmB.png [5]

Icon Skill Description First Upgrade Second Upgrade
MqIGhef.png Spellbook Combo Target an enemy and use magic missiles from your spellbook to strike with multiple blows. Dealing damage and powering up your focus with this weapon attack.
5vXBQPj.png Implosion / Fireball Single target Fireball Adds burn Aoe around target hit
NmUNfgw.png Ice Prison Stops target movement Adds DOT Snares after root breaks
mIyKvDF.png Arch Lightning Line template AOE Adds damage over time to those hit Chains to nearby enemies
qVepZdT.png Mage's Escape / Blink Teleport out of danger Clears targets and aggro Clears crowd control
KfzUiu2.png After Image / Mirror image Evasion Buff Increased duration Increase damage while buff is active
Uy6cAaF.png Quake / Earthquake Damage in AOE line template Adds knockdown Reduces focus cost and cooldown
GudIa8p.png Mage's Detection Reveal secret passages and magically hidden terrain around you.
V7aHHXR.png Mage's private sanctum Target is removed to different plane Banished target gets extra mana while banished Reduces cooldown
iAxINRL.png Portal Create a portal under Caster, exit portal determined by caster, portal will only work for a certain number of players Increases range Using portal reduces threat and clears targets
GpRg6lz.png Ice Sheet Creates area where enemies are knocked down Snares targets in area Increases size and duration
3vP2Vkk.png Black Hole Pulls all enemies to spot picked by caster after a short delay Snares targets after pull Black hole explodes at the end of the pull duration dealing damage
CDHTrHx.png Beam Channels beam attack to a single target DOT after channel Damages enemies between caster and target
OS7OlII.png Tentacles Creates an AoE around the caster that roots enemies Adds Damage over time Increases duration
N/A Robe Passive Increasing armor by cloth Further increasing armor by cloth Bonus mana for for each piece of cloth
N/A Elemental passives Increases elemental damage Further Increases elemental damage The more the mage changes the element type the more damage is done

Gameplay Videos


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