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Snared Effect icon.png

Snared is a type of status effect in Ashes of Creation.[1][2]

Skill Icon Origin Description
Ancestral Bolas Ancestral Bolas.png Tank Throws a magical web of bolas at the target location. All enemies within are snared and build additional hate towards the tank every second. Enemies entering or exiting the radius will be tripped.[3]
Crippling Blow Crippling Blow.png Fighter Deal Physical damage and apply Snare to target enemy for 6 seconds.[4]
Ensnaring Vine Field Ensnaring Vine Field Icon.png Ranger Enemies are Snared while within Vine Field's area of effect.[5]
Grapple Grapple Icon.png Tank Takes aim for a moment before hurling a hooked chain in a line, damaging the first target it contacts and immediately pulling them to the caster. The target suffers a tapering snare for 3 seconds.[6][7]
Imbue Ammo: Weighted Imbue Ammo-Weighted.png Ranger Imbues your ammunition with weight. Enemies hit by your bow attacks suffer the Snared status effect, reducing their movement speed by 50%. Each application applies 3 seconds of duration to the target, up to a maximum of 12 seconds. 10 charges.[8]
Leap Strike Leap Strike.png Fighter Leap to target location and deal damage around you, snaring targets hit for 3 seconds.[9]
Vine Field Vine Field reskin.png Ranger Summons 3 fields of grabbing vines, one at the target location every .5s for 1.5s. Targets hit are damaged for 10% physical damage and snared for 3s, reducing their movement speed by 40%. Targets that have more than 10s of snare duration are rooted. This effect can only trigger once per target.[10]

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