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Skills[2] [3]

Disclaimer: These abilities are just a part of a prebuilt kit that was shown at PAX 2017 and will be available for Alpha0, Skill icons, names and descriptions may change


Icon Skill Description First Upgrade Second Upgrade
RdRSMHQ.png Staff Combo Target an enemy and use your staff to strike with multiple blows. Dealing damage and powering up your focus with this weapon attack.
kAteyT2.png Righteous Blessing/ Heal Ability Spot heal Spot heal plus Heal over time Spot heal plus damage over time to adjacent enemies
aqv58Q7.png Stolen Blessing / Totem AoE that you place that ticks damage in range of the AoE. Spreads damage done to allies in range as a heal Slow movement on enemies in AoE range of totem always on for enemies in range
Qtz24jZ.png Life's Balance Group life percentage Reduce cooldown Heal over time on everyone
q7ian95.png Lifeline / Chain heal Chain heal to friendly targets Add damage to enemy in range of final group member healed Heal amount and damage increases based on the number of allies that will be hit by the ability
jnonjzB.png Endow Life / Resurrection ability Upon use resurrect target, if they are dead. Prevents death if they are alive. Resurrect is not at 100 percent but at a mitigated percentage. Increases the duration of death prevention buff Resurrects target to 100 percent hit points and mana points
OvvF91q.png Divine Form Pulse AoE and damage around caster Reduces hate for the caster on enemies hit by the pulse, or lose target Increases effectiveness of heals while cast in this form
V8dp3jf.png Cleanse Use this skill to cleanse an area of harmful environmental effects.
N/A Proximity chain stun Chains enemies to a center point if enemies leave proximity to the point the chain breaks and they are stunned, the chain is only applied when the ability is cast. Enemies chained take extra damage from all incoming sources Allies in range when chain is cast gain extra health from heals
N/A Banish Teleport target a distance away from the caster Decrease hate from enemies and increase the distance, if the target is currently targeting the caster, target will clear Snare to enemies that are banished
N/A Soul paralysis Channeled lockdown of a single target - enemy both held in place. Increased disabled defense while channeling, increasing your resistance of being disabled Caster takes reduced damage while channeling
N/A Life bolt Deal damage to enemy based on the casters missing health Is an AoE on impact Slows enemies hit by blast
N/A Mana Well Gain x mana per pulse, x must be percentage based or weapon damage Bonus health per pulse. Allies in well get magical and physical defensive buff
N/A Medium armor passive Increasing armor by medium armor Further Increases armor given by Medium armor If medium armor worn in all slots give a balance of health and mana
N/A Mana pool passive Increase mana pool Further increase mana pool Every x cast is free

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Developer Quotes

Will I be able to heal without leeching experience?[4]

  • Yes , Drive by heals

Secondary Healers?

  • When you pick the cleric as a secondary class, two of the augments are life and death basically. Choosing life augments on certain skills has the ability to potentially impact others to a degree and give them life gaining benefits through your skills and also provide healing for yourself through your skills. Pretty much any class that chooses cleric as a secondary class will have the ability to affect the life of others around you and them self. It changes the primary ability to some degree depending on the augment that’s applied to it. You only get active skills from your primary class, but it could look totally different after an augment gets applied, really depending on what the augment is. [5]

Gameplay Videos


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