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Courage icon.png

Courage is a class resource for the Tank that reduces incoming damage.[1]

Skill Icon Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Grit GritIcon.png Applies a buff to the caster, reducing incoming damage by 15%, but also reducing movement speed by 30% and outgoing damage by 20%. Each incoming hit consumes a stack of courage to reduce incoming damage by an additional 15%. Courage can not be generated while Grit is active.[1]


info-orange.pngThis section contains information from Alpha-1 testing. It will be updated when new information is made available.
Character stats and attributes.[3][4]
Stat Base stat Level 1 Cleric Level 1 Mage Level 1 Tank
Health.[5][6] Health 224
Mana.[5] Mana 293
Power.[5][3][4] Power 10
Dexterity.[5][3][4] Dexterity 10
Constitution.[5][3][4] Constitution 10
Will.[5] Will 12
Wisdom.[5][3][4] Wisdom 14
Mentality.[5][3][4] Mentality 13
Physical Damage Bonus.[5] Power 13
Physical Disable Modifier.[5] Power 12
Physical Critical Damage Bonus.[5] Power 12
Physical Skill Cooldown.[5] Dexterity 6
Physical Critical Rate Bonus.[5] Dexterity 6
Physical Evasion Bonus.[5] Dexterity 7
Physical Accuracy.[5] Dexterity 192
HP Regeneration.[5] Constitution 3
Physical Defense Mitigation.[5] Constitution 7
Physical Disable Defense Constitution 7
Physical Block Chance.[3][4][7] Constitution 17
Magical Attack Damage.[3][4] Will 24
Magical Critical Damage Will 23
Magical Disable Chance Will 13
Magical Casting Speed Wisdom 6
Magical Cooldown Modifier Wisdom 7
Magical Critical Rate.[7] Wisdom 7
Magical Accuracy Wisdom 8
Mana Regeneration Mentality 3
Magical Defense Mitigation Mentality 8
Magical Disable Defense Mentality 8
Magical Block Chance.[3][4][7] Mentality 18

Players will have significant agency over the allocation of their stat progression.[8]

Class abilities

Alpha-1 preview primary skills.[10]

If from the eight archetypes whatever you choose as your secondary, you're going to receive a choice of augments that relate to some core ideal of that class. You know like a tank is about controlling the battlefield, is about surviving. The mage is about dealing damage and elements and ability in AoEs. The rogue is going to be about stealth and critical damage. So those augments are going to to play towards those identities.[11]Steven Sharif

The idea behind the system is that you're skirting the line through these augmentations of your role, right. We have the traditional holy trinity that's present in class designs for MMOs and it's often that those either are not deviated at all or completely deviated from entirely. The augment is to offer a balance between that where you still maintain the semblance of that trinity system while offering the opportunity to customize your play experience towards one of the other angles in the triangle.[12]Steven Sharif

Primary skills (class abilities) are based on a player's archetype.[13]

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