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Notes: [1]


  • [05:00] Welcome
    • Everything you see is for real live.
    • Alpha UI is in place
    • Animations are up and running for 4 Archetypes
    • Will show what will be present in PAX
    • Mic issues. It is now officially a livestream.
    • Only one livestream this month, since will have several at PAX
      • Will have a panel, Front page of twitch
      • Special Guest
      • And an Announcement
      • At Noon to 1pst, Sunday
      • Twitch interview @ 2:15 -2:30
      • Will release schedule
      • Will have a shoutcast booth.
    • Showing off Ashes Hoodies merchanise
      • Will be available on Website as well as PAX


  1. [11:57] Compilation Video WIP August prealph
    1. Corrupted Bird people and Shaman
    2. Creatures that were once beautiful now corrupt.
  2. Corrupted by malevolent presence
  3. Paused Video to show screenshots. Restarting video.
    1. Concept art for Archer and Cleric
    2. Fire and Ice Elemental skins.
    3. Caravan Skins
    4. Critters, screens and Animated.
    5. Merchandise
  4. Array of New animations for the Arena.
    1. Controlling Points,
    2. Mage goes through its Pax abilities.
    3. See statue getting destroyed, and team statue getting summoned in its place.
    4. Center statue worth more, than the sides.


[21:40] If most items will be player crafted, it can easily lead to where loot tables be extremely poor and narrow. How will you make them interesting and rich?

  1. You won’t be able to get them only from farming, and growing. You’ll need them you can only get from killing creatures.
  2. The adventurers will need things from the crafters and crafters from adventurers.
  3. Dropped items will be relevant and sought after.

[23:00] If your guild owns a castle and you develope the region around that, Can you still be a citizen of another nodes metropolis or vise versa?

  1. Citizenship and Node around castles are different things.
  2. Castles give de facto citizenship to those in the guild. But they work separately from normal nodes.
  3. They also have their citizenship to the other node.
  4. You can only be a citizen of the castle's nodes if you are in the guild.
  5. There are 3 nodes per castle.
  6. Siege cyle:
    1. The first node's siege will be automated end of week one.
    2. Node two at the end of week two
    3. Three at week Three
    4. Fourth will be castle.
    5. More nodes held will result in better defense of the castle.

[24:45] Ingame Marriage ceremonies, will the be instanced to prevent antisocial behavior? Aka Griefers?

  1. No, not at the moment, and not in the future.
  2. Haven’t really talked about it.
  3. More roleplay oriented. In a church or House.

[25:46] Have you thought about having live events out in the world, having GM’s particapate, as in EQ and Asheron's Call?

  1. Yes that is the plan to have places like that
  2. Want it to feel alive.
  3. Those are memorable moments.
  4. Currently have a system in place (phoenix initiative)
    1. Exclusive items
    2. Special Instances for them to access.

[26:58] How are you planning to motivate players for PK or PVP?

  1. You don’t have to motivate them usually.
  2. Flagging system / Combat system encourages you to fight back and defend yourself.
  3. Rewards for sieging nodes, boons for castles, Caravan system resources

[28:11] Will there be a quality system in place for items?

  1. Yes

[28:22] Will there be player owned watercraft to hunt overseas?

  1. Ships, Yes.
  2. Waterborne caravans
  3. Raid activity on the ocean, pvp, pve objectives
  4. Underwater dungeons

[29:15] Will guilds have levels , So guild members complete tasks to level up?

  1. Yes there will be an in depth system for guilds,
  2. Point accrual to unlock certain advancements:
    1. Members cap
    2. Hierarchies
  3. Levels that give you access to those options on what you can level.
  4. Needs to be tools for communities to form, since there are no factions
  5. Ways for members to identify themselves.

[30:35] Will we be able to watch or bet on Arena matches?

  1. It is something we talked about.
  2. Lineage 2 had a race track you could bet on. It was a fun mechanic.
  3. System generated horse racing / bunny racing would be fun.

[31:31] Will the Tulnar have exoskeleton features available for manipulation in the character creation suite?

  1. Scales, fur, protusion
  2. May not have Chitin boney features.
  3. Will have visuals you can manipulate.

[32:28] When will us non attendees of PAX be able to purchase merchandise?

  1. A few days before PAX, or during PAX

[33:00] Will you be able to adjust the speed a caravan travels and Buffs?

  1. There will be buffs you can grant from a node that has those benefits unlocked.
  2. Or granted from a Castle.
  3. Heightened hit points , armor.
  4. Caravans are constructed by crafted components. So you can upgrade
  5. Off Road will reduce speed, custom wheels can help

[34:40] At Peter / Steven, we know there is gathering, processing and crafting , how many crafting professions do you plan to release?

  1. Can’t give you an exact answer, there are a lot.
  2. All may not make the cut.
  3. Over a dozen.
  4. It's how they fit together.

[35:42] At Peter / Steven, Regarding guild and castles, you mentioned guilds will be able to tax nodes to build defenses, are guilds able to pocket those funds or are they forced to spend them on the node?

  1. Tax on Guild , node, Organization,
  2. Will not be able to pocket all those funds.
  3. Must be allocated towards certain types of expenses.
  4. Not a guild money raising mechanic

[37:35] Will AoC have a way for players to access ingame leaderboards, raids pvp arenas via a website API?

  1. Through our website, we would love to have that.
  2. Want that data accessible to people.
  3. Our own system in place for that

[38:42] Will gear have things such as passive or active abilities?

  1. Yes some gear sets will have passive or active abilities

[38:58] Will penguins be a pet you can get?

  1. I don’t see why not.
  2. They may show themselves

[39:19] Will caravans drop loot, or a percentage of what is being carried?

  1. Yes depending on value of what is carried
  2. Quest caravan, will also have benefit reward

[41:11] How will PAX gameplay differ from alpha 0?

  1. Our milestones includes expansion out from a starting point.
  2. Alpha 0 will be more of the game , as PAX is limited small specific.

[42:36] Can peter socks be in merchandise shop please?

  1. Haha, I was going to say something

[43:00] At what level will we be able to equip the new awesome merchandise in game?

  1. There are no levels associated with the cosmetic merchandise from the stores

[43:38] How complex will the AI be for creatures? Will we see creatures moving in packs or herds?

  1. Is something we are planning on doing.
  2. Don’t want the population to be static.

[44:17] How many suns and moons will the world have, will there be an eclipse?

  1. Eclipse is possible
  2. Can’t answer suns / moons

[45:10] Will combat power from PVX come from base stats or equipped gear or combo?

  1. Comes from combination of Base stats, Gear, and Base skill stats and its level of progression
  2. Balance will be discovered in Alpha / PAX

[45:59] Will there be some kind of RNG involved in the damage you deal / heal and does position relating to the opponent, such as damage from back being more effective?

  1. Not generally, but there are skills that require position to use
  2. Positioning will not be a factor in damage of the skill
  3. RNG will come into play with critical hits for example
  4. Some Evasion for non-action oriented skills

[47:18] Can we just refer to Steven as the destroyer of mic’s now?

  1. Yes

[47:29] Are you guys comfortable will the AoC release schedule, afraid it will go the route of Star Citizen?

  1. No
  2. Impressed with AoC development team.
  3. 3 months after kickstarter we will have such a great demo playable for PAX.
  4. Have a clear path and strategy.
  5. Employees hired have a passion for MMORPGs and a history developing MMORPG’s
  6. Clean slate for a lot of people

[49:36] Will you be partnering with streamers to help market the game? If so how do they contact you?

  2. Yes
  3. Referral reward system as well.

[50:39] For Jeffrey, Will gear durability have visual decay, like in BDO’s armor?

  1. I like the idea, but requires a lot of resources,
  2. The way we are creating our system makes it a possibility.
  3. But don’t want to promise anything.

[52:11] Will there be a way of making the holy golden sandals when you max out Blacksmithing ?

  1. Will it be Blacksmithing,
  2. Could be Legendary item
  3. Or Epic crafting with legendary drop

[52:44] Do you plan on an Esports scene?

  1. I don’t think so
  2. It could happen
  3. Esports distracts from a core idea.

[53:39] Have you decided if you will be going to PAX South?

  1. Haven’t announced
  2. Will be additional venues we go to
  3. PAX East Comic Con ….

[54:14] Can I be a Pirate?

  1. I wouldn’t recommend it in Real Life
  2. You could potentially be if you destroy trade ships in game.
  3. Will it get you friends? Pirate friends that will stab you in the back.

[54:50] Can we perform pick pocketing on other players?

  1. NO
  2. May be on NPC’s in a quest.
    1. Have a society, wizards academy vs Thieves guild. That will allow for pickpocketing. Theorycrafting live

[56:13] At Jeffrey / Steven / Maybe Peter. Betting on arenas: a mystical screen that you could change the channel. Could bet on those teams via Taverns?

  1. Could have ppl throwing the match. Hard to overcome that
  2. Money would have to be separate
  3. Players would have to be not corrupt.
  4. Outside of the system, players can make their own systems.


  • [58:46]Lots of Content at PAX
  • Stay tuned,
  • Fun gameplay
  • Thanks!
  • See you soon from Seattle

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