Death'sProxy Q&A 2017-06-01

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Notes: [1]


  • Notes:

[7:15] Studio Tour

  1. Tease of concepts for Underrealm / Drawing of Horse Head
    1. Orange Box is blurred out...still no info
    2. Destroy All Humans
    3. Small look at concepts for underrealm races/creatures

[15:03] Guest Q&A (DeathsProxy)

[15:20] How about that 3 million?

  1. Number 1 kickstarted MMO
  2. Number 8 videogame of all time on Kickstarter

[16:10] New backer goal / Stretch Goal slipped in last week?

  1. Amazed by the outpouring of support from the last few days.
  2. All stretch goals completed.

[17:07] What kind of things can we expect from these backer things? (effect skills)

  1. We’re going to be changing up the appearance of these effects from botha color standpoint and the added effects.
  2. Going to make you stand out as a backer from other players who didn’t back the kickstarter

[17:44] Would two augmented skills have another effect?

  1. All the special effect skins will apply to the skill regardless of it’s augment

[18:20] Will there be other options after the kickstarter is over for people who missed it?

  1. Yes, we are planning on having different access packages (like alpha/beta)
  2. Additional cosmetics
  3. Make sure that people who didn’t participate in the kickstarter have the ability to get some rewards as well.

[19:12] What are you going to do in terms of adding/funding future content (like other subscription games?)

  1. The great thing about being a subscription game is that we can do both the big updates with the big expansions and content that gets released little by little between those big expansions
  2. Because of the technology we’re working on it’s easy to slip in new small things
  3. The reason we’re going with a subscription based system is to help fund continued content being produced.
  4. The process we have in place allows us to use smaller content updates over time.

[20:45] Will there be any other methods by which you can pay for a sub? (in-game currency/etc)

  1. We will not go down the route of selling in-game currency yet.
  2. We want to make sure there is no interaction between any pay to win kind of currency.
  3. More than likely not at this point but that may change in the future.

[21:40] Could you expand on the basic overview of classes and how they behave/play in a group?

  1. We do have a resemblance to the classic trinity with the DPS, somewhat of support and the tank. Those can combine in a group and can be customized based on where the players want to go with their roles and their secondary classes
  2. More blog posts coming about each of the classes going into much more detail in the coming months.

[23:00] Bard, one of the more specific roles. How will this actually play? ([Steven] said it would be different than how it’s typically played)

  1. Previously (in other games) bards tend to be a relatively passive way of playing. We want every class to be viable and to make you feel like you are doing something (your moment to moment play is fun).
  2. A lot of the gameplay will be based on combos and reacting to what you’re fighting, movement from the front line to the back line.
  3. Want to make sure you’re not just sitting at the back playing a lute and not having fun.
  4. Going to see a lot of interaction between how the party functions as a whole and how the Bard playing alone interacts with himself.

[24:20] Underrealm; How will season's work underground?

  1. The seasons above ground will inform what happens underneath
  2. Not a direct 1:1 correlation but you will see the effects from above happen down below
    1. Ex: tunnels might be flooded
    2. Won’t see it snowing/raining underground

[25:32] Underrealm; Will caravans work the same as they do on surface? Will there be issues with tight caverns, choke points for PvP etc?

  1. Not really; when you’re picturing tight caverns...that gets kind of boring after a while. We’re planning to have some tight caverns but also much larger open areas
  2. Kind of a hollow earth….but not literally

[26:54] Underrealm; Is there going to be enough room for the leader of a metropolis to fly a dragon around? Use siege mechanics like trebuchets?

  1. It’s going to have room for that to play out
  2. There will be a sizable Z-Axis especially where Metropolises will grow.
  3. Still not sure entirely; the full answer will depend on how much room they actually have.

[27:50] Underrealm; How will the freeholds underground be different?

  1. Similarly how you will see freeholds have certain crops that are available based on season, you will also see certain crops available because that freehold is available under ground (like mushrooms).
  2. Can only ever have one Freehold

[28:42] Taming/Breeding; Pokemon daycare or will there be deep mechanics?

  1. There’s going to be mechanics to it; Genetic lines reacting to the ingredients depending upon the mount/creature you’ve obtained
  2. It's going to be an exploratory profession where you try to find out what kind of food affects it, what kind of season affects it
  3. Astrological signs confirmed?

[29:33] World; Will there be any biomes that will be more unusual or follow an alternate path of realism?

  1. Yes 100%.
  2. We are a high fantasy game. That means that outside of the traditional sorts of environments you’re going to start seeing some crazy and wild stuff which will also change based on seasons. It will change not just based on snow and rain but other things.

[30:24] Will Biomes and Seasons have a combined effect on the player?

  1. We have discussed how seasons/biomes will interact with skills like a fireball in winter might work slightly different than summer.

[30:55] Would a mage who has frost type spells in a snow biome have stronger spells?

  1. Frost spells might have a higher chance to proc a freeze or something similar
  2. We still have to look and balance it all out.
  3. Want to have a nice spread of abilities that are influenced by the zones
  4. Not just exclusive to PvE (extends to PvP)

[31:48] Religion; What advantages/progression will religion give you as you advance within in it?

  1. The religion system in and of itself is like a society in itself.
  2. Going to have advancements in the church itself
  3. That is going to reflect your interaction with the religious community. Performing quests/building temples, etc.
  4. Going to have additional augments/customizations based on your religion and that is going to reflect the religion/deity.
  5. Organization choices will affect what types of augments/skills you have access to, including religion.
  6. We want them all to have a strong flavor but also have mechanical systems to back that up.

[33:39] Religion; What determines a players position in the hierarchy of the religion?

  1. It depends on their dedication to the religion itself; their performance when it comes to certain religious objective; their contribution to the religion itself.

[34:12] Religion; Will there be a science based path that players can progress down for players who don’t use the religious system?

  1. The thing is that in this world there are actual gods who exist and you see them.
  2. You can abstain from going down the religious advancement path if you want, but you’re going to miss out on extra side-grade options (won’t miss out on direct power-up).
  3. There’s no real atheists in the game because the gods regularly interact with the mortals of the world.

[35:40] PvP; What kinds of things in AoC will be “open world” and objectively fought over?

  1. The interesting thing outside of PVP for certain things like caravans, sieges of nodes and castles; you’re going to have political fights that may occur and resource fights that may occur.
  2. We’re taking guild politics to a new level by having open world objective based scenarios
  3. Like when you declare war on another guild, you choose what type of war
    1. This determines what the objectives of the war will be, as well as the rewards for winning and penalties for losing.
    2. Wars will have a definitive end (will not drag on forever) and one side will be determined to be the winner.

[37:40] Will you be catering to both crowds (PvP/PvE) down the line?

  1. We can’t ignore PVP, it’s such an integral part to our game.
  2. We understand that it [PvP] may not appeal to everyone, but the PvE and PvP both feed off each other and rely on each other for advancement.
  3. PvP allows for the element of real stakes to be part of the game
  4. Not everybody is going to a winner and that’s OK

[39:21] Are you going for a more linear design with dungeons/raids? Or will there be bigger/complex non-linear dungeons/raids with choices?

  1. There’s going to be a little bit of both
  2. We want the environment to be a character, and in order for that to happen these places have to be interesting and therefore has to be dynamicism and therefore different types.

[40:25] Are you satisfied with the monster coin system as it is currently?

  1. I am super satisfied with it. Maybe it’s a communication issue on our part?
  2. In context, it has to be understood that there are dynamic events that react to certain triggers that players develop in the open world including:
    1. Certain achievements
    2. the development of certain nodes
    3. the clearing of specific dungeons
  3. Each of these act as a trigger for the monster coin events. This is an event which would normally be controlled by an AI
  4. These would be public quests where players are incentivised to stop the monster’s attack.
  5. The monster coin system allows for corruption to tug at your soul, plays with your desire, pulls you to darkness
  6. Monster coins are relics that allow them to get out of your character and become the antagonist.
  7. We understand that this could result in people trying to game the system. We’re taking steps to prevent it.
  8. If I’m a player and all of the sudden this event starts and the dragon starts attacking my node. If i’m a player i’m trying to defend the node.
  9. If suddenly I have the option to become the dragon, I become the antagonist, I get to be the one to burn down the node.
  10. It may be more alluring to PVP players to play as the monster
  11. I think anything that challenges players out of the rut that they are stuck in; that engagement is fun.
  12. Ultimately when you talk about assigning a meaning to every system; every system can be fun (we want to create fun systems).
  13. I never thought the word Gimmicky could describe the Monster Coin system.
  14. We have so much fun with it, and we expect everyone else to have fun with it too.

[45:33] Will i have the ability to pacify a world boss or recruit it to my side?

  1. What you’re talking about is open and difficult to design.
  2. There will be different consequences
  3. There may be instances where you can deal with different bosses differently
  4. it could wind up not being a head on combat situation, but generally if you see an antagonist of sort that is a monster, it’s going to go down that road [combat].
  5. There will be other kinds of epic encounters like the world trapped in an endless winter and you need to find out what’s causing it.
  6. There may be non-combat ways you can contribute to solving a problem.

[48:03] How soft is Peter?

  1. oh no…i’m sorry Peter.

[48:38] Slime race, will it be a thing?

  1. I tried to convince steven, but he wasn’t on board
  2. Too many times have I gone dungeon delving in pathfinder or D&D, and too many times they have destroyed all my armor.

Forum Questions:

[49:30] Will you be adding a way for players to be good or evil?

  1. Not in a dark and light kind of way (not in the MMO sense, but in the “star wars” sense of dark and light).
  2. We’re going more down the route of corruption/purity as opposed to darkness/light or good/evil.
  3. Evil is such a permanent term. You may choose to do evil things and then maybe some good things later.

[50:40] Is the kickstarter persistent alpha going to be patched into beta 1 / 2?

  1. They are all fresh starts (some of the open beta events might be continuations of the open beta...but this doesn’t relate to the kickstarter betas).

[51:20] Will corruption be rewarded on first hit or when the target dies?

  1. When it dies.

[51:32] Will we be able to upgrade our packages after the Kickstarter ends?

We’re still discussing that.

[51:49] Will PvP be centered around 1 to 2 second fights or longer strategic fights?

  1. It’s going to be longer, more strategic fights.
  2. We want people to be able to respond and provide play/counterplay
  3. When it’s over real fast it’s only fun for one person.

[52:13] Are shields just fixed designs for specific models or will they be customizable?

  1. You can put details on the shield like guild emblem
  2. We’re looking into maybe having an item creation suite to maybe create these items in.

[52:55] Will elves be more tolkienesque, or just tall skinny people with pointy ears?

  1. Each race in ashes has it’s own history.
  2. They have a past that you get to discover as a player in the game
  3. I don’t want to say that they are tolkienesque because they are ashes-esque.

[53:53] Will there be hidden professions/classes?

  1. Probably not, but if it was secret we wouldn’t tell you.

[54:13] Will PKs accrue a negative XP penalty?

  1. You will accrue corruption which will inevitably end in death, which will generate more negative XP gain in the end.

[54:37] Will there be underwater caves in the underrealm?

  1. Yes, also the cavernous systems along the coast which will allow access to the caves/underwater areas.
  2. There’s nothing off the table far as that goes.

Final compilation of footage produced during the kickstarter:

  • Appears to be a re-cut of existing footage


  1. Notes:
    1. We will be seeing in future streams that we will be doing twice monthly
    2. Thank you all for your support



All of the flora, fauna (creatures), structures, sounds, and weather define the environment players will explore.