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Temples are a type of building in Ashes of Creation that unlocks at Stage 3 (village) of a Divine node.[3]

Temples built in nodes progress a religion within Verra. There will be competition between religions to build their temple in nodes with vacant temple slots.[4]

Orders of the Seven

The orders of the seven are religious organizations corresponding to the seven grand temples of Verra.[6]

  1. The Order of hope is an Aelan human order based in the capital city of Aela. The patron deity is Resna.[6]
  2. The Order of fate is a Kaivek orc order headquartered in the capital city of Ren. Patron deity is Norlan.[7]
  3. The Order of truth is a Pyrian elven order headquartered in the capital city of Amera. Patron deity is Shol.[8]

Within the temples of the seven there exist different levels of organizations that call on only the most devout followers to serve. Depending on the follower's skills, services could mean many things. For those among the followers who hold a certain set of skills, there are the orders of the seven. Each of the orders answers to a different hierarchy within the various grand temples of the seven that are found throughout Verra.[6]Steven Sharif

Unique node buildings

Each node type has a unique node building associated with it that can be activated at the Village stage of node advancement. The unique building plays a central role in the progress of civilization for a server.[10]

Religious progression

There are player progression paths within a religion.[11][12]

  • Players may follow only one religion at a time.[11][12]
  • Religious progression is based on quests that are only offered to followers of that religion.[11]
  • Religions have a ranking system based on a player's performance in these quests and the number of quests completed.[11][13]
  • Changing religion will cause loss of progress in a player's previous religion.[11][12]

It depends on their dedication to the religion itself; their performance when it comes to certain religion's religious objectives; their contribution to the development of that religion within the world. There's a lot of different markers that we use at each stage to determine how they progress within the religion.[14]Steven Sharif


info-orange.pngSome of the following information has not been recently confirmed by the developers and may not be on the current development roadmap.

Players may be able to build shrines on their freehold plot, based on their progression within their religion.[15]

  • Shrines may grant access to certain tithes that can be made to your deity.[15]
  • These could be a stepping-stone to unlock deeper progression within a religion.[15]
  • Shrines will not provide the same benefits as Temples but they are the "next best thing".[15]
  • Players may be able to pay to use other player's freehold shrines.[15]


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