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Notes: [1]



  1. They have an inner tube for some reason.
    1. Time to go swimming I guess, someone needs floaties.
  2. New chairs!
    1. I miss the StarTrek chairs already.
  3. Prerecorded things, plus ice cream!

Video Tour

  1. [1:21] Intro.
  2. [1:50] We went and got ice cream!
    1. [2:37] $56 worth of ice cream. High rollers.
      1. [2:50] Looney Toons
      2. [2:54] Cherry Stuff
    2. [3:17] Don’t worry they got a box to carry it all with.
    3. [3:44] Time for Intrepid Studios IRL streams.
  3. [3:44] Walk through of the studio as they eat ice cream.
    1. [4:02] Bacon had cherry slush.
      1. [4:06] Working on some art assets, rocks specifically.
        1. [4:18] For mountainous zone, looks pretty.
        2. [4:40] ZBrush work.
    2. [4:48] John was also working on rocks.
    3. [5:05] New environment artists being brought on.
      1. [5:14] Discussion on how art tests work.
        1. [5:35] Assign a task, this one in particular was to make a castle tower.
          1. [5:50] Six different versions.
    4. [6:05]Tristan also had cherry slush.
      1. [6:17] He also has an AoC mug.
      2. [6:28] Prototyping a new environment
        1. [6:34] Very different, far more fantastical looking?
        2. [6:50] Volcanic area
          1. [6:56] Hot springs, purple trees, green water.
          2. [7:08] Gray boxes, very WIP.
          3. [7:23] Noxious gas vents.
          4. [7:38] Geode crystals.
    5. [7:57] Mr. Broom?
      1. [8:04] Working on base male model.
        1. [8:08] Some concept art.
        2. [8:14] Basic geometry to build a clothing system off of.
          1. [8:26] Working on his UVs, flat texture work.
    6. [9:08] Mr Kevin McPherson?
    7. [9:14] Working on actor spawners, patrol routes.
      1. [9:30] Has a spooky skeleton mug.
        1. [9:34] AI patrol paths and things.
        2. [9:39] Showing off some group spawner things.
          1. [10:01] Can also be used to spawn things like trees/objects
          2. [10:20] Necessary for the node system.
            1. [10:25] Allows dynamic spawning of objects.
    8. [11:04] Showing off expansion.
      1. [11:11] New stations, more work places.
      2. [11:16] Everything coming together.
    9. [11:26] End of video.

Post Video Notes

  1. [12:07] Kickstarter starting to push out emails and things to allow connecting Kickstarter pledges to the website.
  2. [12:39] The second round of pledging on the website will be starting soon.
  3. [13:30] Concept art.
    1. [13:50] Concept of creatures for the mountainous zone.
      1. [13:55] Weird Kobold looking critters.
      2. [14:14] Spider person.
      3. [14:16] Winged Kobold looking critter.
      4. [14:25] Corrupted bird looking people.
      5. [15:03] Palanquin riding dude.
      6. [15:14] Fat, obese, corpulent one.
      7. [15:37] Smoky demon boss.
      8. [15:47] Spiky crystal boss.
      9. [16:01] One eyed cyclops crystal boss.
    2. [16:53] Concept of different rock types? Different crystals that go on the bosses?
  4. [16:57] AoC will be at PAX Prime, will have a “pretty rad setup”.
    1. [17:40] Will have a playable game demo?
      1. [17:56] More information next QnA.

Forum Q&A

[19:00] Krojack - How important to a nodes economy will the caravan system be?

  1. Crucial
    1. Not just to the economy, but to developing the city
    2. Maintaining supplies for the city
    3. Certain types of buildings will require different kinds of caravans
      1. Possibly from different points.
      2. Temple buildings might require caravans from Divine nodes, for example.
    4. Really important.

[20:04] Will there be any mountain terrain, mountain caves, maybe even a mountain (road?)

  1. Yes.
  2. Extremely diverse range of biomes, climates
    1. Arid to wet
    2. Low to high
    3. Fantastical elements included
      1. High fantasy game

[20:59] LexMax When do players get to choose their class/subclass

  1. Likely going to choose Primary class before you enter the game.
  2. Secondary will be during play, undefined when.

[21:27] Can you have different characters on different servers?

  1. Accounts are not server locked.
  2. Can make characters on different servers
    1. No interaction between servers.

[21:55] What is the relationship between guild halls and castles?

  1. Castles and guild halls are two distinct, different thing.
  2. Castles are distinct things that exist on the server
    1. Very specific locations
    2. Very specific influence over areas
    3. Guild’s will fight for control of it most likely once a month
  3. Guild halls are something different, doesn’t exert dominance on the lands,

[23:23] Will there be humanoid races other than the player races?

  1. Yes, definitely some plans for this.

[23:43] What can we expect to see from healing and support spells?

  1. Huge question.
  2. Support type skills are going to be varied.
    1. Survivability, damage boosts, crit bonuses, mana regen.
    2. What you expect to see support skills
  3. Active support skills, not just bar management.
    1. Somewhere in the front lines making decisions on how and when to apply buffs.
  4. Group heals, spot healing, HoTs, standard healing abilities.
    1. Will be able to spec out how you do your healing dependent on subclass.
  5. Most important thing is that they are actively playing, not just buff bots/heal bots.

[25:36] Is there going to be class specific armor?

  1. Need to go into itemization
    1. Not the plan currently
      1. Too many variables
    2. Certain item builds will be optimal for certain roles/mechanical niches.

[26:26] Will there be something similar to unique items?

  1. Yes
  2. Drives home the philosophy of real legendary items, require a lot of effort, dedication to get, not everyone gets them
    1. The story of how you get them should be legendary.

[26:58] What are your thoughts on support sites, like WoWs armory system?

  1. Has been discussed about how those features would be nice to include on the AoC website.
    1. Don’t want to give people access to information that the players haven’t already discovered in game.
      1. Boss drops won’t be released until items drop from those bosses, for example.

[28:07] Will breeding be part of the artisan/crafting trees?

  1. Yes, part of the artisan trees.
    1. Animal Husbandry
      1. Processing tree.

[28:35] For those of us who have just found out about the game, will there be a way to pledge in?

  1. June 20th for new pledges.

[28:54 What is the Wand of Many Things?

  1. WoMT comes from tabletop RPG
    1. Wand of Wonders, Deck of Many Things inspired.

[29:50] Going over the new pledge/backer goals for the new website pledging.

  1. For anyone who has pledged in KS OR the new system.
  2. Founder's Dance.
    1. Dance with your fellow backers
    2. Unique dance for only KS/Website backers will get.
    3. Animated emote.
    4. Phoenix Polka is tentative name.
  3. Freehold Furniture Set
    1. Static Housing/Freehold decorations
      1. Tables and chairs
      2. Themed for KS/Backer
        1. Phoenix Initiative
  4. Portable Party
    1. Not Portable Potty
    2. Small cooldown
      1. Usable in world that throws up confetti/a firework/party in a box.
  5. Backer Only UI Theme
    1. Different skins for the UI
    2. This one will be for backers only.
  6. Host a Backer Unique Parlor Game
    1. Each race will have their own Parlor Game
      1. Other races can play them, only openable by the race.
  7. This one is one that only backers can start.
      1. Others, not backers, can still play.
  8. Backer Only Ship Skin
    1. The Intrepid
    2. Enhanced Ship Expansion/SG included new classes of ships.
      1. Individual sized ship
      2. Large raid sized ship/Capital ship.
    3. Intrepid will be an Individual sized ship.
  9. Freehold Personal Statue
    1. Statue that can be placed on a Freehold
    2. Will show your character in statue form
    3. Inner tubes are not confirmed
  10. Wand of Many Things
    1. WoMT is an item that players will own and will be able to designate individuals in the world to apply a random cosmetic effect.
    2. Examples.
      1. Turn purple.
      2. Turn into a chicken.
      3. Grow a tail.
    3. Fun, flavourful item.

Live Discord/Twitch Q&A

[38:25] To what extent can you avoid religion?

  1. As far as you want to.
  2. Not enforced.
  3. A lot of the religion stuff is content based
    1. Horizontal progression
    2. Swapping out augment abilities.
    3. Not required.

[40:09] Are we going to allow dual wielding?

  1. Absolutely
  2. No dual wielding shields.
  3. No requirement to do it, any class can
    1. Not going to be effective on every class?

[40:47] Can we please have squirrel pets?

  1. Maybe not quite squirrels, but squirrel like pets.
  2. 2 types of pets
    1. Cosmetic pets
    2. Battle pets

[41:06] How do you feel about puzzles?

  1. Love puzzles.
  2. As long as they aren’t repetitive
    1. As long as they are actually challenging, meaningful, natural, not enforced randomly.
  3. Something that has been missed in MMOs.

[42:31] Gunpowder?

  1. Matt really wants to play a Gunslinger in the Pathfinder RPG .
    1. Nope, banned.
  2. Can’t see gunpowder being a thing.
    1. Want to avoid mechanization.
    2. More magical, less technology.
    3. Guns don’t really fit.



  1. [43:33]Next Livestream: June 30th at 12pm PDT
    1. [43:45]HUGE PAX Announcement



All of the flora, fauna (creatures), structures, sounds, and weather define the environment players will explore.