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Release schedule

The core point with Ashes of Creation, is making sure that it is done right. As a result of some of the needed changes from what we learned in testing Apocalypse, we will be pushing Alpha One back from the Q2 goal we had previously announced. We will be working on implementing these changes so we will be ready for the nearly 10,000 testers we have in Alpha One. We will be focusing on these changes to ensure that we are hitting the goals we want prior to Alpha One, and when we feel we are ready, we will share the new Alpha One date. I know you want a new date, and we’d love to be able to give a new date now, but we don’t want to throw one out there and have to take it back.[19]Steven Sharif

The Ashes of Creation release schedule is subject to change.[20]

Phase Release Estimated/Actual date
Pre‑alpha Alpha-0.[21] December 15, 2017.[10]
APOC Ashes of Creation Apocalypse arena stress test (NDA).[22] September 7, 2018.[23]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale (NDA lifted).[17] October 19, 2018.[17]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse open beta.[24] December 18, 2018.[25]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle siege mode.[22] To be announced.[26][27]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse horde mode.[22] To be announced.[27]
Alpha Alpha-1.[28] To be announced.[19][29]
Alpha-2 (persistent alpha).[30][31] -
Beta Betas won through the weekly drawings ("Beta-0").[32] After Alphas, but before Betas.[32]
Beta-1. -
Beta-2. -
Pre‑release Head start for crowdfunding backers at the Founder level and above.[33] 1-2 days before launch.[33][34]
Release Launch (live) release. To be announced.[35]
Post‑launch Major releases (DLC expansions). Quarterly.[36]
Minor releases. Monthly.[36]

Quarter two is no longer going to be the proposed date for alpha one delivery. The delay will not be in a number of years it'll be in a number of months. However we are not going to- we give this commitment going forward to the community that when we give you a date we are going to be confident 100% that we can hit that date, which means that those core systems will need to be complete and stood up in a QA format or setting to where we are confident that that date's going to be deliverable.[29]Steven Sharif


  • Kickstarter's most funded MMORPG.[37]
  • Kickstarter's #7 most funded video game.[38]
  • Most anticipated MMO –'s Best of 2017 Awards.[39]
  • Most anticipated early access hands-on MMORPG – MMOs World.[40]
  • Gamescom 2018: Best Independent game.[41]
  • Gamescom 2018: Best Online game.[41]

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