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Different byproducts are produced by different types of animals.[2][3]

List of animal byproducts

Item Icon Source Profession
Beef Cows Farming
Droppings Droppings Icon.png
Eggs Chicken Egg Icon (Large).png Chickens Farming
Milk Cow's Milk Icon (Large).png Cows Farming
Pig Hide Pig Hide Icon (Large).png Pigs Farming
Pig Meat Pig Meat Icon (Large).png Pigs Farming
Wool Wool Icon (Large).png Sheep Farming


Farming harvestable crops on an Alpha-2 freehold farm.[4]

Farming is generally focussed on growing crops like this and then dealing with livestock over there like that; but generally what you want to do is gather some seeds from either vendors or open-world. You can gather or find some seeds on the open content and you're going to come to your freehold and plant them; and then depending on what processing level you have and what processing stations or buildings you might have, you might grow crops like a little faster, produce better crop rotations; and just generally farm things that's unique to farming produce compared to in the open-world.[4]Mike Han

Farming is a processing artisan profession.[4][5][6][7]

At first you will likely be individually placing livestock and plants and these will be based on your own efficiency in placing those footprints for those items. But, as you gain progression within either farming tools, or specific types of furniture placements, and even hired NPCs, you can move away from the low tier progression engagement with the player, which is individual placements and start doing wide swaths of placement and painting those different types of resources on the freehold.[15]Steven Sharif


Milking a cow in Alpha-2.[16]

Milk is a byproduct of a cow and so is beef. So it's up to you how and when you want to harvest your livestock in certain ways.[2]Kory Rice

Livestock are farmable resources on freehold farms.[4][6][9][10][7]


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