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Hey everybody this is Steven Sharif with intrepid Studios coming to you live from our studios here in San Diego California for our regularly scheduled streaming sessions that we have on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 3 p.m. Pacific time

I'm joined with Jeffrey Bard lead designer here at Intrepid Studios on Ashes of Creation

Hi everybody, good to see you

And we have our community manager Jennifer Bridges

I like ponies

We also have a guest star with us today Deltias gaming is here

There's something wrong with the audio people are saying it's hurting their ears and they're crying because they're whiny

I think it's because Steven is yelling

Am i yelling I'm sorry I don't mean to yell I'm just very excited

Is that better guys?

Turn the audio down just a little bit

Is that better okay they said that's good


Deltias gaming welcome to our stream we're excited to have you here I know you've got some fun questions for us we're going to do a live Q&A with you

Yeah thanks for having me I appreciate it and congratulations on the Kickstarter success it's Rocking

We're having a pretty awesome time with that

Yeah I'm out of my mind right now

I want the group mounts

The group mounts are incoming I think we'll probably reach that maybe tomorrow

And the puppies and kitties

We've seen some pretty awesome support from the community honestly with our Kickstarter and everybody here at Intrepid Studios couldn't possibly be any more grateful for the support that everybody's showing us it really helps us to to realize just what type of chord we've struck we've resonated with out there in the MMORPG community for this type of game to come out and it makes us really really happy to see that


It lets me know that this is the project that we should be working on so

Absolutely and it helps that all of us here are some pretty big MMORPG players ourselves so I mean this is the game we've always dreamed of playing and we're pretty excited to build it so yeah so let's um I know we have yeah that's

Uh Delta can you explain a bit about what you do and your stream and sort of what got you interested in Ashes of Creation

Yeah sure I mean I've been playing MMO since Ultima Online and honestly I feel like they've regressed in some aspects uh you know back in the day Ultima Online EverQuest you had really sandbox elements and players really impacted the game I you know the best stories I can remember from any MMO wasn't a quest it wasn't a dungeon it was players yeah and that's what I miss about the game and I kept reading reading about this game my left Elder Scrolls online content creation wise and people kept telling me about my I'll check this out so I started checking out I'm like this looks like Ultima Online meets EverQuest meets Star Wars Galaxies and and the thing that got me fired up about it is that the world is malleable like the world changes and that player's guilds and there is no factions like you make your own factions you know all of us are talking in discord about you know let's get together and get the server and dominate it and we'll have this huge Keep and and and that's that's what mmo's are about right it's massive multiplayer it's not solo player and I think that you know the games nowadays they're there's they're so theme park where you go do a dungeon for eight hours over and over and over to get a sword that's not fun to me you know it's being involved in the larger community and I think like giving players incentives to get together work towards something as well got me fired up about Ashes of Creation so


Boy I think that is exactly the message we were trying

Yeah I mean when you said the best stories are the stories of the players that's where I come from I mean it's we can tell stories all day long about all the cool things we've done and that's what we're trying to create here as a place where those stories naturally happen

Right yeah it's a huge part of what Ashes of Creation aims to be is is something that allows the players to create their own narrative and really choose your own adventure and create that story with your friends and so yeah

So you you have the four pillar system you briefly touched on the Kickstarter well what what is that necessarily I know it's like the nodes trade yet your classes and balance and that sort of thing what else is in the four pillars

Um so the four pillars are kind of like our core philosophy so whenever we're talking about any system that we're designing you know over on our whiteboards or whatever we always try to loop those back to the four pillars right does it help them does it hurt them and make our decisions based on that relationship and the four pillars are economy nodes meaningful conflict and narrative okay so if it if it doesn't help one of those four pillars then we don't use it


Okay so more questions on that now basically what what really sparked some interest to me is the way trade looks like it's working where I'm not a fan of the global auction house system obviously you're not either and that the caravans are going to like somewhat carry Goods to other towns that players control and run and that that can actually be a PvP element right is that a core at tell us about the trade system and how it differs and like current mmo's

Um well first I just wanted to sort of relate how this affects the four pillars right caravans are core to the economy they come out of that pillar but then they also touch the other three pillars right they don't exist without nodes they don't exist without the economy they don't exist without conflict and then they relate to the overall story of the server

Right and another portion of trade and how it interacts with the players is that you know nothing has meaning without risk in my opinion if if something doesn't include if you don't have a reward and risk relationship there's there's really nothing there to keep the player interested and involved so our trade mechanics work around these regional marketplaces these these these regional zones and and the transit of goods is required to progress in certain systems they're required to create certain things so players are responsible for taking the goods that they've collected the resources they've gathered and and processing them and moving them around the world in order to create certain achievements that they may want to create gear with that they may want to progress their artisan class with and as players are doing that you know there is a reciprocal relationship with the creators and the destroyer so to speak I mean there's there's that essence of people the essence of those two things and everybody right and and we want there to be a relationship between those two things that equate to a risk versus reward situation


Yeah I can just imagine like a whole fleet of my little nuggets like 20 deep rolling up on a caravan nuking it taking all the treasure I mean that sounds awesome now about the separation of PvE and PvP so other games have done it where they had a specific stat they add PvE gear they had PvP gear now what I like is when a game basically they have all the elements tie in to each other but I don't have to do PvE dungeons for eight hours to get a sword that I would use in PvP how does your game separate PvE and PvP or how does it put it together

Um so that's a tough question because there's a lot of balance involved in that yeah but the way we're approaching it now normally the issues that monsters tend to scale faster than players right you have boss monsters that have millions of HP and you have another player who might have 10,000 right how do you balance for those differentiation like that's a terrible word how do you differentiate between the HP of those two two groups right right but our goal is to make sure that they're transparent right that the gear that you're using for PvE is the gear you're using for PvP and vice versa so it's it's going to be a lot of back end work to make that function the way we want it to but but yeah we we don't want people to have separate gear sets for PvP or PvE we want the sets to reflect what kind of a player you are right so that's the direction not going like are you a dodgy ninja character or are you big slow tank that's what you should be gearing for not I'm going to go fight this monster over here and this player over here on an open world PvP game that's not gonna work really well

What about that fast tank?

I'm gonna be a tank cleric by the way I'm gonna heal tank and be awesome so anyway so um now the node system that's another thing you guys talked about a lot out when you say node is essentially what that is a region in a zone that you build up is that right


So a node is is really as a central point within a zone of influence right and these these nodes exist all throughout the world and they're constantly collecting the activity of players whether it be questing whether it be you know grinding mobs whether it be collecting resources and and materials these nodes are collecting all the activities of the players around them and as they do collect this activity they advance in stages and an advancement might look like from nothing into a few NPCs gathering around that node it might become then a camp or a village a town a city or Metropolis and at every single stage it unlocks new content for the players to go and explore for quests to open up for services to be rendered it allows for housing to be developed within the zone of influence or within the node itself it allows for player run governments for that node and that node can have political situations with other nodes around it they fall under the purview of castles it's it's really a very intrinsic aspect of the game that relates to the players development of the world itself you know a lot of theme park games you come into it and there are these these rides that you must go to from city to city that are already predetermined and pre developed what we wanted to do was include those rides but we want it to be a choose-your-own-adventure where you're actually developing which rides are going to experience and then at the same time you're making your own rides with the interaction between players in an open world non faction based game so you know that was kind of the dream aspect of this of this creation this Ashes of Creation was that I wanted I wanted players we wanted players to really be able to drive the narrative and their experiences but have the tools available to them to to experience that content

OK cool now now in the meat potatoes combat so I saw some of the pre-alpha videos and and you know there's kind of today modern-day mmo's there's a couple different ways to playing right you have the global cooldown you know 1.5 seconds with 30 skills and you got your quick slots everywhere and then you have like some of the action like Elder Scroll Online where you're limited on skills and guild wars it is your game a balance between that or is it like a global cooldown like how is it going to work in terms of combat


Um so yes we don't want 30 abilities on your bar right we want to be contained we want tactics to matter we want strategy to matter and you can't do that when you're just clicking on freaking everything so having a contained bar that has a contained number of skills and we haven't really dialed down exactly what the good point on that is but it's definitely going to be contained it's not thirty no there will be like probably exceptional reactants and stuff that that you use in response to what's going on and those might be ancillary that add to your bar but it's not going to be 30 yeah

And most importantly it's like you know our class system relates to a primary and a secondary class that you from eight archetypes so when you first get into the game and you're choosing your adventuring class you're going to choose from one of those eight archetypes types that include four martial classes and four arcane classes and as you develop that you're going to have a chance to choose again from those a archetypes either doubling down on the direction you've chosen or incorporating some elements of another class and those elements include augmenting your original skills not adding additional skills but augmenting those original skills that you chose as your primary class with the flavor from your secondary class so we gave a good example I think a little while ago when we spoke about how a fighter has a rush ability where they'll you know have a target and they'll be rushing towards that target and upon impact we'll deal X damage and then potentially a condition modifier like a stun or a trip or something let's say that that fighter were to choose mage as his secondary class and he would have a range of options of augments that he could apply to that rush skill one of those options would be the teleport augment where a mage is versatile and teleportation and mobility on the metal on the battlefield well he could apply that teleport augment to his rush skill where now instead of initiating that rush he would teleport immediately to the target and then deal X damage and potentially a condition modifier therefore eliminating that time to impact and potential to be you know crowd control or whatever damage to himself so we want players to have a lot of versatility in customizing their class to represent how they play and getting a little bit of flavor from the other archetypes with their primary class

Yeah but also when we talk about a contained bar it's not that you're not going to have a lot of choices you're going to be able to build your character with the active skills that you want and you're not gonna be able to have everything right those right that's where the containment comes from so one fighter will be different from another fighter based on what their actives are

Well with that being said you talk about customization and having flavor now is that going to be every class has the ability to heal themselves tank or would you have to pick like let's say i pick tank and I wanted to be able to heal myself I had to pick a cleric as my secondary class or is that a possibility for each class


In that scenario you would be a Paladin because you'd be a tank primary with a cleric secondary so your official class would be Paladin and obviously we have some core intrinsic abilities that should be inherent only to the primary class obviously like being able to heal other party members are being able to cast a fireball you know those are those are intrinsic to certain primary classes so they may not be accessible in a full form when dealing with augments in your secondary class but there will be remnants of what those classes mean that you can flavor your skills with so a Paladin might be able to you know do some sort of self heal and recovery with one of their primary skill abilities but they wouldn't be able to perform the role of a healer and a party you know because that would be reserved for the healer primary class

Okay so the secondary class is really just a flavor to add to some of your abilities so there'll be a lot of combinations and isn't there

Yeah 64

Yes that's true

I can't math

Yeah um so when we talk about our archetypes right that's kind of the role that you're going to take and you can take that role and you can hybridize it a little bit or you can double down and just become that pure DPS class if you want to the hybridization will be limited based on what class you choose right

Now can you respec that or like as your primary that's your class your character and then you can respec your secondary how's that work so we're still discussing a little bit about the primary but we feel that the secondary is likely going to include some options for respeccing

We want people to explore it

You know yeah because I'm sure I'll screw up five different classes and have to re-roll a bunch

And that's no fun right like that's not a fun experience

It is for your opponent

It is for your opponent

Now what do you think about pay to win because I know that in your Kickstarter said no pay to win like the title so what do you think about that in and are you gonna have a cash up that you know you can earn extra money for a business because it's more profit but also not affect the player's experience


Right absolutely so I feel like that's one of the unique perspectives of Intrepid Studios as a company myself coming from the background of being an MMORPG player first and then becoming a developer really gave me certain feelings that I have pretty strong reservations on in regards to how the industry's moved more towards a monetization process that relies on pay2win mechanics and cash-grab really I'm not a fan of that at all and Ashes of Creation will not experience that to any degree whatsoever and I can't be more emphatic on that point because for me competitiveness in a closed system that an MMORPG should be should be relatable to a person's an individual a player's progress within that game on their own accord on their on their own skill and/or activity and I think that the the monetization practices in the industry lately of cash grabbing and pay2win have just done a major disservice to what our genre should deserve

And I also think that it's not a good long-term solution right at least to the health of the game it'll get you some money real quick but over the long term that's going to die off because it hurts the game and that's not what we want we want a long-term game that has a [cross talk] integrity

And I'm the first to admit hey it's a business y'all need to make money but at the same time when you hurt the integrity of the game it's nothing like logging into a game and knowing that you know you could just buy your power and all those things that you earned and do so I want to applaud that and also say you know please stick by that because you can see from the Kickstarter support that there's so many people that are hungry for that old-school type of MMO feeling a subscription-based program you know that hey I'll give you $15 because I'm going to get tons of entertainment value for that so good job on this stick to the guns


Yeah we're glad you like it

So that's pretty much the main questions that I had for you guys I appreciate taking the time out to let me talk to you and I read the word about a situation now what about like alphas and betas are we going expecting you that then this year next year what you got a timetable for that

So we have planned for the end of the year our friends and family invite only alpha and you know we're aiming to have obviously as early as possible within next year access to our first closed alpha I believe we have the expected date on the Kickstarter is December of 2018 right right obviously we're working towards making that as you know earlier as possible

Yeah earlier if we can and we wanted to make sure we had enough room to make the Alpha experience good it's not gonna be complete it's it's definitely going to be an alpha but you know we wanted to give ourselves enough time to make sure it's playable and fun in what we're able to present

Well the Unreal 4 engine looks amazing so far so I'm glad

It's been good to us man

One more question as far as Unreal 4 engine in PvP large-scale PvP so some games Warhammer Online for instance had their regions whatever you want to call it was instance space so you had to experience a loading screen going from one to the other got the node system here how does the Unreal 4 engine perform with open world PvP and PvE going on is it going to be you know five players in the area 200 like what's the performance like that you've experienced internally have you seen anything


So one of the greatest aspects of Unreal 4 as an engine is that you have the ability we have the ability as developers to really access the source code on the backend of that development to to put in our own proprietary networking code that's going to achieve what we want to achieve when it comes to mass PvP and combat in the open-world Ashes of Creation is designed to have that mass PvP in the open world there's no instances while we will have some arenas that are instances we're going to have massive castle sieges we're going to have massive sieges against nodes and there's going to be organic battlegrounds that appear out in the open world and there's going to be raids against these epic bosses that are going to include you know a large portion of individuals a part of that event and everything we're doing on the backend source code wise for UE 4 is meant to achieve that particular goal what UE4 allows us to do from a graphical fidelity standpoint is create a beautiful world on the front end something that you're capable of seeing and you can see in examples of the footage we've already shown of is you know when you couple the engines versatility and capability with the amazing artists that we have on our team here you come up with something that is beautiful I mean just truly beautiful

And fast too man, it's unreal how quick we can get stuff out

I see what you did there


And the Bacon Baconater right Bacon is the celebrity on the studio

Baconater's here

He's busy working


Oh he's busy like making stuff right


All right well I have million other questions but I know you guy's time is limited so I appreciate taking the time out keep it going there's there's a lot of hungry MMO old school guys like me and gals that want that old school experience but with all the new technology and seeing MMO progress because I just truly have I don't feel like they progressed and feel like it's regressed and made it just simpler taking a lot of power away from the gamer so

A massively single player experience

Yeah right

Thanks a lot

Thank you Deltia we appreciate it buddy

Bye thanks for joining us




Alright everybody I think what we're going to do now is if we have the video available do we have that video available yet okay so what we're going to do while our guys are getting the video set up is we're going to show you something that myself, Jeff, Peter and Matt we were in the game a couple of days ago and we wanted to demonstrate a system that we have in place that is really a unique system I think is gonna be really cool hey it's really a unique system I know a lot of you have been asking questions about our monster coins that are available on the Kickstarter and this video is going to show you what those monster coins do in-game it's a it's a pre-alpha obviously example of this so take that with it I mean it looks amazing for pre-alpha in my opinion but it's going to show you what these monster coins arre all about and then we're going to answer some questions that we received from the reddit I believe our reddit page

From the reddits

From the reddits on the Internet's how're we doing with that almost we're almost there

Also in the meantime they want you to say make MMOs great again

Don't do it

Listen when I set out to do this you know that term wasn't wasn't necessarily I don't think out there yet but but it is true that our objective here is to make MMORPGs great again and that is exactly what we're gonna do


It's true oh it is true

They don't know is just they can have an Ono No-Dachi and I don't know what that means

An Ono No-Dachi that's a that's a term relating to a different game

Oh ok nevermind I didn't ask that

Is there any other questions people are having in there on Twitch

Um apparently the Skype info is still up in the top right hand corner if they can get that

Oh we want to kill the Skype window ok yeah so what we're going to do is we're going to transition into this video so there's a little bit of commentary that I added to it and you're going to see this system and then we're going to talk a little bit more about it

I havent read commentary yet

Oh yeah I wrote a script

Oh did you?

Yeah for the video


Hey everyone this is Steven Sharif creative director here at Intrepid Studios i'm excited to debut an exciting new system that we have been working on in the game something fresh to the MMO experience we call it our monster coin system you're about to see what the system looks like in its pre-alpha state and I'd like to explain a little bit of how it works in Ashes of Creation a large portion of world events revolve around the environment reacting to the player this means that as the players are exploring the world and developing civilization around them the environment is responding to this encroachment by spawning dynamic events and creatures to attack those developing cities these events occur in 3 different types the Legion level the Elite level and the Epic level:

A legion level event would occur for nodes that exist between the 1st and 4th stages this might include a horde of zombies rolling across the countryside finding something or someone to feast on these zombies would have a clear objective and the players who wish to keep their advancements would need to be vigilant server messages will appear for players within regions of these dynamic events

An elite level event would occur for nodes that exist between the 3rd and 6th stages this level of event would include something along the lines of what you are going to see in this video a dungeon level boss and his gang of cohorts coming out from the dens of their deep dark delves with clear objectives these creatures will look to pillage the lands you have settled destroy specific centers of activity and leave destruction in their wake

Finally the last event level is the epic one this level of event occurs randomly in the world as well as in realms where nodes have advanced to the 5th and 6th stages of development our city and metropolis stages this would be a legendary boss awoken from their long and deep slumber a mighty dragon perhaps whose sole purpose is to plunder to punish those who have summoned his malice and hate


Now for the reveal we have designed a system that allows the players to participate in these events as the monster our monster coins will let the player succumb to the darkness inside their soul and inhabit one of these monsters in the game with clear objectives outlined during the event your performance entitles you to unique cosmetics and while no drop can be taken from your corpse should you fail the defenders are rewarded by advancing their node and by gaining unique cosmetics themselves

Enjoy the small preview of pre-alpha footage with myself and some of my designers playing with the system thanks for watching and I hope you'll join us on our Kickstarter

Get over here into belly

Those horses are so much bigger though

Horses not the people Oh God

Alright 49 fireballs we got

You're like ants to me


Protect the city

I'll kill all of you last one standing

I've respawned in the tavern [Music]

That pretty [garbled] it just exploded me [Music]

Alright we're good so that was a that was our monster coin system showing a level two monster a monster coin excuse me the elite coin these you want to explain a little bit about the monster coin systems


OK so basically we've talked about events before hopefully you guys are familiar with that term but when events happen what we're going to do is allow people to play on the monster side basically you can spend a little bit of money get a coin and become part of the event on the monster side so a dragon goes and attacks a node you could be that dragon

So I mean what specifically this is all about is is in our world as you're developing the civilization out there and these nodes are progressing there are events that are queued to respond to the player's interaction with their environment to play it to civilization encroaching on these areas where monsters dwell and these events are going to show themselves that's let's say you develop a camp with other members of the server and this camp is near a forest and in that forest there is this long-forgotten cemetery with with with bodies in the ground and these zombies come up and this event occurs with it with a clear objective for those AIs they're going to be moving towards that camp to destroy certain structures certain services and kill certain NPCs that may exist in that camp you as the player if you have a monster coin in your inventory you're going to be able your spirit will inhabit the body of one of those zombies and you're going to be playing as a zombie whose sole objective is to attack that camp or to to kill players in that area or to kill NPCs and and you know mounts and whatnot and this is going to relate to a progression in that specific module that allows you to earn very unique cosmetics that resemble the creatures you're playing so you're going to stand out from other players as having been a participant of these events and you'll be able to progress your your-your-your effectiveness as a monster in these certain events depending on how often you play this right now this scales up and as nodes advance to further stages down the line whether it become a village of town a city or metropolis this scale of the monster coin goes up with it so you'll have that legion coin the Tier one monster coin relating to those small events with zombies and whatnot and then you will have events that resemble the the dungeon boss at the end of a dungeon coming out with a few of his cohorts and that's the elite event at the second monster coin level and finally the third monster coin level is going to allow certain players to become that that dragon that comes out of the mountain as you said or becomes that that giant epic boss now we understand that obviously there there could be concerns about certain players gaming the system and potentially even letting players kill them and whatnot but


Never such a thing

I know that's crazy but that's the that's not going to be the case here because drop tables will be disabled for this monster it's going to be a clear objective for the citizens of that area and for the monsters themselves and another thing that's important to note is that if you're the citizen of a node you will not be eligible to play in an event for that specific region you'll only be eligible to play in events that are not events centered around your node that you're a citizen of so this is a pretty cool system that we're really I don't think I've ever seen before in another MMORPG and it gives you a fresh perspective as the player to be able to participate in these events and in addition it gives the players who are playing against that environment to encounter you know non-AI reactive monsters

Right I think it's going to be a lot more interesting for an event to be driven by a player than by our AI


Our AI is going to be great but um a player is going to be better and I think it's gonna be a lot of fun on both sides


Yes 100% so let us know how you feel about the system what you guys think of it we're pretty excited about it that's exactly how the the monster coin system works we'll be answering more questions about it on our forums in our discord and I think actually we have a few more questions that we're willing to answer here on the reddit I think you put up a

Yep so we've got about 15 minutes left and we have 10 questions that we've selected from the community

All right

As we mentioned before there's a forum post we also put it up in discord if you want to ask a question to be answered live on the stream we have an official Ashes of Creation subreddit so go there and the day before the stream we will make an official thread so go ahead and put your questions there and then the one the top 10 with the most up votes we will go ahead and answer live on the stream so without further ado here are the top 10 questions

All right


The first one I don't know how to pronounce this so I apologize GPCrone824 when can we expect gameplay videos for the classes and get demonstrations of the combat system in action?

So we're going to be releasing those as we get these systems complete right and ready for primetime yes so you're going to see actually one on a rogue real soon yeah probably in the next week or so rogue class yeah and just as we finish them as we complete things we're going to show it to you guys

Yeah part of part of our development and something that we're trying to do a bit differently than what's the norm in the industry I think is we're being as transparent as open open window development excuse me sorry about that an open window development into the project and you know that comes with a grain of salt understanding that we're showing you these things as they become developed and you know they're not totally polished and it's not representative of what the end result is going to look like at launch but we want you to get a feeling of the direction yeah so you know that's that's why we're we're putting these out as soon as possible


We're willing to hear all criticism yeah especially right now because that allows us to correct course as we go so your feedback super important so keep giving it to us

All right all right so next question is from rabbits what size will parties be in varying forms of content such as dungeons raids sieges caravans etc

So we have eight Archetypes and we're leaning towards a number of eight when it comes to party size and we're not firm on what the raid size is going to look like but we're thinking it's going to hover around forty yeah probably five full parties


Something like that I mean it those are really specific numbers right those are going to change as we continue to tune content and stuff so that's where that's our target right now it might change so yeah oh and then as far as open-world stuff I mean a lot of that's going to be pretty size of

Fluid and it's also going to be very fluid so likely it depends on on I mean some of that open those open world events really depend on the specific occurrence and situation I mean they could we're building a game that's going to have a lot of moving parts when it comes to participation in certain events and they could be very large or they could be small and close-knit

So we're talking about things like you know big huge pseudo parties right you know everybody on one side has a common chat channel and target each other and that kinda

Cool alright and Bellchony asks what are the plans for ensuring dynamic world events stay dynamic and engaging to players

By making a lot of them yeah I mean dynamic is always really hard right and the important thing is to have a large pouch that you can put all these things in and make sure that they're surfaced in a way that's interesting and unique and that can fill all of that time one of the reasons we're going as a subscription game is to promote that and and to allow us to continue to create content as our game move moves forward we're probably going to go on a quarterly release date on that kind of stuff so right and a lot of these things have really long time horizons too so there might be stuff that we put in right now that you guys don't experience for two years after launch so we're going to have a lot of stuff like that in our back pockets


Yep cool alright MathiasCB who I hear really likes summoners asks can we have a deeper explanation regarding the taming and breeding artisan profession

All right so we want there to be a sense of uniqueness when it comes to our taming and husbandry artisanship something that that players can really show their own personal flavor to and and how those that taming is possible out in the open world and it can result in some rare animals appearing in the open world that you just might happen upon and and that rare animal might not spawn available for another you know week or something you know if or even longer but it's something that really allows for individuality and uniqueness to play a role in how rare these types of taming events are

And also to like promote exploration oh yeah we want people to be out in the world doing stuff and searching for these things and because landscape changes so often there's gonna be a lot of reasons to go out in the wilderness and and try to find these rare things because they're going to move around

And exploration not just in the sense of the world while that's very important but also exploration in these professions like I don't want to give the players this concise book on okay this combination makes this and this makes this this makes this i want players to be able to explore that theory crafting of what combinations produce what results right and I think that's something that we're aiming for not just in the husbandry profession or the taming but

Across all of them

Everything yeah


OK azizi buckhunter asks will the main events be on timers or will they be random

Well not random

They're not all going to be random they're going to be a combination of the two yeah so I mean there's obviously going to be events that spawn as a result of certain type of development so in a sense that's kind of timed right because it's put behind a achievement in the game from the community and their development but also at the same time we don't ever want there to be stagnation so if if events don't occur within a certain time period they could randomly have a window that they can come out

There's going to be plenty of public events and some of things that will be happening regardless of you know the status of the node the goal is to try and like keep the content interesting and percolating rather than just going across one static narrative


We want lots of things to be happening in the world and so it's there's going to be a degree of randomness a degree of purposefulness hopefully you guys won't know what the purpose is as long as we don't have leaks you know and we want those things to happen as the game moves forward yeah


Okay and doubleDz-99 asks can you tell us the current plans sorry wrong one aeon auron actually asks if a guild attempts to kill an important world boss how can a guild different guild stop them and for example how would PvP work in that regard there was some concern because they they mentioned the corruption system and they want to make sure if they're trying to stop them you know would they get flagged with that corruption

Right that's a that's a really good question that is something that we're we're still discussing and that is still in development in that regard I mean we want there to be an opportunity for rivalry between different communities within the game to play itself out and at the same time we also want content to be achievable you know a lot of games that have come out in the past you know have weighed too heavily on one of those two sides yeah and it's kind of

It's important that we get it right it's otherwise the feel is really weird like if you've got a group fighting this mob and then it's at 1% health and then someone else comes in and like wrecks it I mean it can be fun but it needs to be fun in the right way right


Okay and freezeman13 asks how robust will the skill trees be and if we're if we can give them an approximate number of skills per tree and or an explanation of the variety to expect with the different builds

So I think we answered a little bit about this when we were talking with Deltias gaming we don't have a hard number right now to tell you we can we can definitely say that we're going more towards you know a skill option that's less than 30 obviously

You know it's it's still being worked out right we've got a huge number of abilities that we've got for each class right now and we're in the process of paring it down and making sure that we create the identity for these classes that they need to have there's going to be plenty of options that's that's a really strong goal of ours we want different builds among the different archetypes so there will be plenty of choice there at the end of the day how many skills that will end up being I'm not really sure yeah


Okay ytyevil from the blue dawn guild asks will any other classes get stealth or is that only going to be for rogues

So stealth as a as a primary skill is going to be reserved for the rogue archetype yeah however if you have a another archetype and you've taken a secondary class and you've chosen the rogue secondary class there will be augment ability application to some of your primary existing skills and

That's as it stands now of course right that might change in the future but for right now we picture the rogue being the Masters of stealth

A good example of that would be again the fighter excuse me and and that rush ability when I said the fighter chose the secondary class as a mage and took the teleportation augment again on the rush ability if they had chosen a rogue they could potentially have had a stealth ability occur when they're doing the rush um so some something like that okay

Along with that as a follow-up question does picking a secondary class unlock additional spells or do you retain your primary spells or


Secondary classes do not come with with additional skills they come with augments that change your your primary classes skills

And that can mean like the skill is completely different right and that just depends on the interaction the primary the secondary class


So so take that with with how are we going to take that it's yeah we're not going to add abilities but we're going to change abilities

Right okay and the last question is from Skullhead51 can we address what steps we've taken to ensure that networking and the engine itself can handle the large amount of players of an MMO inside of UE4

So the steps we've taken in that regard is we're dedicating our engineers towards actually writing our own proprietary software before that

Yeah I mean we've got some of the best people in the industry people who who you're not going to find anywhere else so they're doing an amazing job right now


Yeah they are doing amazing job but that is just to address that if it is a concern among anybody I know that I've heard it when I've been out on the interwebs yeah people talking about it is mm that is a forefront goal of ours that we started this project with understanding that we're going to go with UE 4 and it is a beautiful engine it has a lot of out-of-the-box capability but something that's inherent on us as a studio is going to be having that technological ability to include custom written back-end to accommodate our networking options

Yeah MMO is a really specific kind of project and it's going to require that kind of work anyways so you know it's it's part of making an MMO you have to be prepared to to build that back-end yeah and that's what we're in


Absolutely alright well thanks for joining us today we had a lot of fun and we're going to be on again Friday at 3 p.m. Pacific time welcome you to come on and sit with us again we're going to have another host I believe in a some different content we're going to show you we're also going to take some more questions from the community hopefully this has been informative for everybody and again we cannot express enough just how grateful we are as a studio to see our project resonate with you guys it means so much to us to know that our hearts in the right place our projects in the right place and it is something that everybody there wants

Ya thanks so much like you've blown my mind I still can't put into words

Alright until next time guys thanks for joining in and we'll see you on Friday