LiveStream October 31 2017

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Date October 31, 2017

This LiveStream shows off the World of Verra and Studio Tour videos, alpha 0, parlor games, battle map, Halloween event winners, and community Q&A covering character name length, sieges, quests, achievements, and more!


Source: Google Docs


  • [3:46] Happy Halloween today we have 2 Videos
    • World of verra
    • Studio tour


  • [5:52] First Video - Studio Tour [1]
    • Jeffery Bard
      • Ranger from AoC
      • Working on Quest Dialogue
    • Peter Palone
      • Deathproxy
      • Montages
    • Michael Bacon
      • Pacman
      • Village
    • John Arelleno
      • Himself
      • Mushroom trees
    • David Thornfeild
      • Game Developer
      • Implementing combat animations
    • Jason Crawford
      • Himself
      • User interface library
    • Keith Kovach
      • I made costume for kids all week
      • Elf armor, robes WIP
    • Trystan Snodgrass
      • Bottle of Sriracha
      • Editing next video
    • Matt Broome
      • Darth Maul
      • Working on lvl 10 Ranger
    • Jeff Delierre
      • Himself
      • Orb designs for humans and elves, weapons
    • Ryan Richmond
      • Spiderman
      • Ren’kai ruin concepts
    • Javier Perez
      • Himself
      • Lighting the forest dungeon
    • Joshua Epel
      • Saruman
      • Population in Alpha 0 zone
    • Alex Khudoliy
      • Mr. Putin, Melania Trump
      • Persistence
    • Kevin McPherson
      • Classic Liberal
      • Game Stats for NPC’s
    • Akil Hooper
      • Jedi
      • Abilities
    • Mark Storch
      • Stormtrooper
      • Alpha 0 key submissions data
    • Sam Page
      • Melania Trump
      • Helping players with bugs
    • Brad Constantine
      • Himself
      • MMO Combat Animations for male cleric
    • Chris Atkins
      • Duck
      • Medium armor
  • [22:19] Announcement Next Stream
    • About expansion of Intrepid Team
    • Maybe moving buildings??
  • [22:39] Blog coming out tomorrow?
    • Social Building
      • Taverns
      • Community Centers
      • Bulletin boards
  • [23:50] Second Video - Alpha 0 zone video WIP early look[2]
    • Several differents Scenic Views
      • Mushroom Forests
      • Valleys / rivers
      • Forest
      • Gateway
      • Desert
      • Ruins
      • Snowy ruins
    • On Schedule for Alpha 0
  • [28:55] Bulletin boards
    • There is not a group finder in ashes of creation.
    • Want things localized, want to have a reason to go places
    • Exists within a node, to add jobs
    • Dungeon delving
    • Going on quests
    • Gathering things
    • Task oriented
    • Story arcs can be unlocked
      • Such as mayor needs to unlock things with certain resources
      • Tasks for an organization needs done to unlock paths
    • Quests can be found at other points of interest
    • Taverns may be the only way to get certain quests.
  • [32:40] Parlor Games
    • Traditional Dice and card
    • One on one, Group
    • Racial based, elves
    • May find parlor games out in your adventures
      • You find the ruleset and only you can initiate
  • [33:28] Battle Map - Internal Stretch goal
    • System is not in road map
    • We would like to integrate if possible
    • Traditional maps aren’t interactive.
    • For siege or conflict, this would make it more strategic
    • A guild, mayor city would have access to either:
      • City hall
      • Battle strategy planning center
      • Guild hall
      • Something of this nature
    • Would unlock the ability to use this map
    • Miniatures on board to move around
    • Can designate strikers, get a benefit, 50% damage against a door
    • Certain groups getting access to items
    • Defenders get to do this too.
    • It would be a blind fight
    • Another layer to system of conflict to make it more engaging
    • Counters the zergfest.


When will we see the Tulnar concept art? Please do not say soon™

  • [37:30] Soon lol
  • Working to our next milestone which is alpha 0
  • Tulnar towards the end
  • End of first quarter of 2018

Could you make the minimum character name 3?

  • [39:33] Will look into that, think it’s a coding reason

Without confirming, do you have any other conventions in your sights?

  • [40:32] We have some in our sights, more than 5 less than 7
  • 6 confirmed
  • We will be , just confirmed our location, we will be at Pax East
  • In April, Boston

When will you be announcing the name of the 64 archetypes?

  • [41:50] It will be before Alpha 0,Dec 15th

What kind of siege equipment should we expect, such as cannons, ballistas magical?

  • [42:08] Generally, you will see magical, as well as some mechanical, but we will shy away from black powder siege equipment

Will people lose their housing after a successful siege, even if they are safe?

  • [42:40] Ut oh lost the question (not answered)
  • Now mic issues

Announcing Winners

  • [43:31] Halloween event Full list of winners
  • Steven is the breaker of mics
  • Shows following winners
    • Mojolnir
    • Emo
    • KymaticHz
    • Heiler
    • TheYam
    • Rich
    • Resp
    • Mehariel
    • Megs
  • Alpha Keys to all the submissions
  • Grand prize - KymaticHz

Will classes be gender locked? Example: Only females can be mages.

  • [57:15] No

Will moving trade goods by ship be similar to the caravan system where it creates a zone around the ship and do you have to destroy the ship to steal it's cargo?

  • [57:15] Absolutely

Is the development of the game on track?

  • [57:50] Yes, we are trucking

The titles that can be earned from being a citizen are they specific to the type of node?

  • [58:09] We haven’t talked in detail
  • The titles in general, aren’t
  • Certain titles only achievable in certain node types

How much backtracking will we experience while questing? Running back to the same spot after every quest can be tedious.

  • [56:33] Trying to get rid of that, some backtracking, but you should be able to get a bunch of tasks at once, go out to complete them all and only them come back to turn them in at once.
  • World is constantly changing, you might not be coming back to the same place or maybe there won't even be a place to come back to.

Are there some spells which removes or blocks buffs on your enemy?

  • [59:35] Yes, cancels, suppressions.

Will there be achievements/rewards specific to those who achieve firsts on dungeon clears or world boss kills?

  • [59:53] Yes
  • We want people to know who you are when you do these things


  • [1:00] We hope that you enjoyed the stream, we enjoyed what you brought with your creativity.
  • Enjoyed showing you our progress.
  • See you on our next stream.


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