Ashes of Creation Livestream 2017-10-31

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Notes [1]


  1. Happy Halloween
    1. 3:46
    2. 2 Videos,
      1. World of verra
      2. Studio tour


  1. Studio Tour [2]
    1. 5:52
      1. Jeffery Bard
        1. Ranger from AoC
        2. Working on Quest Dialogue
      2. Peter Palone
        1. Deathproxy
        2. Montages
      3. Michael Bacon
        1. Pacman
        2. Village
      4. John Arelleno
        1. Himself
        2. Mushroom trees
      5. David Thornfeild
        1. Game Developer
        2. Implementing combat animations
      6. Jason Crawford
        1. Himself
        2. User interface library
      7. Keith Kovach
        1. I made costume for kid all week
        2. Elf armor, robes WIP
      8. Trystan Snodgrass
        1. Bottle of Sriracha
        2. Editing next video
      9. Matt Broome
        1. Darth Maul
        2. Working on lvl 10 Ranger
      10. Jeff Delierre
        1. Himself
        2. Orb designs for humans and elves, weapons
      11. Ryan Richmond
        1. Spiderman
        2. Ren’kai ruin concepts
      12. Javier Perez
        1. Himself
        2. Lighting the forest dungeon
      13. Joshua Epel
        1. Sarumonin
        2. Population in Alpha 0 zone
      14. Alex Khudoliy
        1. Mr. Putin, Melania Trump
        2. Persistance
      15. Kevin McPherson
        1. Classic Liberal
        2. Game Stats for NPC’s
      16. Akil Hooper
        1. Jedi
        2. Abilities
      17. Mark Storch
        1. Stormtrooper
        2. Alpha 0 key submissions data
      18. Sam Page
        1. Melania Trump
        2. Helping players with bugs
      19. Brad Constantine
        1. Himself
        2. MMO Combat Animations for male cleric
      20. Chris Atkins
        1. Duck
        2. Medium armor
  2. Announcement Next stream
    1. 22:19
    2. About expansion of Intrepid Team
    3. Maybe moving buildings??
  3. Blog coming out tomorrow?
    1. 22:39
    2. Social Building
      1. Taverns
      2. Community Centers
      3. Bulletin boards
  4. Alpha 0 zone video WIP early look[3]
    1. 23:50
    2. Several differents Scenic Views
      1. Mushroom Forests
      2. Valleys / rivers
      3. Forest
      4. Gateway
      5. Desert
      6. Ruins
      7. Snowy ruins
    3. On Schedule for Alpha 0
  5. Bulletin boards
    1. 28:55
    2. There is not a group finder in ashes of creation.
    3. Want things localized, want to have a reason to go places
    4. Exists within a node, to add jobs
    5. Dungeon delving
    6. Going on quests
    7. Gathering things
    8. Task oriented
    9. Story arcs can be unlocked
      1. Such as mayor needs to unlock things with certain resources
      2. Tasks for an organization needs done to unlock paths
    10. Quests can be found at other points of interest
    11. Taverns may be the only way to get certain quests.
  6. Parlor Games
    1. 32:40
    2. Traditional Dice and card
    3. One on one, Group
    4. Racial based, elves
    5. May find parlor games out in your adventures
      1. You find the ruleset and only you can initiate
  7. Battle Map - Internal Stretch goal
    1. 33:28
    2. System is not in road map
    3. We would like to integrate if possible
    4. Traditional maps aren’t interactive.
    5. For siege or conflict, this would make it more strategic
    6. A guild, mayor city would have access to either:
      1. City hall
      2. Battle strategy planning center
      3. Guild hall
      4. Something of this nature
    7. Would unlock the ability to use this map
    8. Miniatures on board to move around
    9. Can designate strikers, get a benefit, 50% damage against a door
    10. Certain groups getting access to items
    11. Defenders get to do this too.
    12. It would be a blind fight
    13. Another layer to system of conflict to make it more engaging
    14. Counters the zergfest.


[37:30] When will we see the Tulnar concept art? Please do not say soon™

  1. Soon lol
  2. Working to our next milestone which is alpha 0
  3. Tulnar towards the end
  4. End of first quarter of 2018

[39:33] Could you make the minimum character name 3?

  1. Will look into that, think it’s a coding reason

[40:32] Without confirming, do you have any other conventions in your sights?

  1. We have some in our sights, more than 5 less than 7
  2. 6 confirmed
  3. We will be , just confirmed our location, we will be at Pax East
  4. In April, Boston

[41:50] When will you be announcing the name of the 64 archetypes?

  1. It will be before Alpha 0,Dec 15th

[42:08] What kind of siege equipment should we expect, such as cannons, ballistas magical?

  1. Generally, you will see magical, as well as some mechanical, but we will shy away from black powder siege equipment

[42:40] Will people lose their housing after a successful siege, even if they are safe?

  1. Ut oh lost the question (not answered)
  2. Now mic issues

[43:41] Announcing Winners

  1. Halloween event
  2. Full list of winners
  3. Steven is the breaker of mics
  4. Shows following winners
    1. Mojolnir
    2. Emo
    3. KymaticHz
    4. Heiler
    5. TheYam
    6. Rich
    7. Resp
    8. Mehariel
    9. Megs
  5. Alpha Keys to all the submissions
  6. Grand prize - KymaticHz

[57:15] Will classes be gender locked? Example: Only females can be mages.

  1. No

[57:30] Will moving trade goods by ship be similar to the caravan system where it creates a zone around the ship and do you have to destroy the ship to steal it's cargo?

  1. Absolutely

[57:50] Is the development of the game on track?

  1. Yes, we are trucking

[58:09] The titles that can be earned from being a citizen are they specific to the type of node?

  1. We haven’t talked in detail
  2. The titles in general, aren’t
  3. Certain titles only achievable in certain node types

[58:33] How much backtracking will we experience while questing? Running back to the same spot after every quest can be tedious.

  1. Trying to get rid of that, some backtracking, but you should be able to get a bunch of tasks at once, go out to complete them all and only them come back to turn them in at once.
  2. World is constantly changing, you might not be coming back to the same place or maybe there won't even be a place to come back to.

[59:35] There is some spells which removes or blocks buffs on your enemy?

  1. Yes, cancels, suppressions.

[59:53] Will there be achievements/rewards specific to those who achieve firsts on dungeon clears or world boss kills?

  1. Yes
  2. We want people to know who you are when you do these things


  1. We hope that you enjoyed the stream, we enjoyed what you brought with your creativity.
  2. Enjoyed showing you our progress.
  3. See you on our next stream.


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