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The World
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Planet Verra[1]
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The Ashes of Creation world is not only vast, with many lands and oceans to explore and conquer, but is also ancient[2][3], with deep seeded secrets both light and dark waiting to be unearthed.

As you progress through the world, leveling up your node base, building your alliance numbers and completing the different quests allocated to you at the time, you will begin to unlock new events and reveal dark mysteries unique to the area. But be careful, some things are better left alone and untouched.


Main article: Lore

Ashes of Creation will be different from other MMO games because our world reacts to your choices, as an individual and a community; the story[4][5] is an important part of any universe, both stories created from player interaction, and the lore which creates a setting for your experiences. [6][7]

The history[8] and story of Verra will be become clearer as more Lore is provided. [9][10][11] and in the future there will be blogs that are solely dedicated to this.[12]


The first thing you notice as you enter the Ashes of Creation world is the beautiful and entrancing environment that surrounds you. What makes the Environments so interesting in Ashes is the ever-changing quality they retain. As you level up your node and more players begin to become active in that area, you will see the environment begin to fluctuate and change.[13] Weather inside the game also plays a key role on the type of events that become available and the importance on different crafting skills and abilities. For instance, being a farmer is good during harvest season and allows for multiple options of things to grow but during the winter that profession becomes void and useless. There will be regions of the map that are more inclined toward certain seasons, and there will be magical seasons(when I snows when it isn't supposed to).[14] Each season will last a week in real life time.[15] The emphasis on weather with in an environment is to make the world with in the game more realistic.[16] Like any game, music is highly prioritized and each zone and node will be given its own individualistic sound, setting it apart from the rest of the world and giving it a unique feel that resonates with the players in that particular zone.[17] Just remember, the choices you make and the things you do shape the environment around you and in turn the world. [18]

World Map

As mentioned before, leveling up your in-game character and the node you occupy changes many things, including the map structure that surrounds you.[19] Ashes of creation is implementing this by avoiding the common trend in other mmorpg’s where the theme of the world map is relatively the same and flows into a central medium point. Instead they are concentrating on making an interesting and diverse world where every zone has its own theme and focal point. The difficulty ranges for each zone and level as the monsters you encounter are unique in physique and skill and are constantly changing and adapting as you do. Along with the monsters, the map itself will also begin to expand and grow as you grow and level up the node you occupy. The higher you go; the number of events and rarity of epic monsters increases. The importance of this is so that the server as a whole is able to level up as you go and as the population amount increases. Not just so you have different zones for your specific level, such as “lvl 5, lvl 10, lvl 15, etc.” This system is the backbone of the entire game and keeps the game flowing while maintaining a new and diverse experience every time you log on.


Main article: Nodes

One of the features that makes Ashes of Creation unique is its Node system. The world is scattered with areas called "Nodes" that have a zone of influence. As players do actions in the region around the node the node will gain experience and slowly develop. What may start as a small NPC camp could develop over time into a large metropolis. There is a limit of how many nodes can progress to certain stages, which develops a dynamic conflict in the world as players influence which areas actually develop.[20] The progression of these nodes has an impact on the environment unlocking content such as trade routes and even possible world bosses.


Main article: Castles


Castles will be one of the major aspects of guild combat in Ashes of Creation. Guilds can capture one of the five castles in world that will allow the guild to exert control over lands and allow for the development of unique building in nearby towns. Castle sieges are complex battles that take place over an entire month where players can attack each of the three connected military nodes leading up to the castle siege at the end.


Main article: Housing


Housing in Ashes of Creation is more than just a place to store your items. From Instanced Apartments to In-Node Housing all the way to Freeholds, there will be a vast option of player housing. These houses will allow you to claim citizenship to a city, show off items, host parties, craft, store items, display your achievements, and even provide bonuses for being near them. The housing system in Ashes of Creation strives to give you a connection to the world around you, and as nodes develop so does your house making players invested in how the world evolves.


With tons of activities and events to keep you occupied on land, the ocean, within its dark depths, has a vast number of treasures waiting to be revealed. [21] Land design will be transferred into the form of islands as you continue your exploration across the sea. Ocean content will contain a mix of PVE content including underwater dungeons, trade routes via ship exploration, aquatic monsters and PvP based battleship content. Aquatic mounts will also be available for purchase for in game use, an example of one of these mounts was the one made available during the Kickstarter campaign, the “Tide snapper Backer Exclusive Water mount.”[22] One of Steven's big appeals to ArchAge was the naval experience, although not for everyone, was a cool aspect of the game he wanted to include in Ashes of Creation. Underwater breathing will be accessible through different items, potions, food and skills found in game. [23]

  • See Also Ships
  • Speculative / Baconfirmed [24]
    • Ships will have piloting skills, different classes among the ships, additionally they’ll have utility and weaponry that can be implemented onto the ship. Your expertise at using those things can be leveled up.
    • There are also different components that will exist in the hull of the ship, those components could be weapons, defensive, utility, trade, piloting.
    • You gain experience in the Mariner class handling these different component you will become more adept at using them, which will make you a more sophisticated Mariner on the sea.
    • You can spec into, create your own class of what you like to do on the boat. It’s going to be similar in structure to the artisanship trees. You’ll have your mariner class. You’ll have different trees in the class, whether it’s
      • Gunnery
      • Piloting
      • Navigation
      • Repairing the boat
      • That kind of thing
    • The more you go out on the sea the more experience you get for it, The more you can spec into that class.


Main article: Underrealm


The Underrealm was unlocked as a Kickstarter stretch goal for reaching $1.75M. [25]

The underrealm will consist of expansive underground areas and small, tight caverns[26]. The underealm will have its own nodes[25]. The ceilings will be high, especially where Metropolises grow, there will be enough area to be able to fly a dragon and use siege weapons underground.[27]. The underrealm will have its own flora and fauna.[25] The seasons above ground will affect what's going down below but there won't have a 1:1 correlation. For example the tunnels might get flooded, but it won't rain or snow under ground like does above ground.[28]


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All of the flora, fauna (creatures), structures, sounds, and weather define the environment players will explore.