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Player combat in Ashes of Creation is both vast and intimate. It spans many aspects of the game itself. From great political battles held on the fields of massive castles, to open world conflicts fought for the pride of Guild Leaders. A player can choose to participate in the fate of the world by swaying the tide of battle with his or her combat prowess.[1][2]

Our PvP mechanics follow a flagging system, as well as static PvP zones at certain points of interest; fight for control over cities, castles, caravans, or hunting grounds. Our PvP is designed to offer the players a well-balanced and fair world to shape through the pen, or sword should they choose.



  • There will be an Arena ladder system.[3][4]
  • Modes[3]
    • 1v1
    • 3v3
    • 5v5
    • Potentially a FFA of 20
  • Arena ladders will have rewards.[5][6]
  • The election of a military node's mayor will also involve an arena style competition.[7]
  • Will include Battle Royal[8], castle sieges and horde as seen in A1P1.[9]

Open World

Flagging System[10]

Corruption system.png

(Image credit to Lexmax for his OC on the AoC forums.)

  1. “Non-combatant”
    1. Everyone in the world starts as a “non-combatant”
  2. “Combatant”
    1. If a player walks up to another and attacks they become a “combatant”
    2. They can fight back, becoming a combatant themselves
    3. Mitigates some of their death penalties
  3. “Corrupt”
    1. If a player kills another, without them fighting back, they become “corrupt” and gain a certain corruption score[12]
      1. More corruption depending on things like level disparity
    2. Players gain a drop % on each item they are currently wearing as well as in their inventory
      1. Higher % with a higher corruption score
      2. Include gear, weapons[13]
    3. A player's ability to function in battle is decreased as they gain more and more corruption.[14]
      1. Skill/Stat dampening
      2. Will eventually become ineffective
    4. There are two ways to remove corruption
      1. One way to remove corruption is to die
        1. Players may need to die multiple times to get rid of that corruption
      2. Another way of getting rid of corruption are religious focused quests can send you through ways of getting rid of that corruption and becoming part of the world again and getting rid of that corruption. [15]
    5. It’s looked at as a time sink so it won’t be easy or quick.
    6. It is probably going to be the only alternative way of getting rid of corruption.
    7. Location is revealed to bounty hunters when corrupt.[16]
  • Cannot flag on Party Members, Raid Members, Guild Members, Alliance Members.[17]
  • Healing or buffing combatants flags you as a combatant. [18]

Death Penalty

  • PVP death will result in negative experience[19][20]
  • Character Penalties [21]
    • Stat degradation[19]
    • Lowered health and mana[19]
    • Lowered gear proficiency[19]
  • Combantants receive less penalty than non-combantants[19]
  • Corrupted receive 3x or 4x that of Combantants[19]
  • Corrupted can drop completed gear[19][22]
  • Normal death, dying while not corrupt, you only have the opportunity to drop materials and resources [23]

Bounty Hunter

  • Locations of Corrupted players will be marked on the map, if you have the Bounty Hunter Title
  • Title can be obtained from a Quest once Bounty hunter has been unlocked.
  • Bounty Hunter unlockes from a military zoned, stage 4 (town) node
  • The Bounty Hunter ability will have an on/off toggle with a cooldown of several minutes. [24]


  • Special locations in the open world that incentivize PvP. Caravans and sieges are considered battlegrounds but there will be others as well. [25]


  • In order to attack a node, you will be required to obtain an item through a quest.[26]
  • The obtained Item will have a limited time period in which they can declare a siege.[26]
  • Sieges do not use the flagging system[27]
  • Castle sieges occur once every month, and during the three weeks leading up to the siege week, each node will will auto experience a siege, where attackers can try to destroy what the guild has built, in order to weaken the defenses for the castle when it's siege comes later in the month.[28]
  • Sieges are declared directly by players.[29]
  • When a siege begins, there is a temporary alliance among attackers and defenders.[30]
  • During the declaration period, individuals or even guilds can register to attack.[31]
  • Anyone who completes the prerequisites for the siege initiation can declare the siege.[31]
  • Siege declaration is very tough and scales with the type of node being sieged.[31]
  • Castle sieges are intended for guilds.[32]
  • Once a siege is declared there is a period of time before the siege will commence, determined by the size of the node[33]
    • 2 Days - Village
    • 3 Days - Town
    • 4 Days - City
    • 5 Days - Metro
  • A siege will last for up to two hours, after which, if the city survives, there will be a cooldown before the node can be sieged again.[33]
    • 20 Days - Village
    • 30 Days - Town
    • 40 Days - City
    • 50 Days - Metro
  • Certain mechanics might be gated for specific size groups during sieges.[34]
  • Housing will only be vulnerable if the parent node falls in a siege.[35]
  • Sieging will require a similar amount of resources and time, to equal what it took to develop the node.[36]
  • Siege equipment will need to be crafted.[37]
  • Certain siege equipment will be available based on the stage of the defending node.[37]
  • Governments will be able to allocate resources, taxes, and quests to help develop the defenses of the node.[37]
  • Certain NPC's will serve as defense points for the node, Killing them will allow the attackers to gain advantages during the siege.[38]
  • NPC's are only killable during a siege, and will respawn if the siege is unsuccessful.[39]
  • Nodes require continued player activity and if a town loses too much activity, then it may result in a PvE siege against the node.[40]
  • A successful siege will delevel or destroy the node.[41]
  • After a successful siege the ZOI has a time period of open PVP where freeholds can be attacked and destroyed that lasts for an hour or two after a successful siege. [42]
    • During this time, stored materials are lootable throughout the ZOI, but objects like chairs can never be stolen from freeholds. [43]


  • May allow for guilds to go to war with other guilds or alliances to go to war with other alliances [44]
  • You choose the type of war when declared. [45]
  • Wars consist of objective based scenarios. [46]
  • The type of war determines the objectives of the war, as well as the rewards for winning and penalties for losing. [47]
  • Wars will have a definitive end and one side will be determined the winner. [48]
  • Participants in a war are not flagged in the open world, but are flagged to each other [49]
  • Guilds are not limited to warring against one guild at a time. [50]

PVP Videos [51]

Disclaimer: These abilities are just a part of a prebuilt kit that was shown at PAX 2017



  • I really don't want to compare our PvP system to anything else on the market, because it is pretty unique. Obviously a flagging system has been done before, but not as effectively as I believe we will accomplish. Our goal is to focus on the concept of Risk VS Reward. And we will get into more detail about our PvP mechanics in the near future.[52]
  • Currently our flagging system has several lockouts. People whom you may not flag on. This order follows a simple affiliation progression in the system. Party member, Raid member, Guild member, Alliance member. If any of these 4 affiliations are present then the player may not flag on the target.[53]
  • Currently when players die to other players, the death penalties incurred will include a portion of the deceased player's resources/gatherables dropping. Player's will have a very limited space for these types of items in their inventory, as we intend the caravan/mule system to be the primary mode of transportation in regards to these goods.[54]

Will there be support to encourage villany / corruption?

  • Steven: There are many systems that exist for villainy that don’t need to tie into the flagging system. The flagging system is a method for villains to be villains with added risk. However, Villains can be villains without risk if they participate in PvP situations like the sieging of cities, castles, caravans, guild wars, etc. We don’t want to incentivize griefing, we don’t want to incentivize pking, we do however want to incentivize meaningful PvP. I don’t want to hand a carrot to someone who PKs someone out in the wilderness just for PKing them, because ultimately what that should boil down to is whether that individual has weighed the opportunity over the risk enough to warrant going against the crime/flagging/corruption system. [55]

PvP. Can someone play the game and only do PvP? Nothing else, just focus on PvP the entire time.[56]

  1. First inclination, no, not pure PvP. Players will naturally come across non-PvP aspects that they will need to deal with. Questing, killing certain monsters, stuff like that.
  2. Large parts could be built on the arena system, banditry, depends on what the server is actually doing.
  3. Some servers will be especially PvP focused, while others might be calmer, just because their player base has different motives/personalities. (player driven?)
  4. Lots of avenues to PvP, depends on how super PvP aspected people want to be.
  5. There will be give and take between the different facets that will dictate how fast you can progress in the game
  6. Same is true for PvE players, PvE players should be able to have lots of activities that don’t have a huge PvP influence. Healthy balance is the target, both that have to have a lot of tender love and care during development.
  7. Players should stay away from purely focusing on one aspect.

Will there be any “equalized” PvP in this game? (For example, zone into a battleground, everyone with equalized stats)[57]

  1. Possibly in arena battlegrounds with competitions, with ranks
  2. Not in the open world, “definitely not in open world”
  3. We may find that certain types of battlegrounds/arenas may have it.
  4. We are still talking about it.

[37:10] Can we siege a coastal node from the sea?[58]

  1. Maybe, its possible.
  2. We are still talking about it, now that they have the kickstarter goal reached
  3. Want to make sure mechanics blend well

[45:00] PvP: How are the “battlegrounds” going to function (instanced?) and how will they relate with the arena system? How will they fit in with the world?[59]

  1. Clarification on battleground: They consider battlegrounds any zone within the open world, that does not involve a flagging system but everyone there is flagged.
  2. Battlegrounds to (Steve) are open world systems where everyone is involved

[46:00] When sieging a node, what is the win condition for each side?[60]

  1. We will release more on that in the future through a blog.
  2. A lot of phases to the system
    1. Very in-depth
  3. They will reserve that one for the future blog post
  4. There will be objectives for attackers revolving around a central point
    1. Will be quadrants that can be captured giving advancements to attackers
  5. Defenders can assault outposts of the attackers to disable them
  6. Timeframe for them to hold out the central point


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