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  • You summon mounts using the specific item in your inventory.[1][2]
  • Currently every race in Ashes has a unique mount. Then there are mounts that can be found in the wild, and tamed. As well as quest mounts, epic mounts, and a few other mount specific ideas we will release in the coming weeks.[3][4]
  • Mounts can be killed in combat, but then brought back/resurrected later [5]
  • Epic mounts might be dropped like an egg, and that mount could have a lifetime on it. [6]
  • Royal Mounts tied to the kings/queens of the castle. If you ever lose those titles you’ll lose access to the mount.
  • Do not need to feed mounts to keep them alive.
  • Some mounts will have abilities specific to that mount. Some might have combat applications. [7]
  • Won’t be able to use class skills while mounted.

Obtaining Mounts

  • Land Mounts will first be obtained through an early quest that is present for players within the starting areas.[8]
  • Breeding[9][10]
  • Taming[9][11][12]
  • Mounts may be purchased from ther players[13]

Flying Mounts (Dragons) (Royal)

  • Dragon mounts are intended to be a class of royal mounts [14]
  • Flying mounts in Ashes of Creation will be earned by those players who become kings or queens of castles and leaders of Metropolises. Only the most noble of creatures can truly take to the air in sustained flight. [15]
  • Can be dropped from legendary world bosses with a lifespan timer, likely between 2-4 weeks, after which the mount will sadly pass away.
  • You can get different types of royal mounts, don’t have to be dragons, can be a different type of legendary mythical creature. [14]
  • PvP is the primary purpose for royal mounts. [14]
    • Intrepid wants Dragons to have large scale ramifications against player raids. [14]
  • Need to be mounted while in a royal stable. A building that can be built in the node if recommended by mayor/supported by community through the quest to do so. Castles come with royal stable. Can mount creature there and take it wherever you wish. [14]
  • There will be a considerable flight time associated with it, probably between 20-30 minutes. Will limit the range of effectiveness for that particular mount. [14]
  • They will be an epic scale large looking creature. People will notice you. [14]

Mount Skins

  • Once you have obtained your mount in the game, you will be able to assign your cosmetic skin from Kickstarter to the character of your choice from your account management screen. Once this skin has been assigned to the character, you may use the skin to apply the appearance of your Kickstarter mount to the mount you have earned in game. This does not remove the skin itself, as you can apply it again in the future to a different mount.[8]
  • If you wish to remove the skin from a character on your account, and assign the skin item to another character you may do so. But it can only ever be active on one character/mount.[8]
  • Mount Skins have cosmetic abilities [16]

Land Mounts Skins

Flying Mounts (Hover) Skins

  • Dawnbreaker Mount (Kickstarter Exclusive: Braver of Worlds and above)
    • the Dawnbreaker is known to glide gracefully for long periods of time[17]
  • Pridestalker Epic (Summer Exclusive Braver of Worlds and above)
  • Sky's Vengeance (April 2018 Voyager Pre-Order Store Pack and above)

Mules Skins

  • Moonstrider (Kickstarter Exclusive: Warrior of Old and above)
  • Daystrider (Summer Exclusive: Warrior of Old and above)

Underwater Mounts Skins


Unlocked with the 11,000 backer goal

Group Mounts


Unlocked with the $1.25mill goal Will provide group functionality

Mount Skins

Mount Concept Art

















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