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  • Cash shop items will not be tradeable.[1]
  • There will be a quality system in place [2]
  • Some gear sets will have passive or active abilities [3]
  1. Gear sets will offer different bonuses depending on how many set pieces are equipped. [4]
  2. There might be ways to handle moving your set bonuses around. [5]
  • You will not be able to switch gear while in combat.[6]
  • Gear will degrade and potentially break and will have to be repaired.[7]
  1. To repair the gear you have to provide a portion of the materials needed to create it. [7]
  2. Give the materials to a crafter capable of crafting the gear. [7]
  3. Reaching 0% durability will unequip the item, increasing it's repair cost [8]
  4. Non-recipe items will have default repair skills costing mats equal to its crafted equivalent [8]
  • 16 Gear Slots[9]
    • 8 armor[10]
    • 5 jewelry
    • 2 weapon[11]
    • 1 ranged
  • Potentially there will be community uniforms that will give extra bonuses based on your community progression and paired with certain sets.[4]
  • There will be different tiers for the same set based on level.[4]
  • There will likely be a rune system [12]
  • There will likely be an enchanting system [12]
  • There might be a system to upgrade/over enchant equipment. There will be risk in making a +10 sword. Intrepid hasn't commented on if that means gear can be destroyed in the process or if that just means there is a chance of upgrade failure. [13]



  • Undergarments can be dyed.[14]
  • There will be Tiers of gear[15]
  • You will obtain gear based on your profession[15]
  • There will be multiple sets of gear per tier.[15]
  • Gear will have an unique appearance to race.[15]

Armor Skins

  • To Change an armor's apperance you will have a costume slot[16]
  • Angelic/Demonic skins available to Kickstarter Leader of Men Tier.[17]
    • Angelic/Demonic skins are the same regardless of race.[18]
    • Can switch between Angelic/Demonic skin.[19]
    • The Angelic/Demonic skins can be toggled.[20]

Costume Skins

Weapons [21]


  • Weapons should be considered to have their own "class" with its own skill tree, augments, enchants, special effects and ancillary effects.[22]
  • Weapons are not class restricted.[23][24]
  • Kickstarter weapon skins can be applied to any type of weapon and include cool glowy particle FX.[25]

Weapon Types [26]

  • Spellbooks
  • Orbs
  • Staves
  • Daggers[27]
  • Swords (1 handed/2h)
  • Shields[28]
  • Axes (1h/2h)
  • Maces (1h/2h)
  • Clubs[29]
  • Bows - Have a minimum distance
  • Crossbow[30][31]
  • Potion Launchers[32]
  • Wands[33][34]
  • Legendary [35]

Looting Rules[36]

Traditional Looting rules will apply. The party leader sets the rules and can choose who will be the Lootmaster, let things play out Round-Robin, or go Need/Greed with dice rolls. A bidding system may also be in play.. Which means a player who wants an item to bid against another player who wants the item. Instead of rolling, the person willing to pay the most gold gets the item. That gold then goes into a pool which is split among the rest of the party members. A win, win situation for the entire group!



Accessory Skins

Armor / Weapon Concept Art



Item FAQ

The Item FAQ contains a list of community questions with developer answers.


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