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Players will have the ability to survey and develop land anywhere in the world. Be a pioneer deep in the wilderness, build the home of your dreams, and work the land to cultivate resources and supplies. Alternatively, stick with civilization and safety in numbers – purchase a home within the confines of a village and watch your investment grow as that village turns into a city.

Homeowners in our game will have the ability to develop their plot of land as they see fit.[1] Focus on farming, animal husbandry[2], or own your very own smithy. You’ll be able to specialize your land to maximize your profits or your comfort – be sure to choose wisely.

Housing in Ashes of Creation will have many different uses. They will not just connect you to a node as a Citizen[3]. but will also be a place where you can show off items[4], host parties, craft, store items, display achievements such as trophies. They will also provide bonuses for being near them (XP, etc)[5][6]

Your home doesn't give you citizenship; it gives you the ability to choose it as a citizenship. You could claim citizenship where you wanted citizenship or change to another apartment in another node.[7]

Housing Vulnerabilities[8]

Because Ashes wants you to care about this world you are building, all types of housing are not permanent. This means your house, apartment or freehold can either be destroyed or deleveled.[9] With this mechanic, players are encouraged to defend their homes and nodes alongside fellow citizens. If your housing is destroyed your belongings will be retained to be placed elsewhere.

  • Houses - The way this is determinded is when you house is purchased. That is your personal base housing level. So when an enemy attacks your housing node at tier 5, and the seige is successful it may cause the node to delevel to tier 4. If you bought your house when it hit tier 5, your house will be destroyed. If you bought your house at tier 4, it will only shrink to the size it was at tier 4.
  • Apartments - It may be destroyed as will any buildings build by the node government, regardless if the siege is successful or not.
  • Freeholds - When a siege is successful. For a limited amount of time, your freehold becomes vulnerable to attack. You can try defending your home, but enemies can come in and destroy it.
  • If your house, apartment or freehold is destroyed due to a seige, all saved blueprints and household items will be mailed to you.[10]

Types [11]

  • May own one of each type of housing (one freehold, one static node home , and one instanced apartment).[12]
  • Limited to one freehold per account [13]

In-Node Housing

A player will be able purchase a small one room house, at the village stage. When the Node advances up to a town, so does that house. The owner enjoys the benefits of a suddenly larger home – his property size increases, his house is located more toward the center of town, and the square footage of his home has gone up considerably. There’s new property available at the Town Stage, but this new property is more akin to what was available at the previous stage, small and modest. Now when the Node advances up further, this time to a Metropolis, this all happens again. The player’s house, already sizable, grows into a mansion, The number of mansions in a metropolis will be the same number of small homes that were available in this metropolis’ village stage. Only those houses that existed at the Village level will ever become these main street mansions. So effectively at each stage the node advances, you will see the existing homes advance as well. This makes getting in early for a node, pretty important. And introduces a real estate aspect to owning in-node property.

Instanced Apartments

At the Town stage and above, your Node’s politicians will have the option to open up instanced apartments[14]. These are internal only spaces, which can be decorated to your desire. Different price points will offer different sized apartments, and apartment rentals will also offer citizenship. They won’t have external spaces to build out, and they aren’t quite as prestigious as in-node housing, but they’ll still offer some housing functionality to those who really want to be a citizen of a specific node. The prices for these apartments will fluctuate depending on the number of units already sold in the city.



These pieces of property can be built anywhere within a Node’s Zone of Influence, and only after a Node reaches stage 3, the Village stage. These are sizable plots of land that all sorts of structures can be built on. Inns, taverns, forges, smelters, lumber yards, mills, stables, are all things that you might find on a Freehold. These plots of land are where a player can really get creative with their buildings. Because they’re built within a Node’s Zone of Influence, they grant citizenship as well! The larger the Node, the bigger its Zone of Influence is, which means more Freeholds can be built!

Freeholds are pieces of property can be built anywhere within a Node’s Zone of Influence, and only after a Node reaches stage 3, the Village stage. These are sizable plots of land that all sorts of structures can be built on. Inns, taverns, forges, smelters, lumber yards, mills, stables, are all things that you might find on a Freehold. There will be blockout areas near certain locations such as dungeons, and there will be proximity markers that keep players from stacking houses.[15]

  • Freeholds will require a certificate from the parenting stage 3 or above node in order to place the plot. [16][17][18]
  • Freeholds cannot be placed on roads, specific terrain actors, inside dungeons or points of interest.[19]
  • Buildings will require blueprints and materials. [16] [20]
  • Subject to Node taxes.
  • About a ½ acre.[21]
  • Possibly allow auto-harvesting of resource veins in the node.
  • Personal Houses, farmlands, furnaces have been seen in game via in-game footage provided by the devs
  • Food cooked at and provided by Freeholds could allow for benefits for those questing/leveling within the Node's Zone of Influence
  • NPC's will be available for hire on your freehold[22] It depends on the node's progression. [23]
  • Taverns and inns can be built and allow players a place to rest and eat food or drink your ale. Those will grant them benefits while they're nearby.[23]
    • Resting at an inn will alow you to regenerate and rejuvenate, how itimpacts your character and rested experience will be gone into deeper in the future.[24]
  • Freeholds exist within ZOIs, not in the "node" itself.[25]
  • If the node is attacked and destroyed, then the ZOI has a time period of open PVP where freeholds can be attacked and destroyed (an hour or two after successful siege).[25]
    • There will be structures and guards you can obtain that will help you defend your land during this time[26]
  • If your freehold still exists and is not under the ZOI of another node, then it will disappear.[25][27]
  • When you receive a plot and lay down the plot and construct buildings, industry, etc. You will only construct them once, but the design and assets of the freehold area already constructed and can be laid down in another freehold location.[25] You will have the ability to save and export your design to somewhere else so you don't have to re-decorate it.[28]
  • You cannot steal from a freehold.[25] You can lock your door and they are still discussing the implementation of safe zones in Freeholds.[29][30]
  • Underrealm Freeholds will have certain crops available because the freehold is underground (like mushrooms).[31]
  • Land will not be equal, some land will outright be better for some functions i.e. mountains will be better for mines.[32]
  • Development of the Node system is intended to counter a landgrab system.[32]
  • The structures will be profession flavored not class flavored, but there may be different kinds of "skins" to flavor things in a specific way i.e. "mage like"[33]
  • Housing will have predetermined looks and skins to change the looks, will consist of a preconstructed design that as you expand will bring modular aspects you can change/customize.[34]
  • Freeholds will have an access list that you can allow certain players different permissions. Co-ownership is planned but will need more work on the backend and will be different than access permissions.[35][36]
  • Freeholds will level up, and have progression. Just surviving is a feat, and will provide new bonuses and abilities. [37]
  • Freeholds can be used to raise livestock, and can sell the biproducts [38]

Social Buildings


  • Features[39]
    • Buy food and drink that give benefit to those that stay within the taverns proximity
    • Employ an NPC bartender to distribute the drinks you've made.[40]
    • Crafted food has extra benefits[41] compared to raw ingredients
    • Private Voice chat available for those within the tavern
    • Rested Experience - lets players gain experience at a faster rate for a chunk of their experience
    • Battle Map System
      • Allows players to strategize
      • Gain bonuses on planned attacks
      • See the blueprints of attackable points
      • Discern defenses, analyze possible weak points and gain tactical advantages
      • May not fit in a lower level tavern, or small rooms
    • Customization by the owner of the building[42]
      • Different types of rooms available to rent
    • Parlor Games
    • The Bulletin Board
      • A place to post player-run quests - Posting space purchasable (if not the tavern owner)
    • Source of regional information
      • Maps don’t illuminate when a point of interest becomes active, only by word of mouth
    • Bounty System will be available here
    • Varying music
    • Players will have a defined region of agency over what is available [43]
      • Food availability might be tied to supply quests [43]
      • There might also be regionally determined availability, based resources. A tavern owner in one place might have different grains/spices/meats/mead than in another part of the world. There might be taverns with completely different things, and those foods have different effects. [43]

City Hall[44]

  • Features
    • Players are able to make choices about which buildings within the walls of the Node get built.
    • Leaders of a Node will decide which buildings they want to build, expand (level up), or eventually demolish.
    • Types of building
      • kiosks
      • auction house
    • Leaders of Nodes can plan the destruction of others within the City Hall
      • The City Hall gives you the option to make foreign citizens of certain cities enemies of the state,rewarding your own citizens for helping bring them to justice
      • you can press the button to declare war on another Node
    • trade agreement - Each Node entering into a trade agreement can designate caravans with certain materials to be sent to the other, improving the economy of both Nodes at the same time.
      • This will give experience to all involved, contribute to the Node’s growth and help construct buildings
    • Taxes - Our towns are player run, and any interaction that is taxed there is taxed based on what the ruling body of the Node decided.
    • You can line the streets with festivities, giving your citizens buffs to things like experience gain, crafting, unique services, among many other benefits.
    • The leaders in City Hall can also generate quests for everyone to enjoy.
    • The rewards depend on Node level, Node type and the sort of improvements they’ve made.

Building Skins


Pax West 2017 Exclusive Housing Decoration



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