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  • Character classes are defined by a combination of two archetypes: a primary and secondary archetype. [1]
  • Your primary archetype's skill set may be augmented by your secondary archetype and race. [2]
  • Selecting the same archetype for both primary and secondary (e.g. Bard/Bard) will enhance the focus in the primary archetype. [3]
  • Changing secondaries will require some investments [4]

Archetype Combination Class Names


Image credit to Shaze for improving the original image.

Class Utilities

  • All classes will have utility skills for the world around them. [5]
  • Some classes will be better at a utility than others. [6]
  • Dungeons may have hazards (e.g. wires, magical traps, and pits) that will require utility items or spells that each class will have a certain focus in. [7]
  • Certain areas will be climbable, but only by certain classes. [8]

Class FAQ

Will every class be viable in multiple roles or will they only have one that they will excel at?[9]

  1. If you double down, that is your role
  2. If you are hybrid, gear and skills will need to support that.
  3. It will take effort but is possible.

Is the spyglass confirmed as an equipment piece? [10]

  1. It is a utility piece ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Part of adventuring is having items/skills that have utility and spyglass is an example?

Will you have an in-depth utility system/items? Resist gear, instant click, and continuous buff items? (Tutonga)[11]

  1. It’s going to be more aligned with activatable gear and not just tied to gear. We want skills to be more dynamic than just combat or buffs. Exploration and adventuring has skills to help overcome hazards in dungeons and open world. It helps encourage role diversity. Specific archetypes have different utility skills/items.

How long are utilities intended to last? Will there be a ring around the player to know when he’s invisible?[12]

  1. Make sure people are aware skills being shown are more cinematic at the moment
  2. Utility abilities include anti-stealth abilities
    1. “Arcane Eye” can detect stealth

Can all classes use all weapons? [13]

  1. For the most part, yes.
  2. Certain classes are going to gravitate towards certain types of weapons
  3. We’re not locking you down to “rogues only wear leather armor”

Will players be able to easily swap between builds? [14]

  1. Players will be able to swap between secondary archetypes.
  2. Primary class not decided yet, reasons for and against. Not sure which way they will go yet.

Will Ashes use the holy trinity of Tank, Healer, Dps or perhaps something else? [15]

  1. We definitely have influences from the holy trinity
  2. Kind of more than just that though, there is so much customization available to the player.
    1. Bards are intended to amplify a party or raids ability to perform within their own class.[16]
  3. Class Structure:
    1. Primary class comes with active abilities
      1. 4 Martial
      2. 4 Arcane
    2. Secondary class doesn’t come with new actives, instead it comes with augments.
      1. You can double down on your archetype and make yourself better at that specific role
      2. Or you can choose Fighter/Rogue and add a stealth augment to your rush skill.
        1. Normal fighter might charge in and do damage with a knockdown
        2. Fighter/Rogue when you activate the rush, you go stealth and you reappear when you reach the target.
      3. Subtle change to your primary class that reflects your secondary
    3. If you choose Fighter/Tank you would be a tanky fighter
    4. If you went Tank/Cleric you could have augments that let you sustain yourself in combat, Paladin class.
      1. Can’t heal party, can heal self

Will classes have a direct influence on an establishment, like a bard telling a story in a tavern?[17]

  1. Non-utility actions in a social sense. It’s something we’re interested in.

Will classes be gender locked? Example: Only females can be mages.[18]

  1. No.


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