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  • Character surname will be optional.[1][2]
  • Base stats are determined by 3 factors[3]
    • Race
    • Primary Class
    • Secondary Class


  • 9 Races (four species, each with two subtypes)
AoC races.png


  • 8 Archetypes
  • The combined primary and secondary archetype, defines your class.
  • Classes will have different utilities such as climbing.[4]
  • Choosing the same primary and secondary will enhance your focus in that class. [5]
  • Secondary class swapping is being discussed.[5]
AoC classes.png

Artisan Classes

Social Organizations

  • Unlocked by reaching a Kickstarter Stretch Goal[6]
    • Thieve's Guild
    • Scholar's Academy
    • Trader's Company
    • Mercenary Guild [7]
  • Can only pledge loyalty to one organization, Can switch but will lose all progress[8]
  • Progress by completing Tasks and Quests thematic to the group[9]
  • Function a bit like factions[10]
  • Play a role in providing assets (gathering tools, blueprints, etc.) [11]
  • Services granted are based on who the patron node is[12]
  • Augments are a huge thing that these different societies will offer.[13]


There are six religions planned for game launch and having a ranking system within those religions based on your progression line within the religion's system.[14]

  • Can follow only 1 religion.[15]
  • Has its own ranking system.[15]
  • Strong religions may gain augments for primary skills.[15]
  • Will be a big motivator, not an aesthetic.[15]


  • Tied to Backpacks[16]
  • Limited space to encourage using caravans and mule mounts.[17]
  • Items will have weight, not currency.[18]
  • Will be able to store Items on your freehold[19]
  • A warehouse ability that will let you transfer non-material goods[20], warehouses are not global[21]


  • There will be fall damage.[22]
  • Backpedaling and strafing will be slower than forwards movement.[23]


What will religion do? Multiple religions?[24]

  1. One religion at a time, religion will work as a class type, like race?
  2. If you change religion, you will maybe lose your progress in the first religion.
  3. Religions will have a ranking system within it
    1. I want to be Pope!
  4. Strong religions might gain augments for primary skills.
  5. Religion should be a big motivator in the game, not an aesthetic.

Is there going to be a way to increase your character's base weight limit in-game?[25]

  1. It will not be the same from character creation all the way to end game
  2. Caravan system will move items on much bigger scale than an individual character (an order of magnitude more)
  3. Caravan system is not just for transfer of personal goods
    1. Used for quests, nodes, trade routes to help build nodes
    2. Caravans to be used to build up castle systems
  4. I can carry enough goods to support myself, anything large then the caravan system comes into play
  5. Solo player relatively safe, caravan system comes with risks
  6. Difficult to explain the caravan system in one QnA
  7. Later will talk about how they play into the regional economy, risk vs reward

[31:48] Religion; What advantages/progression will religion give you as you advance within in it?[26]

  1. The religion system in and of itself is like a society in itself.
  2. Going to have advancements in the church itself
  3. That is going to reflect your interaction with the religious community. Performing quests/building temples, etc.
  4. Going to have additional augments/customizations based on your religion and that is going to reflect the religion/deity.
  5. A lot of your organizational choices will affect what types of augments/skills you have access to, including religion.
  6. We want them all to have a strong flavor but also have mechanical systems to back that up.

[33:39] Religion; What determines a players position in the hierarchy of the religion?[27]

  1. It depends on their dedication to the religion itself; their performance when it comes to certain religious objective; their contribution to the religion itself.

[34:12] Religion; Will there be a science based path that players can progress down for players who don’t use the religious system?[28]

  1. The thing is that in this world there are actual gods who exist and you see them.
  2. You can abstain from going down the religious advancement path if you want, but you’re going to miss out on extra side-grade options (won’t miss out on direct power-up).
  3. There’s no real atheists in the game because the gods regularly interact with the mortals of the world.


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