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Battle Royale Guide
Battle Royale Guide.png
Next Test January 18-20th

Battle Royale is a special PvP arena designed specifically to be a testing platform for early stages of action combat. Now Known as Ashes of Creation Apocalypse, this game mode as well as Castle Siege and Horde Mode will be a stand alone game released along side the MMO. For those unfamiliar to battle royale gameplay, all players enter the arena and fight to the death until there is only a single victor at the end. There are no respawns.

Visual NDA


The Visual NDA was Lifted on October 19th at 8PM PST. The NDA still applies to content recorded Prior to Oct. 19th.


There are no classes to select from. Your skills and abilities are based on the weapons and armor you equip and use.

Character Resources

Start Cap Description Restore Drains
Health 100 100 The amount of health points you have. Once this hits 0, you die. Outside the zone, you lose health and armor. It varies based on size.
Mana 0 1000 Mana is used to repair armor and gain ranged weapon ammo. Repairing armor and using ranged weapons.
  • Killing players will drop their MP for you to pick up.
  • Mana Potions.
    • Mana potions are consumed instantly on pickup. Do not have to press E on mana potion picks up automatically.
  • 2 mana per 5 armor durability. 40 Mana for Full Armor.
  • Bow shots vary on mana cost.
  • 1 mana per wand of light shot.
  • 5 mana per crossbow bolt.
Stamina 100 100 Stamina is required melee combat, jumping, dodging, and RMB + LMB combos. Jump, Attack, Charge attack
  • Stamina regens at 10 stamina per second while moving or standing still.
  • Weapons vary on stamina drain per swing
  • 15 for a jump.
  • 25 for a dodge roll.
  • 15-33 for RMB + LMB (Varies Per Weapon)
  • Sprinting ATM is no cost to your stamina
  • Ranged Weapons do not use stamina.
Armor Durability 0 100 Adds protection against damage hits, before it affects health.
  • Pick up and use armor pieces to gain armor.
  • Pressing and holding F1 initiates the repair on both armor pieces simultaneously. Each piece can be repaired to 50 durability.
    • It takes 5 seconds to initiate repair. Roughly 10 seconds to repair to a full 100 Armor, if you have the red armor pieces.
When hit armor gets used first, outside the red zone you lose health and armor at the same time.

Weapons and skills

NOTE: Higher rarities add slightly more damage.

Melee Weapons

Name Type Q Ability Duration Cooldown Comment
Rusty Sword Short Sword N/A N/A N/A
Paladin's Might Sword/Shield For the duration of this stance, you will take cover behind your shield's enhanced position. 10s 10s Reduces ALL damage taken by 50% (maybe a little more)
Greatsword of Haste 2H Sword For the duration of this stance, your successful attacks will increase your run speed. 10s 10s
Stillblade Short Sword Slows enemy movement speed every hit. 10s 10s
Lifebringer Polearm Steals health when you hit an enemy. 10s 10s Heals 10 health per successful attack on enemy player, does not work no downed players.
Spiritpierce Spear Depletes 10 enemy stamina every hit. 10s 10s Every successful hit drains enemy stamina.
Archmage's Companion Staff This spell will invoke a destructive cone of force and flame at enemies in front of you. 1s 10s Q activation does 20 damage.
Essence Reaper Great Axe Manasteal: For the duration of this stance, your attacks will steal mana from your foes and give it to you. 10s 10s Steals 20 Mana per hit. (Not WORTH It)
Thundering Mace Mace Activate to charge your attacks with lightning - each hit can then arc between foes, dealing damage to each one. 10s 10s Every successful hit while the Q is activated lightning arcs to any nearby player.
Bonesmasher Greatmace Hemorrhage: For the duration of this stance, any hit will apply a debuff to your enemies, dealing damage to them with every step they take. 10s 10s The debuff causes 3 damage every second while the enemy moves.

Ranged Weapons

Name Type Q Ability Duration Cooldown Comment
The Rifter Scepter For the duration of this spell, any successful hit will swap your location with that of your target. 10s 10s
Nightfall Short Bow When activated, your next arrow will explode in a cloud of darkness on impact. 10s 20s Strongest Ranged weapon in game as it is a hit scan that fires quite fast.
Wand of Light Wand Tags the target player with a beam of light, which can be seen by others. 15s 30s Fast firing, but has terrible accuracy.
Longbow of Miasma Longbow After you activate this spell, your next arrow will summon a dark miasma that clings to any foes that touch it, dealing damage over time. 10s 10s Strongest Weapon In Game In Terms Of Raw Damage.
Crossbow of Revealing Crossbow After activating this spell, the next bolt you fire will reveal all characters hidden by terrain, structures, or invisibility in its area of effect. 10s 20s Reveals enemies that are within the zone of the reveal if they leave you don't see them anymore.
Firefrost Potion Launcher Swap your explosive potion for a potion of frost. It will burst on the first bounce, leaving an area of bitter cold that slows your enemies. 10s 30s Explosive shots explode after roughly 4 seconds, and don't need to bounce to explode, also direct shots on players explode instantly.
Grimoire of the Fallen Sky Spellbook Chaos Meteor: When Chaos Meteor explodes, it breaks into 2-5 magical shards, each of which has a random effect across a very large area. 10s 10s

Armors and skills

There are currently only 2 armor pieces available, with each having their own special ability:

  • Breastplates.
  • Boots (there is also legs but they are the same slot as boots).
  • To equip a piece of armor you need to select it on your hotbar and press LMB.

Armor Durability

Each armor piece has a durability value, which is the amount of damage absorbed before impacting your health. Higher armor tiers offer a higher initial durability. Incoming damage is absorbed equally across both armor pieces (if you're wearing both). Armor currently does NOT reduce hit damage. It's more like an extended HP bar.

Armor durability is restored by pressing F1 and Armor cannot exceed 100.

Note: Since health potions are rare, it is recommended to restore your armor durability at the earliest opportunity.


Special Ability = C •

Name C Ability Duration Cooldown
Invisibility Aegis Invisibility: This spell turns you invisible for the duration, though it will cancel upon attacking, repairing armor, or through the use of any other spells. 60s 120s
Breastplate of Darkpact For the duration of this spell, you will take significantly reduced damage while outside the storm.(Red Zone) 10s 45s
Breastplate of the Bulwark Bulwark: This spell will instantly summon a wall a short distance in front of the caster. Perfect for deploying as cover! The wall is ~15 feet wide and 1 player high. 10s 45s
Polymorph Breastplate Transform yourself into a harmless inanimate object, and disappear into the local terrain, will cancel on movement or attack. 30s 45s


Special Ability = V •

Name V Ability Duration Cooldown
Boots of Arcanic Power Channel raw arcane energies to instantly knock nearby foes back, deal damage, and give yourself some breathing room. 1s 30s
Blink Boots Teleports you forward ~25 feet. 1s 30s
Catfall Boots Active to grant yourself exceptional jumping abilities, silent moving, and protection from falling damage for the duration. 30s 30s
Boots of Icy Steps With this spell. you will leave icy trails behind you, which will snare and slow your enemies. 20s 30s

Best Gear

Melee Weapons
Currently Bonesmasher and Greatsword of Haste are your top choices for melee encounters.
Ranged Weapons
Nightfall is currently the strongest with high rate of fire and precise accuracy.
Chest Abilities
Invisibility for all around usefulness and Darkpact for zone immunity at the endgame are good. Catfall Boots for evasion due to being very hard to hit with ranged and mostly immune to melee while jumping are strong while Blink Boots are good for closing gaps and escaping melee combat.
Example Load Out
Bonesmasher, Nightfall, Greatsword of Haste, Invis Chest, Preference on boots is up to you, Generally carrying extra armor pieces is better than 5 weapons.


  • HP potions
    • HP potions are found as small and large and are stored on your hotbar, up to 3.Small heal 25 and Large 100.
    • Take 5 seconds to consume.
  • MP potions
    • MP potions are immediately picked up and add to your mana bar. They are found in 20, 40, and 60 amounts.
    • Instantly consumed on pick up.
  • Mount potions exist but are unreliable and very rare. Try to avoid.(Removed)
  • There are building schematics that deploy like port-a-fort structures in Fortnite. Can be destroyed, no gravity on structures, If you destroy foundations walls stay intact.(Removed)
    • Take 5 seconds to consume.


Destructible environments
Some structures including certain types of walls, floors, and bridges can be destroyed by melee weapons or projectile hits. Other structures are immune. Generally surfaces that have the same texture/material react the same to destruction.
Fall damage
With the recent patch fall damage is quite high, roughly 1400 velocity(if you jump from second story you will take some damage. Dash attacking in mid-air no longer cancels falling velocity.
Footsteps have varied loudness depending upon the surface over which the character is walking or running. Grass is very quiet while other surfaces such as wood can be rather loud.
Getting out of the vortex
When falling at the start of the match, you will be in a swirling pink vortex, press spacebar for an early exit from the vortex.
Double damage on all Ranged Weapons, Melee Weapons do not headshot! (Needs to be Tested Further)
Hit indicator
  • There is a red hit indicator showing the direction damage comes from and there are damage numbers that appear above your target upon dealing damage. There are also damage numbers that appear above your own character when damage is received.
  • Yellow numbers are damage done to armor. Red numbers is health loss. Sometimes you will see both when the damage lands.
Power attack
  • Using the RMB + LMB combo can be used to get out of crevices in which you are stuck.
  • Using power attack while running greatly increases movement. Use when you know you’re safe from any combat and get around quicker. Jumping before using this combo allows a larger movement forward.
  • Do not use power attack in fights unless to guarantee a finish. Power attack leaves you on global CD for 1-2 seconds, the player can react and get 2-3 hits in before you can swing again.
Pressing X will perform a dodge roll.
The zone moves at variable rates depending upon how far the game has progressed and how small the circle has become. The zone does damage over time to the player’s health. Later zones increase the tick, final zone ticks for 15 every second(maybe half-second) damage received from staying in the zone. The last zone is notably fast in how it shrinks.


There is a visual guide in the official email that testers received along with their credentials, it is under "gameplay overview", be aware of it.

Action Keybinding Description
Movement W A S D Movement keys.
Camera Movement Mouse Movement Move your mouse to look around. Camera distance is fixed
Run Shift Hold to sprint
Jump Space Jump
Dodge X Tap X to dodge in the direction that you’re currently moving
Crouch Left Ctrl Toggle crouch state
Attack/Use Left Mouse Button Will fire your weapon, if you have a range weapon active, or swing your weapon if you have a melee weapon active. If you have a utility item active, such as a mount or a potion, this will activate the item. This is also how you equip armor.
Focus Right Mouse Button Will enter your focused state. This will aim down sites for some range weapons. When in this state you can fire to shoot your current weapon.
Map Tab Will open the big version of the map.
Gap Closer Left Mouse Button + Right Mouse Button While in Focus state with a melee weapon equipped, you will dash a short distance and do a melee attack.
Reload R Hit to energize your weapon, if your weapon uses magic
Interact E Press to interact with items. This will open chests, or pick up items in the world that you’re currently looking at.
Split Mana Z Splits half of your current mana pool.
Swap Active Mouse Wheel or 1 - 5 Select an active inventory item.
Inventory I Hit to open the inventory.
Weapon Ability Q Press to initiate the ability on your currently active weapon
Upper Armor Ability C Press to initiate the ability on your currently equipped torso armor.
Lower Armor Ability V Press to initiate the ability on your currently equipped leg armor.
Drop Current Item T Drop the current active inventory item.
Select Default Weapon F Equip your default weapon. You won’t use this much. Your default weapon is not very good...You cannot use the scroll wheel to equip this.
Repair Armor F1 Hold to repair your armor. Can go to a max of 100 depending on rarity of armor equipped. Consumes mana.

Current issues

  • Do not spam space to leave the vortex, you will fall instantly and die.
  • No Breath, can stay underwater infinite amount of time.
  • Sprinting and rolling by double tapping Shift are very unreliable and only work around half the time.
  • Your own footsteps can be heard behind you.
  • Do not press E while on griffin, as it is the dismount key and will knock you off.
  • Not sure if this affects everyone, sometimes you get the red hit indicator as if you were taking damage appearing on your screen without taking any damage (I found it appear when someone used the ability of the Staff and the kill came into the feed, not sure if this is related)
  • Pressing G while in Game will cause your camera to bug out going into "first person" with no fix.
  • After the update to the Grimoire's travel speed, the animation of the cast is off. The animation of the "meteor" traveling to the target location still travels, but the Meteor itself drops instantly on your cursor.