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Welcome to AoCWiki's community portal, where the wiki community comes together to see how they can help make this wiki the most comprehensive and factual source of information available for the upcoming Ashes of Creation MMORPG.

  1. First, you will need a user account.
  2. Second, you should be acquainted with the Style Guide.
  3. Then, see ways you can help.

Creating a Wiki User Account

Due to constant abuse from spambots creating user accounts 24/7, we've had to disable the user account form.

One of our admins can create a user account for you. Just drop by the AoCWiki discord server and mention that you'd like to help out with the wiki.

Ways You Can Help

Maintaining a comprehensive and updated wiki requires a team of people. We currently use a Trello Board to organize what's needed to get done and we use a Discord Server to communicate with each other.

There are several ways that you can help:

Gather (adding)

  1. Monitor multiple sources (e.g. streams, forums, discord, twitter) for information being provided by an Intrepid employee (mostly Steven).
  2. Search the wiki for existing information.
    • If there is new information not in the wiki but can be added to an existing relevant topic, post it with a reference to the source, for truth and accuracy.
    • If there is a lot of new information, which would require a separate topic page:
      1. Create the new page with the information.
      2. Add a new card in Trello and move it to the appropriate column.
    • If it's a new video:
      1. Create a new page using the Video page format template as a base format template.
      2. Add a new card in Trello by using the "copy" action on the Video Trello Template Card.

Process (writing)

The gathered information is then processed into more formalized written content, while still maintaining source references. This information may first be posted as a bullet outline, and then replaced by brief paragraphs, tables, and possibly diagrams or screenshots.

Clean (editing)

Some content may require editing to adhere to the Style Guide or better organized.


All wiki modifications should be reviewed/edited for relevance and accuracy. One of the best ways to do this, is to periodically check the recent changes page.

Done (final review)

Admins that are actively overseeing the wiki, will do a final review to ensure the wiki maintains its integrity. These are typically Trello task cards that have been completed and are sitting in the done column in Trello. If approved, the task card will be archived, removing it from the Trello board view. If rejected, they will move the task card to the relevant column with a comment on what else is needed.

Active Community Administrators

AxiomParadox talk  • contribs
Freelancer315 talk  • contribs
Freezman talk  • contribs
Mykkala talk  • contribs
Nyt talk  • contribs
Pkfyre talk  • contribs
Stabby talk  • contribs