Unreal Engine Interview 2017-5-22

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Full Interview [1]

  • By Daniel Kayser


Ashes Of Creation

  • Staff of Industry Veterans
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Revinventing the Genre
  • Open World
  • Non-Faction based
  • No Pay to Win
  • High Fantasy MMORPG


  • Steven Loves High Fantasy
  • The Node system was alwas been his idea since about 2002.

Their Process or implementing ideas

  1. Are we putting this system into the game because it’s what we expect from an MMO?
  2. If we are, then let’s break down that system, and see why it’s considered fundamental.
  3. If, after examination, it seems more like a mistake of history than something we can do better another way, we do it another way, or get rid of it entirely.

The Node System

  • "as players level, they will also be leveling up the local area that they’re playing in. As that area levels up, more civilization moves in, forming camps, villages, cities and metropolises. These different levels will provide more services, more quests, and cause other events in the world at large to happen. This might include opening up dungeons, disturbing long forgotten necropolises, or awakening a sleeping dragon."
  • "players will have the ability to siege these nodes and tear them down, removing civilization from that part of the world, and enabling it to grow somewhere else. This cycle of civilization rising and falling is a core part of the engine that keeps players moving and engaged with the game, because though something is lost in the destruction, it gives opportunity for something to be gained elsewhere."

Character Customization

  • clothing, tattoos, hair styles, colors, and races


  • Will be a Regional Market place
  • Each market will be different
  • Encourages the Caravan System - Mobile open PVP zone
  • Must Defend the caravan from others


  • Customizable home options
    • Furniture sets, trophies, baubles, curtains, pets and more
  • Can be made by Crafters, looted, bought from market.

Unreal 4

  • Ease of use
  • Proven
  • Low Fuss
  • Scaleable
  • "Unreal Engine 4 gives us the power to think big, to implement big, and to always be moving forward on our project."
  • Source Code access
  • Best engine for Performance and Customization
  • Speed
  • Apex Integration
  • Easy to navigate
  • More Control and freedom


  • "Long ago, the world of Ashes was besieged by a great calamity. Your ancestors were forced to flee their world through these great divine gateways, seeking refuge in a place void of magic. The gateways dimmed shortly after this exodus, and were buried under the rubble of countless conflicts over vast periods of time. Centuries turned to millennia, history into legend. After all this time, the people have forgotten the stories of their past. Until now. The gateways have once again begun to move, what was buried and forgotten, has now risen to the surface. The nations of the world have begun to send expeditions through these portals, to re-discover their past and explore this great new world."
  • You'll start gameplay at one of the divine gateways.
  • "rediscover, rebuild and repopulate this world of your origin."


  • Crowdsourcing also forces a company to be transparent during the project’s development
  • Core principles of ashes attracting players


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