The Dungeon Crawler Network Q&A 2017-05-03

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Notes. [1]

[2:40] About building and destroying nodes:

The amount of effort and resources put into building up a node (months of work for Metro) will be equivalent to the amount of effort and resources required to destroy one.

[4:20] About siege mechanics:

Lots of different mechanics at play when it comes to nodes and preparing for a siege.

[5:54] Nodes changing ownership:

Nodes will not be whimsical. Constant and easy to achieve change is not meaningful.

{ts|7:12}} More about siege:

Nodes are given a preparation period after a siege is declared depending on the node’s level (1-2 days for village, 5-7 days for metropolis). Declaration cooldown is 10x the declaration period.

[8:59] City officials and taxes:

Nodes excise taxes on freeholds (player housing) and services within the node as well as those within subnodes. Taxes are held within the city fund and can only be spent on city mechanics (guards, barracks, city walls and defences, build up the marketplace, city stock options, trade routes). City officials allocate the money.

[11:40] Day to day activities:

Tasks, events, narrative, adventuring, killing monsters, class development (i.e. religion class, artisan class), resource collection, housing development, processing plants, trade between nodes, dungeons, raids.

[13:48] Can there be island nodes?

It is possible.

[13:48] What determines a node’s flavor of architecture?

The predominant race of players who contributed to the node’s development.

[15:14] What determines the type of node?

As of now it is the location of the node. The type of node will be revealed at the first stage of development by seeing the NPCs who populate it.

[17:12] Can classes be changed?

It’s an active discussion. Secondary classes can be changed. Primary classes could potentially be changed through special quests, not a thing currently.

[18:36] Choosing the same secondary class as your primary?

Doubling down on your role.

[19:41] Are classes going to be role specific?

Roles will have a degree of focus, augments (secondary classes) will affect it.

[21:05] Combat and targeting system.

Hybrid between tab targeting and action combat. Will involve both skill and strategy. Positioning, dodging, ability choice, “keystroke time frames” as some of the elements.

[22:48] How is dodge going to work? Invincibility frame?

Ask Jeffrey (leade designer).

[24:02] Character progression:

Adventuring class, artisan class, religion, race advancement, guild progress, player achievements through story and narrative. All of these can augment your abilities.

[25:49] PvP progression and systems:

Different types of pvp - castle sieges, node sieges, caravans, guild wars, arena (with rankings and a ladder). Arena lets you accumulate legacy point and they “relate how you can progress with different pvp items and potions and advancements that relate more to the arena system” but could expand outside of it as well, we’ll see.

[27:12] PvE progression and systems.

8 people groups. 40 people raids. Dungeons for solos, for groups, for raids. The available content is chosen by the players and how they develop the world.

[28:43] PvP and PvE gear?

Only one set of gear needed.

[29:05] Pets for looting:

Being considered.

[30:04] Zerging bosses?

No simple zerging. Bosses will have specific mechanics that raids have to learn, test and overcome.

[31:42] Group experience?

Groups will be incentivized while keeping in mind solo players.

[32:31] Crafting and gear economy.

A blend between crafting and boss gear. Master crafters can deconstruct boss gear and potentially craft it.

[33:40] Artisan class:

Separate from adventuring class. Divides into gatherer, processor, crafter. Interdependency between the artisan trinity.

[[43:46] Player trading?


[35:26] Will resource gathering be manual?

Currently there’s a discussion about harvesters you can put on veins inside the zone of influence of your node if you own a freehold. Manual harvests will be available as well.

[36:55] Augmenting gear with rare boss drops?


[37:16] Will there be specialization for artisan classes?

Sort of, there will are professions that lie within each class.

[37:48] Will gear be bound?

Leaning towards a heavily unbound system.

[38:06] Will gear degrade and break?

Yes, degradation and potentially breakage. To repair the gear you have to provide a portion of the materials needed to create it and give them to a crafter capable of crafting the gear.

[40:53] Story/Lore/Role Play.

Steven wants players to experience the story and lore so he is careful not to reveal anything. Though parts of the setting will be revealed as time goes on.

[43:05] Karma, flagging, theft, death, bounty hunters:

  1. No theft abilities.
  2. The flagging system revolves around death penalties. You can accumulate negative experience from dying and it will put penalties on your character (stat degradation, lowered health and mana, lowered gear proficiency
  3. Players who die in pvp (combatants) experience lesser penalties than non-combatants. But players who die while corrupted (someone who killed a non-combatant) will experience 3x or 4x the penalties.
  4. Bounty hunter will be a skill that lets you track corrupted players.
  5. If you’re corrupt you can drop gear.

[46:55] Are guilds account bound?

Guilds are character bound. Alts can join other guilds to leave room for intrigue and espionage.

[48:31] Guild wars?

Yes. Days long guild wars. There will be mechanics for surrendering and winning.

[48:57] More on guilds:

Leveling guilds, skills associated with guilds (augments), achievements, guild halls, castle system. There will be a lot of depth in the guild system.

[49:45] Cash shop, cosmetics:

  1. There will be cosmetics available in game and they will be on par with those from the cash shop. The number of free cosmetics will not be gutted to incentivize the cash shop.
  2. But the the cash shop will have unique cosmetics, limited availability cosmetics, holiday cosmetics.

[51:54] How many character slots per server or per account?

No answer for now, but it will be a “comfortable amount” of slots.

[52:34] Castles:

  1. Currently 5 castles in the game.
  2. Have dedicated nodes around the castle which they exert some economic control over, can tax those areas and allocate them towards defense of the node.
  3. Could activate events and abilities, unlock certain types of buildings.

[53:43] Backing out of a siege? Self declaring?

You lose all the resources you put in to start the siege. It’s a huge amount of resources and time. You also won’t see any self declaring because you’re opening the door for others to attack you.

[54:45] Item and currency weight:

Currency doesn’t have weight, items do.

[55:32] Voice chat:

There will be a voice over IP for parties, raid and guilds and they are working with Discord to achieve that.

[56:47] Supporting add-ons?

(Tentatively) There will be support for web tools, for in-game can’t say atm.

[59:29] Name reservations:

Will go from the top down in terms of pledge packages.