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Glorious Ashes of Creation community, the month long Alpha One testing period has come to an end. On behalf of the entire team at Intrepid I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our amazing A1 testers. They have endured a lot of spot tests, during crazy hours over the last several months. The data, feedback and conversations with our players has been a wealth of help in guiding our hands for the trek to Alpha Two.

I also want to thank our wonderful community, for following along with the testing, development updates, and giving your thoughts across the discord, forums, Reddit and all of our social channels.

Ashes is a huge endeavor and it’s being built with passion from our magnificent team at Intrepid. So I want to express mine and John’s deepest felt thanks to the hardworking colleagues we go to work with everyday. This is a big milestone for the project, and I think I speak for our community when I say, Great job Intrepid team.

We have a lot to do, and as always we will be keeping everyone informed on our progress with our monthly updates. Our goal has been and shall continue to be a quality focused MMORPG to make us all proud to call Ashes of Creation. Much love to everyone.[1]Steven Sharif

The Ashes of Creation release schedule is subject to change.[2]

Phase Release Estimated/Actual date
Pre‑alpha Alpha-0.[3] December 15, 2017.[4]
APOC Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale stress test (NDA).[5] September 7, 2018.[6]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale stress test (NDA lifted).[7] October 19, 2018.[7]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale open beta.[8] December 18, 2018.[9]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale early access.[10] September 24, 2019.[11]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle siege mode PI closed testing.[12] December 19, 2019.[12]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale testing ends.[13] March 10, 2020.[14]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle siege mode.[5] After Alpha-1.[15][13]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse horde mode.[5] After Alpha-1.[15][13]
Alpha Alpha-1 early preview livestream.[16] March 27, 2020.[17]
Alpha-1 limited QA testing (NDA).[18][19] May 28, 2020.[20][21]
Alpha-1 preview pre-test 1 (NDA).[22] Dec 18 - Dec 21 2020.[22]
Alpha-1 preview pre-test 2 (NDA).[22] Feb 19 - Feb 22 2021.[23][24]
Alpha-1 preview intermittent spot testing (NDA).[25][26] Mar 19 - Jul 9 2021.[25][26]
Alpha-1 preview weekend (no NDA).[25] July 9 - July 11 2021.[27][28][25]
Alpha-1 (no NDA).[25] July 14 - August 15 2021.[1][29]
Alpha-1 intermittent spot testing.[30][31] After August 15 2021.[30][29]
Alpha-2 (persistent alpha).[32][33] To be announced.[29]
Beta Beta-1. To be announced.[29]
Beta-2. To be announced.[29]
Pre‑release Head start for crowdfunding backers at the Founder level and above.[34] 1-2 days before launch.[34][35]
Release Launch (live) release. To be announced.[29][36]
Post‑launch Major releases (DLC expansions). Quarterly or six-monthly.[37][38]
Minor releases. Monthly.[37][38]