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  • Weekly scheduled maintenance downtime. [1]
  • Voice chat will be party/raid activated.[2][3]
  • Camera FoV will be customizable.[4]
  • Kickstarter items will be able to be assigned to a character and reassigned if you wish.[5]
  • Headstart servers will be separate and have nodes deactivated.[6]
  • The Ashes IP might branch into other genres.[7]
  • Trying to have controller support in for a1p1 [8]

Game Engine

  • Used UR4 for graphical fidelity with backend coding by Intrepid.[9]
  • Unreal engine is mainly used for as a graphical engine with all networking code being done in house.[10]

A0 Technical Info 4/23/2018 [11]

  • Single zone, 4km x 4km roughly 16 square kilometers
  • Over 100 simultaneous player connections
  • 4,000 NPCs
  • 8-10k concurrent users per server[12]
  • 60 Server FPS
    • Some of the things Server FPS are responsible for: Sending out instructions/packets/information to the different clients, such as your position in relation to other players, your position in relation to monsters, whether or not your strikes plays server effects or deals damage to the target.
    • At 60 FPS, the server would update roughly every 17 milliseconds.

Developer Quotes

Voice chat:[13]

  1. There will be a voice over IP for parties, raid and guilds[14] and they are working with Discord to achieve that.

Supporting add-ons?[15]

  1. (Tentatively) There will be support for web tools, for in-game can’t say atm.

Name reservations:[16]

  1. Will go from the top down in terms of pledge packages.[17]

Will characters have surnames?[18]

  1. Yes.

For your interface have you discussed how much freedom players will have to change it/install mods?[19]

  1. We’re leaning towards [shifty eyes] not allowing mods
  2. There will be some options for customizations
  3. But as far as “true” mods, not really sure they’re going to support
  4. Don’t want a meta to appear where mods are required to be competitive
  5. [Exception!] Superficial mods which change the aesthetic look of the UI has been implemented.

How open or extensive with API options be (like Evemon in Eve Online)?[20]

  1. We’re still discussing this, it’s not fully decided yet.
  2. Want there to be secrets you can’t datamine.

What is your stance on multi-boxing or dual/multiple clients open?[21]

  1. It’s fine/no official policy.
  2. As long as you have a paid account should be ok.
  3. Reminiscing of other multibox setups they have seen
  4. [This commentary does not appear to take macro/botters into account, but rather someone who is physically manipulating multiple accounts the normal way][22]

Will a user stay in the game once they disconnect from the server?[23]

  1. Not really only wish kiosks. Might just be replacing with NPC.
  2. There will be a delay, so that people can’t immediately get out of combat

Will you consider adding RP servers, just a place where RPers can hang out with each other?[24]

  1. If the community wants to say “hey, we’ve decide this is going to be de-facto RP server,” that’s fine.
  2. It’s something that should be sprinkled out among all the servers.
  3. RP gets picked on by the hardcore community, but in reality they add immersion for everyone.

How will multiple servers work? Are you locked into a server, will there be shards?[25]

  1. Server locked, not instanced map spaces within servers. Each server will have their own population, with no crossover between.
    1. Node system requires it because of the differences between servers. Differences between servers will mean no crossover will be possible.
  2. Each server should tell a different story, be dynamic.
    1. When a young kid, Steven loved Goosebumps, specifically Choose-Your-Own-Adventure. Always had a choice, wants to have a similar story telling feeling to each server.
    2. Doesn’t understand why it hasn’t already been implemented
    3. So cool, wow.
    4. Enabled lots of player stories, lets people on different servers regale each other will awesome stuff from their server.
    5. These are the experiences that people remember from MMORPGs.<

What will the content release tempo be post game release? How often can we expect to see updates, both major and minor?[26]

  1. Very often. Subscription model allows them to constantly push out content, coupled with the node system means they have a way of releasing that content regularly. Constantly adding to the already built in systems.
  2. Currently fairly undecided, they are thinking ~quarterly big updates, with minor ones in between. Difficult to tell pre-release.
    1. Possibly minor ones every month, depends on the flexibility of the node system.

Is the game server based?[27]

  1. Yes it is server based
  2. Servers will be named after the champions of the battles that led to the fall of Verra. [28]

I imagine that the different servers are probably going to vary a bit?[29]

  1. *Laughs* They are going to be VERY different
  2. As players enter the world a few things are going to depend on the server population that you are a part of
  3. The community determines the servers direction, both in narrative and development
  4. Depending on how the race populations may vary from server to server
    1. A different development “pace”
    2. Different development node locations
      1. These bring with them unique epic bosses, narrative/storyline, quest lines, antagonists/protagonists
  5. Player driven economics/politics brings “some” varying degree of differences across servers, but this is compounded with the environment being different on a server
    1. Steven thinks this makes for a really compelling experience for players
    2. The real novelty of Ashes of Creation

Authenticator system?[30]

  1. Yes.

Will there be music macro language? MML? It’s like macro scripts? (Harue)[31]

  1. We’re going to have not only music but potentially customized dance. I’m not sure on the specific language that will be used. We haven’t addressed that in design discussion.

How are you going to prevent RMT and gold selling?[32]

  1. We’ve implemented the security mechanisms in the game. In no P2W, we won’t allow gold sellers to circumvent our position on this. Behavioral algorithms, security mechanisms, we’ll have very versatile metrics we’re using to monitor those accounts.[33] In addition, being subscription based game cuts out a large percentage of accounts made to just sell gold. It increases the barrier to entry. We can’t have 100% efficacy, but we’ll try very hard.

Any anti-botting systems that you plan on introducing?[34]

  • Really robust security systems and protocols in-place
  • Being a sub based game makes the barrier of entry a lot higher
  • Steven thinks they will be really successful combating it
  • Jeffrey and others have background in it, they’ve been proactive in designing around it from day one
  • Data Driven Approach to catching Cheating [35]
  • Anti-cheating programs already running in A0 [35]
  • Part of it is watching the behavior of players in the game and finding errant behavior and having those things surface to us in a way that is automated and have a way to allow us to address those things as it’s happening. [35]
  • That can take the form of automatic bans, a review process, that information is there and we can see that information in real time. [35][36]
  • As soon as something gets weird, as soon as someone starts showing bot behavior, we can zone in on it in a matter of moments. [35]
  • Duplication is not the only exploit we are looking at.[37]

How high is optimization prioritized both client/server side?[38]

  1. Optimization is a pretty important aspect
  2. We want client side and server peak epitome
  3. Great aspects of UE4 as an engine is that a lot of stuff is already baked in
  4. Got 60fps in example in center of city, on a 970 graphics card

Will you allow addons for AoC?[39]

  1. Generally the answer is no.
  2. There is a point where addons become a necessary tool for players to have
  3. Parsers can have some nasty effects on players, if you are not the 1% the way you are treated

What are your design philosophies for the UI? Will it be fully customizable?[40]

  1. Yes. We want to add a lot of customization for adjusting the UI
  2. Lot of options to make it pleasing to the eye
  3. Its built with customization in mind, can change the UI when it gets boring

Will everything in the cash shop be obtainable through in-game means?[41]

  1. No, not everything.
  2. Lot of people concerned cash shop customization means nothing via in-game means, this is not the case
  3. Potato sacks confirmed!
  4. A lot of dyes/costumes, diverse source of cosmetics in-game obtainable[42]
  5. Achievements mentioned to unlock cosmetics
  6. Will never go down the scenario where monetization gets you ahead
  7. Seasonal cosmetics

Will you be able to change the control scheme in this game? (support for controllers, will it be ever be on consoles)[43]

  1. You will be able to change your control scheme
  2. Unknown but good possibility for controller support
  3. Cannot answer where it will go to consoles
  4. Solid goal, take it to PC
    1. If possible, we will address console/controller concepts

Does Intrepid have any plans to have AI perform tasks, other than NPC behavior?

  • Steven: Yes there are some additional parameters. AIs with regard to development of the node borders and stock market in the economy. Some AI systems are pretty innovate in the MMO genre, and that will be announced later. It will make the triggered event system very interesting, ex. node development and how the system reacts to that, with for example a raid boss spawning from the mountain. I think there is a lot of opportunities. [44]

Other subscription model games have promised things like no future charge for dlc. Will you commit to no dodgy wordsmithing in the future to try and milk the playerbase for more money?[45]

  1. No, we do not intend to wordsmith around future charge for dlc content as subscription model. That is part of agreement between us as a studio and you guys. That there will be regularly scheduled updates and chapters that subscription is what lets you access that content.[46]

What will be the minimum requirements or recommended requirements?[47]

  1. Our target is 5 years. Target is a 5 year old system, when we launch you should be able to run the game. So 2014, 2015. Mid to high range graphic card from that era. Another great thing about unreal engine and our partners at Epic is that the game itself will be highly customizable from a graphic settings / setting standpoint. So if you don’t quite have the rig now you can dial it down. We will also have culling algorithms to cull out characters in large battle settings if you want to emphasize those settings. Those are not in yet but will be worked on.

Are there any plans to offer some sort of mobile tie in with the game? What I mean is some way to see character information, node information, perhaps track sales of your merchandise or manage your guild/alliance/etc.?[48]

  • Before we spoke about having certain types of services and/or mechanics that are available in game and translate well to a mobile application that you are capable of influencing while not in the game but elsewhere, like in a meeting, whatever your doing, having that authority over certain mechanics that translate well. We want to implement that.

Publishing Info

  • Intrepid's first choice is to self publish in each foreign territory [49]
  • There are legal hurdles to this [50]
  • As a self funded entity, Intrepid intends to write the terms of any publishing contract [51]
  • If a foreign publisher is retained for a territory Intrepid will maintain creative control [50]
  • Intrepid will require "No Pay to Win" from potential foreign publishers [52]
  • EU/NA/AUS are intended as a simultaneous release, but more info will be available closer to release [50]
  • Game will be published by for EU/OCE respectively [53]

Will this game be IP Blocked? What server regions will the game have, such as EU, NA, OCE?[54]

  1. Planning to launch with:
    1. NA
    2. EU
    3. OCE
  2. Tentative plans to have a Brazilian server. [55]
  3. No planned IP Blocks.
    1. Self publishing means they probably won’t need to restrict things.


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All of the flora, fauna (creatures), structures, sounds, and weather define the environment players will explore.