Q&A with Steven in Discord 2017-05-22

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  • Video starts mid Q&A

Discord Q&A

[00:14] Are you going to be showing more Orc cities?

  1. End of this week or beginning of next week we will be showing I think the Empyrean Elves architecture / homesteads.

[00:45] Any Idea when we might be able to see angel / demon skins in game.

  1. New Character artist, former art director at Sony, will start work on the skins next week.

[01:16] Streams stop after the kickstarter?

  1. Will probably do streams once every couple weeks to show progress.

[03:25] Will there be eggplants in the game.

  1. Haven’t fully flushed out all the plants in the game.

[03.:44] Rogues, will they have different types of poisons that they can apply to daggers and bows?

  1. I really like poison play, theme in some of the skills.
  2. Whether you can have customized types of poisons based on applicable items to weapons or used on skill creation is a potential won’t know until later.

[04:28] Unreal Engine, Expand on why you picked that.

  1. UE4, out of the box, no engine will be able to handle these Massive Battles.
  2. Gives us unadulterated access to the source code and the ability to customize any portion of that engine that we want.
  3. Epic games, the UE creators, are very supportive from engineering standpoint and communication standpoint with our engineers
  4. Most comfortable from a front and back end.

[06:52] Do you see yourselves creating your own engine for later titles?

  1. With going with UE4 you can create the parts you want to add, and keep the parts that you like.
  2. UE4 is completely customizable.

[08:09] What is the first thing you look at in an MMO, when you say “Yes, this is a game I want to play?"

  1. For me the most important is the interaction between the other players.
    1. No factions
    2. What type of agency is there for me as a guild leader in creating a small community.
    3. How can I impact the story and server, so my presence is known

[09:40] Predator, using a bow, Ranger augments the Rogue's ability. Does it require you to use the bow?

  1. The secondary class takes existing skills and changes the flavor.
  2. Took a backstab skill and applied the ranger’s ranged capability created that critical , burst damage into a ranged skill. So you’d have to use the bow.
  3. Will be able to have melee and ranged weapons equipped at the same time.

[11:36] Thieves, would you be able to steal a small amount from other players?

  1. No, can’t steal from others.
  2. Will have more along the lines of stealing from communities / nodes.
    1. Might have a quest to steal an Item within the Scholar's academy. Will now be an enemy from the npc’s there.

[13:16] Combat system, will it be like BDO or Runescape?

  1. Can’t give an example, since its very unique.
  2. Still working on it, will wait until it more polished to show it.

[14:30] Are you leaning more to Action or Tab?

  1. Comfortable blend of both , with another aspect we don’t want to announce yet.
  2. High degree of mobility , placement, skill use templates. Same time you need to target for some skills. Skill shots. Skill combos, Keystroke periods

[16:04] Ingame Toilets?

  1. No

[16:09] Magic, will you be able to take mage class, rip a tree from the ground and throw it?

  1. Can interact with the environment. Utility skills.
  2. Capable of removing obstacles

[17:08] Is there a way to just pick up an axe, just laying on the ground, can you use your environment in combat not just your skills.

  1. In pve combat, there will be hazards that you can use to your advantage.
  2. Materials , structures.
  3. PVP, less likely the case.

[17:50] Give us an example of mage augment ability?

  1. For Example, Mage skill is Lightning skill that erupts against another player.
  2. Augment instead of the increased range, apply melee augment similar forward aoe arc. To be touch based attack. So for a rush ability, you charge up, hit your fist in the ground and apply the electric damage to those in the front.
  3. Change a single target , line attack 25 meters to 5 meter AOE front charge arc.

[19:46] Do you think with magic, you’d be able to pick locks with spell?

  1. I don’t have an answer for that.
  2. Definitely want to include player made traps, tripwires

[20:54] Will you be able to get scrolls, strong spells, rare?

  1. Who can use those? Martial classes get the ability for Arcane skills?
  2. Don’t really want classes mixing in other roles?
  3. If you want to use magic as a warrior you need to make the decision to choose it as your secondary.

[22:16] If I was a warrior, second class summoner, could I have a beast with me?

  1. No won’t be able to summon a creature.
  2. Beast summoning comes with Summoner primary.

[22:53] Is there going to be an ingame world map or will it be something to discover?

  1. Will be a Fog of war, you’ll have a map but you’ll have to discover the areas.
  2. Map not randomly generated.


  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lCJPpkrO0KPYOlg91QvWuv_djqozYyq8gekg8hlkPVo/

All of the flora, fauna (creatures), structures, sounds, and weather define the environment players will explore.