Q&A with Steven in Discord 2017-05-14

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Notes: [1]

=={ts|00:24}}}have you thought about instituting something at Level Cap to continue to improve you character?

  1. One of the common trends in the design is that not all class progression is tied to your adventruring class, there are many paths you can take in addition to leveling; there is the religion hierarchy, social organization paths, artisan class, etc. These will provide both horizonal and vertical progression for your character. Being a subscription based game we can constantly be adding new elements to the horizontal progression. We don't want a sense of "End Game".

[2:35] Will people who focus on crafting be able to keep up with other players in character progression? (Siigari)

  1. Crafting is such an in-depth system. PVE and questing, that is relatable to the adventuring class. Crafting is an artisan class. It’s a different approach. These are separate progression advancement tracks. Will you experience some crossover between progressing in adventuring and artisan classes? Yes. But primarily, systems advance once class or another.

[4:17] Guild leader set tax rate regardless of node ownership? (Siigari)

  1. No guild specific taxation. There are a lot of guild leader tools they can implement in the guild interface system. There could be a defacto “Hey, deposit this into” or payments are necessary, but there isn’t a specific field to denote taxation.

[5:08] Authenticator system?

  1. Yes.

[5:33] Being a hardcore player, I always had the problem that my time advancements don’t pay off. I’ve been playing all this time and everytime you log in, you feel like you can’t catch up to the people that have more time than you have. It’s annoying knowing you can spend the entire day, but the person who has more time will always whoop your ass.

  1. There’s a catch 22. Players who have less time should still be relevant and meaningful, but you also have to ensure folks who play 10 hours a day need to see a reward for their time spent. Emphasis on skill and ability to perform in your role should be seen without having to play 10 hours a day.

[8:13] Steven, you talked about crafting and how it’s a big thing in the game for the economy. Weapons, armor system, but one problem in Guild Wars 2, in the very endgame, a lot of the gear is the same. Max level items are identical. Suggestion: we can have 2%-3% of the base crafting stats to be RNG. Sword is 100 and folks can craft 97-98.

  1. You don’t have to introduce an RNG element to conquer the problem. Your progression in the artisan tree enables you as a crafter to exercise agency over what stats the item contains. Those stats are specific to what role your class is customized to achieve (PVE vs. PVP). There’s a wide range of applicable stats based on what the master crafter has set those dials to when crafting that item. Set bonuses are different, passives are different. When you reach top tier crafting, you’re going to have a diverse realm of items and gears that relate to how you’ve built your character.

[11:02] Set bonuses by the crafter or only dropped items?

  1. There’s very in-depth blogs coming in the future.

[11:32] By that logic, the artisan tree has a lot of abilities and can’t choose them all?

  1. Two things: one – there are parameters on the dials determined by the recipe; second – you may unlock different dials based on progression in the game. The social organizations $2M KS goal, being a captain in the thieves’ guild may unlock a certain dial that you could apply when crafting leather armor. That could relate to more dex/evasion classes.

[12:46] As a player, I like to find the most efficient way to abuse things? How will you balance the defender award? Filling the caravan with useless stuff? Is the reward based on game-generated algorithm, or a player based reward? (Poot)

  1. Blogs coming. Caravans has different applications. It’s not reserved for just personal goods. Certain node specific quests – like class specific buildings in a node, building up castle defenses, politics, etc. Caravans are wide-ranging. Rewards for defenders, there’s a cut-off point where they can join along the path, rewards based on type of caravan, and should be comparable to bandit achievements. If you are launching a personal caravan, it’s likely you’ll be relying heavily on friends or doing it at a time/place that’s less-traveled.

[15:00] Is there something that makes the ecosystem dynamic? (SwissRoll)

  1. Different zones are tied to different ecosystems. You’ll see them fluctuate based on the progression of nodes in the world works. Environment also changes based on player actions.

[15:46] Will the world have dynamic world? Akin to RIFT’s rifts? Certain areas with events always going on?

  1. There’s definitely going to be events that occur. As progression occurs, players can choose where they’re participating, along with highly sought after hunting grounds. Events will be abundant.

[17:18] Can you interact with monster bosses – climb on their face and smack them? (Nekros)

  1. We haven’t made up our minds on that yet.

[17:55] Will there be music macro language? MML? It’s like macro scripts? (Harue)

  1. We’re going to have not only music but potentially customized dance. I’m not sure on the specific language that will be used. We haven’t addressed that in design discussion.

[19:23] Can a heavy metal band do our fancy music?

  1. No.

[19:35] How are you going to prevent RMT and gold selling?

  1. We’ve implemented the security mechanisms within the game. It was important for us, to make sure that in a game that has no P2W, we won’t allow gold sellers to circumvent our position on this. Behavioral algorithms, security mechanisms, we’ll have very versatile metrics we’re using to monitor those accounts. In addition, being subscription based game cuts out a large percentage of accounts made to just sell gold. It increases the barrier to entry. We can’t have 100% efficacy, but we’ll try very hard.

[21:50] Will dungeons and raid bosses have clear times for guilds can complete? (Sir Pook)

  1. We definitely want there to be ladders and reports of performance. Whether dungeons will rely on those to open drop tables; maybe some, not all. It’s a cool aspect.

[22:30] Will the game have potions? Is there an artisan class for alchemy? (Sir Pook)

  1. Yes, absolutely. Never potions that replace the role of a class. Items should never replace a class’ abilities or value. Potions will probably not give buffs; maybe, but I wouldn’t answer that question right now.

[23:47] Will classes have a direct influence on an establishment, like a bard telling a story in a tavern?

  1. Non-utility actions in a social sense. It’s something we’re interested in.

[23.48] What happens if you have a freehold in a node that gets taken over? (Pupgames)

  1. Freeholds exist within ZOIs, not in the “node” itself. If the node is attacked and destroyed, then the ZOI has a time period of open PVP where freeholds can be attacked and destroyed (an hour or two after successful siege). If your freehold still exists and is not under the ZOI of another node, then it will disappear. Freeholds are along the lines of – when you receive a plot and lay down the plot and construct buildings, industry, etc. You only construct them once, but the design and assets on the freehold area already constructed and can be laid down in another freehold location. If the freehold is under the ZOI of a village and a metro, if the village gets destroyed, only that ZOI is susceptible to attack; if it’s also under a metropolis, it wouldn’t be.
  2. You cannot steal from a freehold.

[27:40] Multiboxing?

  1. I don’t have an issue if the person’s putting it the time and effort – I see it as an alt.

[28:04] Can you put a vendor in a freehold? (Solofox)

  1. Some vendors are possible. It also depends on the node’s progression. Taverns and inns allow players a place to rest and eat food or drink your ale. Those will grant them benefits while they’re nearby.

[29:20] What is sleeping like in an inn? (Sir Pook)

  1. When you rest, you regenerate, rejuvenation, and how it impacts your character and rested experience will be gone into deeper in the future.

[30:09] In your podcast with MMORPG, you mentioned there are themeboxish quests that open as a node progresses? After a node reaches max level, will more quests appear over time? What is the plan to give PVE people something to do in the same node? (Serai)

  1. Each node has its own story, progression, and paths available inside that node. New quests, PVE actions, etc. continue, especially after reaching metropolis stage – there will be LOTS to do. The node mechanic also allows any new content and expansions to be tied into the nodes and become available for players. Setting up the world, we want to ensure there’s a lot of questions.

[32:54] Will certain nodes even at level 50 it’s not a good place to solo due to mob difficulty?

  1. Every base sized zone, stage 0 node, it contains a chart of spawn tables and those spawn tables relate to the content that exists in the zone. When the node advances, it includes higher level content. The most challenging content will fall in that node at the “final stages”. Content can be for a beginner and highest level will also be in that ZOI. Metros cover 1/5th of the world’s size.
  2. If a node gets destroyed, I’ve lost everything. Yes, there is an initial front of effort and items and materials, but once it’s been done, you can replicate it again if you were ever to lose it. We will have saved positioning (templates). We want to make sure that change and development are in the game with equal effort.

[37:15] Will KS rewards redeemable in multiple regions at the same time? Braver of Worlds in EU and wants to play on NA? (Jettesnell)

  1. Rewards are account-wide. If you’re on a server, you can assign the reward to that character. If you want to reassign to a different character, you can. It can only exist on one character.

[37:15] Guild items in Kickstarter, can they be given to others? (Yurakuu)

  1. Yes. By being a member of the guild, you bring those benefits to the guild.

[38:15] Max level is what? (tris375)

  1. We have an idea, but we aren’t announcing it. The conception is that it’s 50, but that may be, but it’s not decided.

[39:07] Home in multiple metros? (Whiteskymage)

  1. The home doesn’t give you the citizenship; it gives you the ability to choose it as a citizenship. You could claim citizenship where you wanted citizenship. You could change to another apartment to another node.

[39:57] Can summoner/fighter use flying swords? (Como)

  1. We’re going to do class overviews soon. He’ll have a very good idea of what the parameters of a summoner then.

[40:37] What’s your favorite class? (Tree)

  1. I can’t do that.

[40:55] Will you have an in-depth utility system/items? Resist gear, instant click, and continuous buff items? (Tutonga)

  1. It’s going to be more aligned with activatable gear and not just tied to gear. We want skills to be more dynamic than just combat or buffs. Exploration and adventuring has skills to help overcome hazards in dungeons and open world. It helps encourage role diversity. Specific archetypes have different utility skills/items.

[42:14] Endgame tier sets with bonuses like WOW? (Bornforexile)

  1. Yes.

[42:26] How does weather impact combat? (Harue)

  1. It has an important role in gameplay and mechanics how crops are developed and dungeons are available, hazards, etc. It will affect trade routes and economy.

[43:45] Can we start forest fires?

  1. Being that I’m from San Diego and fires are serious, I’d prefer to not include them in the game.

[44:00] Freehold location restrictions? (Risalo)

  1. It’s very open. Assets can be overridden like rocks and trees; not pathing. When a node expands to tier 3, you can place a freehold anywhere as long as it meets proximity restrictions (to each other).

[45:08] How many primary/secondary skills? (Cassia Emlock)

  1. Undetermined. More to come.


  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4z7syr2dm0pxlhq/Discord%20Q&A%20With%20Steven%2005142017.docx?dl=0