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Date September 1, 2018

Intrepid at PAX West 2018 discussing a recap of Gamescom 2018 and what has happened over the past year since PAX West 2017. Then, the team discusses what to expect during the Alpha 1 and 2 test phases.


  • [3:56] Over 100 people on the project. Growing to 200 employees before the end of year (2018).
    • Intrepid has teams in France (engineers) & in Malaysia (artists). Allowing the studio to be working 24/7.
  • [6:18] Gamescom 2018 Recap
  • [7:55] PAX Surprises
    • Development/PAX 2017 Timeline Recap
    • Armor sets, from starter gear when you first login, to tiered gear, will be customizable and will look great. Currently, there are over 500+ combinations. You won't see your typical “homeless rags” look, like most MMORPG’s when you enter the game world for the first time.
  • [8:40] Discussed design & development philosophies.
  • [42:33] Engine: Unreal Engine – Intrepid expressed emphasis that the engine is MMORPG capable with the right engineers (which they have) who can get into the code & modify the source code to make the engine work as they need it to for the game. Also, they have great backup support from Unreal Devs.
  • [43:18] Phase 1 Development (stress test phase): Testing will start with randomly selected Alpha 1 backers. Intrepid is implemented matchmaking pvp, the first iteration of UI, Battlegrounds.
  • [44:20] A1 testing comes early (whole quarter): Having Veteran team members allow higher possibility of earlier releases.
  • [48:55] These PvP Matches will generate the data needed to refine what has been implemented when they reach Alpha 2.
  • [52:00] Alpha 1 Phase 2 begins in the beginning of 2nd quarter of next year. This will be a more traditional Alpha 1 experience.
  1. Implementation of action combat into the tab-targeted combat systems.
  2. Progression to level 20.
  3. Nodes will be fully featured & progressed into Stage 3. Stage 3 is when most node systems come online during development of a city (you can declare your citizenship, player government will happen, housing and freeholds start. 4 out 9 races will be available.
  • [51:32] All 8 base class architypes will be available.
  • [51:38] Character creation suite added (hopefully in A1/P1).
  • [51:45] 25% of total world space will be playable (120 sq km). Staring with 2-3 servers.
  • [52:00] 10,000 testers for A1.
  • [52:05] Alpha 2 testing will begin 3rd quarter of next year. (More details to come per Steven)
  • [52:24] With three previously mentioned modes in A1/P1 there will be over a month where A1 testers will test each mode and Intrepid will then open up Phase 1 (P1) to every registered account on AoC website.
  • [52:51] A1 testers will have 4 months of pre-testing time.
  • [54:21] In A1/P1 Intrepid will be implementing the character creation and housing suite where you’ll be able to earn cosmetics and share everything in the game at launch. These will continue persistently through and up to launch.

PvP Modes in Alpha 1 Phase 1

  • [45:14] Mode 1 - Battlegrounds last man standing (100 players per map), armor & weapons skills testing that have unique spells/skills attached that interact differently with terrain from defensive, utility and offensive standpoint. Be able to build and complete various structures.
  • [46:03] Mode 2 – Castle sieges (Beginning end of December) Starting with 100 vs 100 player map, defenders vs attackers.
  1. Destructible castles and usable siege equipment that’s deployable.
  2. Players can queue with 20 players (guild mode) & will have guild systems, implemented.
  3. Account management system revamped & launches Oct 5th 2018 (make friends, create guilds, objective based components to castle system).
  4. Class kits will be introduced at this time into the matchmaking system.
  5. Will also have traditional trinity class kits.
  • [47:30] Mode 3 – Horde Mode Players playing as monsters.
  1. Will be able to play on horde side or defend cities and progressively as each wave is defeated leading up to a boss (this includes Legendary bosses also).
  2. Waves will be more difficult that previous.
  3. With this mode, Intrepid is implementing the “merchant system” where you’ll be able to collect loot from waves of monsters, etc & then purchase & upgrade items/gear for your character.


How will raiding be balanced around action combat/tab targeting without making one superior to the other?

  • [57:00] Short answer, per Steve is testing. With testing comes data which they’ll use to balance it.

How in depth will character creator be? Will there be templates or extensive to morphing faces, etc.?

  • [59:56] We’ll have presets available but it’ll have the in depth ability to do as much in depth customization as you want.

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