Nodes Part One 2017-03-27

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  1. [0:31] A system that enables players to develop the world around them.
  2. [0:49] Nodes are divided into zones of influence (zoi).
    1. [0:55] A node within each zone.
  3. [0:57] Develops through multiple stages:
    1. Camp
    2. Village
    3. Town
    4. City
    5. Metropolis
  4. [1:06] Every activity within a node's zoi, contributes to its development.
    1. [1:15] Limited number of nodes can be developed.
      1. [1:19] Content is locked behind which nodes are developed.
      2. [1:21] Creates conflict between different communities that have a vested interest in the development of a certain node.
  5. [1:30] First enter the world through a divine gateway.
    1. [1:39] Our ancestors fled through these gateways and after an eternity, we're returning.
  6. [1:50] As we begin to explore, find a world of resources, complex quests, and monstrous foes.
  7. [2:36] At stage 0, the node is unknown until player activity develops it to stage 1 (NPC stage).
    1. [2:40] Every time a node levels, it unlocks new activities for players and attract more NPCs.
      1. [2:47] Provides evolving content that is specific to the node's location.
  8. [3:05] The world reacts to advancing nodes.
  9. [3:40] As the node levels, nodes start connecting, forming new potential trade routes.
  10. [4:03] The higher a node advances, the more significant events it draws toward it. (e.g. a volcano erupting releasing a dragon)
    1. [4:08] Epic world bosses will reflect the progress of specific nodes and their location.
  11. [4:18] An ever-evolving story, which may differ between servers.
  12. [4:51] Nodes redefine the world around them, influencing:
    1. Points of Interest
    2. Quest Lines
    3. Story Arcs
    4. Drop Tables
    5. Resource Pools
    6. Spawn Tables for Bosses and NPCs across the world