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Monster coins (a.k.a. tokens) are an item that enables players to play as monsters within our "Event" system. These range from playing with your friends as a horde of zombies all the way to a massive dragon yourself!

Legion, Elite, and Epic denote the caliber of "Event" in which you will be entitled to participate with an applicable token. Legion being the more common type of event, and Epic being things of truly fitting proportions.

As shown on Kickstarter FAQ [1]

Aquiring Monster Coins

  • Monster coins will be both dropable in game as rare items and will be available in the cosmetic shop.[2]
  • Monster coins are bound.[2]

Monster Coin Usage

  • Monster coins are relics that allow them to get out of your character and become the antagonist, to be the one to burn down the node.[3]
  • Monster Coins have ID#s per monster, another coin can not be used for that same monster by another player during that event.[4]
  • The monster coin system levels up the more often you play as a monster during events, giving the progression for monster skills etc.[5]
  • Monster coins only provide the potential for rare cosmetics that you can earn from objectives you achieve as a monster through the system.[2]

Monster Coin Events

  • These events are system generated and cannot be initiated by players [6]
  • Triggers
    • Certain achievements[3]
    • The development of certain nodes[3]
    • The clearing of specific dungeons[3]
  • Players cannot participate as monsters in events that pertain to nodes they are citizens of. [7]
  • Some events have many monsters that can be taken over by multiple players, other events only a few.[4]
  • There will be public quests where players are incentivized to stop the monster’s attack.


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