Livestream September 27 2018

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Date September 27, 2018

Watch Alpha 1 Battle Royale gameplay followed by Q&A covering taverns, alchemy, headshots, guild dominance, winter regions, leveling, guild abilities, and more!



  • Steven and Jeffrey Bard present in Video with Alex behind screen in A1 Battle Royale Test Mode.

[1:00] (Estimated) Steven announces:

  • That they 'have a treat today", different livestream, showing Alpha 1 arena game play with Alex in Battle Royale mode.
  • Stress test first started the 7th of Sept.
    • 3 official stress tests
      • Launching first with BR mode
      • Siege mode shortly after
      • Horde mode next

[4.00] (Estimated) game mode streaming

  • Starts in Staging area showing lore Content
    • Near the exodus of Vera
    • Those showing in video are the ones who didn’t make it out and fell back to the planet because they got to gateway too late.
  • Fall through, match begins
  • Alex riding on a Griffon
  • Battle Royale arena is 2.5 KM square arena
  • Circle of death closes in (see red in fringes of screen)


Steven announces that additional stress tests will start Friday evening the 28th of September and go through Saturday and Sunday.

  • Limiting matches set to party of 50 due to technical issues they are resolving with the party of 100.

Steven states that people were asking why they selected Battle Royale mode as first testing mode.

  • Testing players, testing battle mode, that is still fun for player.
    • Gets more eyes on the project due to the popularity of the BR gaming.
  • Phase 2 of Alpha one persistent world, 120 Sq. KM.
  • Alpha 1, 16 Sq. KM.
    • 100% focus on alpha systems
  • Stream takes place in both the surface and the Underrealm.
  • Player used Polymorph and turned into a plant.
  • Player repaired armor.
  • Three Tiers, and weapons go up with each Tier
  • Armor Abilities
    • Invisibility is an Armor Ability
    • Upper body has attack oriented abilities
    • Lower body (boots) has escape abilities
  • Will be including Progression and experience tracking for those participating in the Alpha testing
    • There will be gifts for those who participate, given at live launch…
    • Will include armor cosmetics.

Alex wins the match


[25:55] Will we be able to give monthly subscription time away as gifts?

  • Not at the moment and not sure if we will make that possible.
  • The purpose of the referral system is to take what’s done behind closed doors and democratize it amongst all the players.
  • Felt it was important to reward activity of sharing the game with their friends

[27:25] Given that taverns are a confirmed feature, will cooking be in the game? Can a brewer? Will Alcohol have negative effects in game?

  • Yes you will be able to sell food and ale
  • Not sure if Brewer will be its own class.
  • Will have class of cook

[28:26] Will camera zoom in more?

  • Zoom in A1 is zoomed for A1.
  • Over the shoulder 3rd person view
  • In live game, will be able to zoom in closer

[29:20] Are we getting growth and shrinking from Alchemy?

  • Part of the questions looking to answer in A1.
  • Alchemy may adjust hit boxes, but still testing in A1.
  • We think those things are a lot of fun and we will be putting that stuff in as much as we can without having a negative effect on the game.

[29:44] How will tab action relate to hit boxes on a character?

  • It is possible that the hit boxes may be adjusted through alchemical means or customizing their character smaller or larger what that means in the stat * perspective so that it blends well into the tab system but we don't have that answer yet.

[31:20] Headshot hitboxes steer the game towards a shooter?

  • A headshot is a critical hit.
  • A critical hit shot will be backed into your weapon.
  • A critical stat will

[32:24] How will BR game mode be integrated into full version of game?

  • Not sure if we will, this BR mode is for testing that allows us to test the system.
  • This is the MMO, but it is not really THE MMO.

[34:05] How do you stop a guild from banning together to give cash to one player to gain leadership?

  • Resources can include gold, money, currency.
  • Your transactions from Node Auction house.
  • Account currency may be used to benefit guild or saving for bidding for leadership.
  • Have some ideas to implement and will be part of testing.

[36:20] How do you keep players from "gaming" the system, using loop holes?

  • We have all been players, and we have put a lot of thought behind preventing it.

[38:05] Are we going to get waist length hair in character creation?

  • It’s difficult… Not a super easy problem to solve… It’s not a hard no, something we will explore…

[39:06] Winter region that stays cold?

  • There will be regions of the map that are more inclined toward certain seasons.
  • And magical seasons...
  • Where it snows and where it isn’t supposed to snow.

[39:45] Are we planning cinematic events in game?

  • Yes

[39:53] Will dungeons be scaled if more than 8 go in at a time?

  • Dungeons will not be instanced, and will not scale

[40:31] Will there be positional scaling for damage rate?

  • All things we are playing with.

[41:13] Any plans of summoning a legendary option for flying mounts for certain periods of time?

  • We do have them for node leaders, etc...
  • We are trying to stay away from flying. It ends up taking away from things on the ground.

[42:45] What are the current plans for leveling characters? How are you going to make it interesting?

  • The journey should matter, for everyone, not just an individual.
  • We are event driven as well as task driven
  • Don’t want grinding to be the most efficient thing for leveling up.
  • All kind of things to do in the work to level up.

[44:12] Will PKers be able to loot your mule?

  • Yes, they can take resources on your mule. A portion will drop from the player when he is killed, including your mule.

[44:41] Where will you locate the servers?

  • We will have a multitude of servers throughout the world.
  • For A1, driven by party leader.
  • With Live Launch, you will select server to play on.

[46:20] Will there be long duration CC?

  • Generally going to stay away CC…

[46:46] Will we be able to have multiple summons at once?

  • Some classes and combinations will

[47:01] Will players be able to climb anywhere, like on trees?

  • Problems with players climbing ‘anywhere’.
  • There will be an element the ability to climb

[48:05] Will Steven ban hackers and exploiters or give them a slap on the wrist?

  • If you will tell us about exploits, you will probably be rewarded. If you use the exploit, you will probably be banned. Maybe level of punishment before being banned.

[49:07] Will this game have activities and rely on them like BDO?

  • Like AFK. No, if we want this game to be played, if there are things you can do to not play the game and progress, we've done something wrong

[49:31] Do city leaders design city layout?

  • To a degree, they city mayor will determine which buildings go where.

[49:54] Have you looked at more strategic style combat so it is not all twitch based action?

  • Yes, that is the tab style of combat. The strategic is the tab target style and the action combat is the tactical. We feel like both can work together.

[50:27] When will we see ships in the game?

  • Ship assets will probably be release leading into A2.

[51:40] The Vek Astrologer’s, does this make them better at navigating open seas?

  • Yes, it will ….

[52:30] What are some examples of guild abilities you can get instead of increasing player cap?

  • Most of those abilities will be passive abilities to increase your characters abilities to perform in combat.
  • Will be able to allocate resources to level up guild abilities
  • Perhaps some augment abilities for certain members e.g. officer or knight, should you go down the non-expansive route. Gives a fine tuned honed in specific things your guild is good at.
  • Also have a reputation score.
  • Would affect the way merchants interact with your guild members.

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