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What are the available loot distribution mechanics? Need/Greed, Captains? [1]

  1. Yes! Probably doing the standard thing, include most the usual options.
    1. Might be specific things for events/bosses

Will there be an auto-loot function or a loot pet? [2]

  1. I like auto-looting most of the time, but there is something really cool about going to click on that thing and you don’t know what it has, and then it winds up being an awesome thing. That’s a cool moment, and we don’t want to murder that moment.
  2. We’re playing with ideas there. We’ll probably have some kind of something like that. We don’t know what form it’s going to take yet.

Do you plan on integrating party system utilities? (parsing/etc) [3]

  1. Discussing pros and cons of allowing such mods
  2. There will be PvE metrics implemented for dungeons and certain events
  3. Groups on server can compete on who does it the best
  4. There will be levels on which you’re doing that PvE that enables special loot drop tables

Is the spyglass confirmed as an equipment piece? [4]

  1. It is a utility piece ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Part of adventuring is having items/skills that have utility and spyglass is an example?

Is there a grappling hook utility [item]? [5]

  1. There is a grappling hook utility item

How will mob tagging work? How will looting work? Combat? [6]

  1. No nailed down system on mob tagging
    1. Will release developer blogs on these specific mechanics
  2. Want to make sure the combat system is done well
    1. Most focus is on the combat system
    2. Apprehensive of showing unfinished gameplay because people jump to conclusions.
      1. There will be cooldowns
      2. Fast paced
      3. Skill will play an important role
      4. Positioning, kiting, battlefield control

Is the spyglass Rogue only or can other classes use various utility skills? [7]

  1. Each class will have it’s own way of using “utility” skills
  2. Each will have it’s own niche
  3. Spyglass will likely be only rogue, maybe ranger
  4. Wide array of utilities relate to the wide array of hazards

Will there be class locked gear? (Other than utility items) [8]

  1. Probably not?
  2. Maybe specific epic things that only work for a specific person, but those would be far and few between.

PvP and PvE gear? [9]

  1. Only one set of gear needed.

Item and currency weight? [10]

Currency doesn’t have weight, items do.

Some people may be afraid of the idea of “full loot” PvP, what's your thought on that?[11]

  1. There is no full loot PvP in AoC*
  2. You have different types of inventory
    1. Only form of inventory that is “lootable” will be inventory that is in your person in the form of gatherables or resources
    2. Your equipment/gold will not be lootable
    3. Only drop a portion of those gatherables, not all of it
  3. There is a flagging system to deter outright murdering someone
    1. If you fight someone and you die you won’t drop those resources
    2. Want to incentivize combat and disincentive the gank boxing aspect

Will the game have potions? Is there an artisan class for alchemy? (Sir Pook)[12]

  1. Yes, absolutely. Never potions that replace the role of a class. Items should never replace a class’ abilities or value. Potions will probably not give buffs; maybe, but I wouldn’t answer that question right now.[13]

Endgame tier sets with bonuses like WOW? (Bornforexile)[14]

  1. Yes.

Will gear in AoC be BoE?[15]

  1. Staying away from BoE, bound items
    1. Doesn’t facilitate the objectives they have for their economy
  2. There may be “some” binding, exception rather than the rule

Can I send gear from one of my characters to another?[16]

  1. You can transfer the gear via character to character
  2. No items in mail (current concept) - still playing with the idea

Will AoC have any legendary items? (So legendary that only a few people will have them)[17]

  1. There are legendaries that will be hard to acquire, limited
  2. There might be items that are single items that exist on the server at any given time
  3. Things that take a lot of time will reflect that in their scarcity in the game
  4. Could be things that run for “5 years” and people don’t find them

Will there be AoE looting in this game? (Say you kill a bunch of mobs, will you have to loot each one or just the group)[18]

  1. We have not included AoE looting in mechanics.
  2. We will address it as it gets closer, see how players are doing
  3. It’s on the shelf

[43:00] Unique and legendary Items: Will there be lore and backstory for these items? Will there be clues on how and where to find them?[19]

  1. Yes. The intention of the items is to make sense as to why they exist
  2. One server may find an item completing a certain story


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