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How many people will be in party?[1]

  1. 8 People, 8 archetypes , each archetype has a role.
  2. Everyone can contribute evenly

Solo play vs. Group play. Can a solo player thrive, or is group play the best way to play AoC?[2]

  1. Always focus on micro/macro, want to make sure that solo players have a good experience/role. Doesn’t mean they can ignore other people, but nothing should be locked behind guilds.
  2. Playing an MMORPG means you are part of a community anyway.
  3. Macro systems that include solo players anyway, whether they want to or not, like the Node XP system, or working on buildings, or doing raids/dungeons and stuff. Doesn’t rely on guild membership. Can be a solo player by taking part in those activities.
  4. Motivations differ between players, solo players just want to go out and do things?[3] They are still affecting other players gameplay experience. Important to include them.

How difficult will it be to get to the different starting points of the game so people can play together?[4]

  1. Issue they understand, don’t want fast travel to be a thing, travel should be meaningful.
  2. Haven’t fully discussed it internally, might be possible for people to outright choose their starting portal, rather than it being race bound.
    1. Probably where they will go.

Do you plan on integrating party system utilities? (parsing/etc)[5]

  1. Discussing pros and cons of allowing such mods
  2. There will be PvE metrics implemented for dungeons and certain events
  3. Groups on server can compete on who does it the best
  4. There will be levels on which you’re doing that PvE that enables special loot drop tables

Will the game have a day/night cycle? Any effect on gameplay?[6]

  1. There will be a day/night cycle
  2. There won’t be change everywhere, but there will be changed some places
  3. Different monster tables

Will Devs be in-game with other players? Will they be interactive?[7]

  1. Will depend on where they are at when they get to launch
  2. GM events are something they would love to do
    1. Depends on how many people they can staff
  3. Tenatively yes
  4. Phoenix Initiative
  5. You will see GMs log-in

Will the game have voice over?[8][9]

  1. Something that we “want”
  2. Expensive
  3. Not high on the priority list at all

How much of a role will RNG play in Ashes?[10]

  1. As a gamer, dealing with RNG makes Steven go crazy. Coupled with Pay2Win, doesn’t name a game (ArcheAge), talks about rare drops from loot crates, spent $300 to get a cosmetic bear drop, very upset, got the bear, literally next week the bear dropped on the cash shop for $5, ready to throw computer away.
  2. RNG is not going to play a role in AoC. There will be some systems that have RNG built in, MAYBE, over enchanting for example.
  3. Crafting, items in game, cosmetics will not have RNG.
  4. Some RNG with drop tables of monsters, other than that minimal RNG.
  5. Crafting will be set recipes.

To what extent will there be offline/idle progression in the game? Such as hiring an NPC to work for the player.[11]

  1. Good question, they are definitely experimenting with the freehold system to have it so that if a node progresses to a certain amount and the player run government takes it in a certain direction, a freehold might allow passive income and bonuses to characters.
    1. Tavern/Inn
  2. Discussing offline mechanics, having NPCs that manage crop rotations, sell food.
  3. Might have an interface for mobile that allows players to manage those NPCs. What crops are being planted, what shops are selling, etc.
  4. Definitely things that can be done for the player while offline. Will be seen mostly through the economy systems.

Being a hardcore player, I always had the problem that my time advancements don’t pay off. I’ve been playing all this time and everytime you log in, you feel like you can’t catch up to the people that have more time than you have. It’s annoying knowing you can spend the entire day, but the person who has more time will always whoop your ass.[12]

  1. There’s a catch 22. Players who have less time should still be relevant and meaningful, but you also have to ensure folks who play 10 hours a day need to see a reward for their time spent. Emphasis on skill and ability to perform in your role should be seen without having to play 10 hours a day.

Max level is what? (tris375)[13]

  1. We have an idea, but we aren’t announcing it. The conception is that it’s 50, but that may be, but it’s not decided.

Can you go more into the details of the climbing (parkour) in this game?[14]

  1. We are going to have aspects of climbing/traversal[15]
  2. Both combat and outside of combat, hazards, etc.
  3. Possibly not every class has access to parkour, rogue and similar might

Is the game going to be leveling through quest or grind?[16]

  1. No Mandatory grind. Grind sucks. We hate the grind.
  2. Need to disassociate the word “grind” with “time”
    1. There’s a lot of things that involve time that can progress your character
    2. Repetition won’t be a part of that progression
    3. We want enough stuff to do in the game where you “can’t do them all”
    4. Want people to see the fruits of their effort while they are doing things.
    5. We want it to be fun, we don’t want it to be work
  3. We’ve designed a lot of different paths for you to choose from
  4. There will be ultra rare drop items in areas that are solo centric. You just want to vedge out and go to a zone and smack away on monsters. If there is no opportunity for rare reward, then you feel like your doing it for nothing, and that’s not fun. If there's an opportunity for ultra rare item or mega sack of loot, then that gives them a tunnel of light. [17]

Will there be intuitive grouping or will be fighting each other over the mobs we are fighting?[18]

  1. “I want there to be intuitive grouping”. We all work on the same goal/area.
  2. Some of the events that exist in the game are very “intuitive group” based
  3. Want people to work together to accomplish things
    1. Some people may work together as antagonists

What are the punishments for dying in this game? Do they differ for PvP and PvE?[19]

  1. At the moment they do not and we don’t think they will.
  2. May accrue negative experience that will affect how effectively you can play the game
  3. We are still talking about what those death penalties might include
  4. Could be things like debuffs, could have time preventing you from immediately re-entering combat, hp levels, etc


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