First Q&A 2017-01-11

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[1:05] How does the game flow if there are no factions?

Faction assignment restricts players. So AoC allows the community to draw their own path in terms of politics and player interaction. There will be things that nudge players in certain directions like the node system but for the most part it will be community driven and ever-changing - if your city gets destroyed you will go out and find a new home and build new alliances. In a faction based game there is no change, it loses meaning.

[4:42] Is the world a blank canvas? Are there points of interest?

There is no civilization, that's something the players build up. But in the wilderness there are POIs - dungeons, wizard towers, mines, places that will attract people. Those places will have lore and story lines that come with them.

[7:29] What are guilds going to do in the game?

Guilds will have levels, skills, guilds participating in events will help level up the guild. Events like guild wars, castles sieges, node sieges. Guilds will have guild halls, guild housing, guild can have guild specific buildings and quests within nodes, participate in the node's government. There will be guild specific nodes associated with castles, guilds exert influence over zones around the castle, dedicate resource to the building up the node. But ultimately guilds are a micro community who can be more focused on achieving tasks than the broader community.

[12:24] What can players build in the world?

  1. There will be housing that players can build in the open world as long as certain parameters are met. You can build a house, grow crops, have crafting stations, workshops. Housing will help you create goods for the world.
  2. There will also be static housing within nodes. Static homes will progress and grow with the nodes. So grabbing a house at an early level will benefit players as nodes progress. That static housing will have customization available to players.
  3. And finally there will be instance housing - apartments that will become available at a certain at a certain level of node development so players that didn't get a chance to grab a static house will still have the opportunity to claim citizenship and partake in the government.

[15:39] Why a referral system?

Without the players an MMO doesn't exist. So people that bring other players to the game, that help organically grow the community should be rewarded. Having a larger player base also lets the company not go down the pay to win route. It also makes it so the studio doesn't need to spend a ton of money on marketing because the community grows because of of the community.

[20:23] Why "Ashes of Creation"?

There are many gods in the world, one of the god's symbols is the phoenix, the have created the world and the world has died. Now it is being reborn. Also in mechanical terms the world is constantly changing thus creation is constantly arising.

[21:59] Traditional style raids and dungeons?

Yes. Dungeons will need a different number of people to clear. Most dungeons will be open world dungeons, some will be instance based. Dungeons and their content will be influenced by decisions that players made in the world. One server might have a dungeon available to them that another server doesn't based on decisions based in the world.

[23:30] Oceanic server?

Yes, regional servers, latency issues are on the team's mind.