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Notes: [1]


  • First 6.5 minutes just dead air
  • [6:36] Video Starts
  • Steven: live from our studio, for our regularly schedule streaming session. Which are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3PM PST. I am joined by Jeffery Bard(Lead Designer) and Jennifer Bridges(Community Manager). we also have a guest star with us today Deltias Gaming is here.
    • Excited for the success of the first few days of Kickstarter.

Deltias Gaming Q&A

[09:00] Intro to Deltias gaming

  1. Deltias played since ultima online.
  2. Best stories are those from the players.

[11:00] You have the four pillars system that you briefly touch on in the kickstarter, What is that, nodes, trade, classes?

  1. The four pillars is our core philosophy. If it doesn’t help one of the four pillars we won’t use it
    1. Economy
    2. Nodes
    3. Meaningful conflict
    4. Narrative

[11:59] Trade, Caravans will carry goods to other towns. Is that a PVP element tell us about the trade element and how it differs from current MMOs?

  1. Caravans are core to the economy. But it may also touch the other 3.
  2. Nothing has meaning without risk.
  3. Trade mechanics work around regional marketplaces/regional zones.
    1. Transit of goods are required to progress certain systems/things.
    2. Players required to move them around the world to progress items.

[14:06] Separation of PVE and PVP, will there be different gear?

  1. Monsters tend to scale faster the players how do you balance that.
  2. The gear you use for pvp will be the same you use for pve.
  3. More will reflect what kind of player you are.
    1. Dodgy, or slow tank, that’s what you gear for.

[15:55] Node System: Essential a node is a region or zone that you build up, is that right?

  1. Node is a central point in a zone of influence
  2. Exist all throughout world.
  3. Collect activity of players (questing, grinding mobs, collecting items) around them to advance stages
  4. Each stage unlocks new content.
    1. Governments
    2. Housing (within node or zone)
    3. Quests
    4. Services
    5. Castles
  5. Players develop the world

[18:02] Combat: Modern day mmo’s with global cooldown with 30 skills, or action where you limited with skills?

  1. Yes, don’t want 30 abilities, want tactics and stategy to matter
  2. Have a contained bar, amount not decided yet.
  3. Exceptional reactions added.
  4. Classes relates to primary and secondary.
    1. 4 martial 4 arcane.
    2. Augment you original skills not adding skills, with a flavor from your secondary class
      1. Mage teleport augment to a warrior rush skill.

[21:24] Customization and having flavor, is that be that every class has the ability to heal myself (Tank primary , Cleric secondary)?

  1. In that case you’d be a Paladin.
  2. Some abilities will be inherent to the primary classes only (healing party members, casting fireball) instead you’d have augments with remnants of what those classes mean. Paladin may be able to a self heal or recovery. But wouldn’t be able to perform as a healer in a raid.
  3. Primary is the role you will take, you can Hybridize it with flavors of the secondary or double down with same secondary as primary. 64 combinations.

[23:32] What do you think about Pay2Win? Are you going to have a cash shop, but not affect the player's experience?

  1. I feel that Intrepid studios is unique perspective, coming from an RPG player first to a developer, gave me a feeling strong reservations on how industry has moved to p2w mechanics or cash grabs.
  2. Ashes will not experience p2w in any degree at all.
  3. Competitiveness should be relatable to a player's progress within that game on their own accord, skill and activity.
  4. Monetization is a major disservice to the game.

[25:55] Alphas and Betas this year next year time table?

  1. End of the year, Friends and Family invite only Alpha
  2. Early as possible next year first closed alpha
  3. Expected release date Dec. 2018, hope to be earlier

[26:44] Unreal 4 engine and PVP, large scale PVP, Instanced based. How does UR4 perform with open world pvp?

  1. We as developers have the ability to access the source code, on the backend.
  2. Put in own propriety networking code to achieve what we want.
  3. Designed to have that mass PVP in the open. Sieges , Nodes, Raids.
  4. UE4 allows us to create a beautiful world on the front end and fast.

[29:30] Monster Coin Video/Reddit Questions

[30:40] Will you be making MMOs Great Again

  1. That is our objective, is to make MMORPGs great again

[31:09] Can they have an Honor Nodachi?

  1. Nvm relating to a different game.

[31:46] Video starts

  1. Monster coin systems
    1. Large amount of events revolve around the environment reacting to players
    2. Spawns dynamic events and creatures.
    3. 3 Level of Monster Coins
      1. Legion level - 1-4th stage nodes
        1. Horde of zombies, they have an objective and players must be vigilant.
      2. Elite level 3-6th stage nodes
        1. Dungeon level boss, coming out to pillage and attack
      3. Epic level occurs randomly to the 5-6th stage.
        1. Legendary boss, mighty dragon
    4. Monster coins give you the ability to inhabit the monsters
      1. Rewards you with cosmetics.
  2. [33:47] The Video is showing Spider demon attacking a city.
    1. Level 2 monster coin - Elite
  3. Spend money, get a coin, become part of the event.
  4. Environment reacting to players encroaching on their habitats
  5. Can progress your monster skill.
  6. Drop tables will be disabled for that monster.
  7. Clear objectives for both parties
  8. Citizen of node will not be eligible to play in that event.
  9. Ability for you to encounter Non AI monsters.
  1. [36:16] video ends. Steven: this was a level II monster coin, an elite coin.

In our world as you develop your area, the changes you make to the environment will cause event to be triggered. You as the player if you have a coin you can play as the monster.

[41:15] When can we expect class gameplay videos?

  1. Will release them as we get those systems complete
  2. Rogue with the next week

[42:33] What size will parties be in various forms of content? Dungeons, raids, sieges?

  1. 8 for party
  2. Raid size hover around 40 may change.
  3. Open world events big huge pseudo parties.

[43:47] What are the plans for ensuring dynamic world events stay dynamic and engaging to players?

  1. By making a lot of them.
  2. Have a large pouch, and they are interesting and unique
  3. Continue to release content (quarterly?)

[44:43] Can we have a deeper explanation regarding the taming and breeding artisan profession?

  1. Sense of uniqueness to taming/husbandry to show your own flavor.
  2. Can result in rare animals in the world?
  3. Promote exploration in world and in the profession.
  4. Not a book by book breeding but discovery.

[46:19] Will the main events be on timers or random?

  1. Not all will be random, they will be a combination.
  2. Plenty of events occurring to keep the game interesting
  3. Some will spawn as a result of an achievement.
  4. If they haven’t occurred in a certain timeframe, they may randomly spawn.
  5. Some random, some with purpose.

[47:33] If a guild attempts to kill a world boss, what can a different guild do to stop them? Corruption system?

  1. Still in development
  2. Want rivalry between communities.
  3. But also want content to be achievable.

[48:39] How extensive will the skill trees be? Skills per tree? Variety?

  1. Going more toward skill option less than 30.
  2. Plenty of choice.

[49:40] Will any of the classes get stealth or is that only for rogues?

  1. Stealth as a primary skill is reserved for primary rogue.
  2. If you have a secondary rogue , will have augment abilities a stealth ability during a rush on fighter.

[50:44] Does picking a secondary class give you additional skills?

  1. Give you augments to change your primary existing skills. Not going to add additional skills but will modify your existing skills.

[51:25] Can we address what steps are being taken for large amount of players in UE4?

  1. Engineers writing proprietary networking code
  2. Best people in the industry working.



  1. Thanks for joining us.
  2. Will be on again friday with another host.
  3. Will take more questions.
  4. Thank you again.



All of the flora, fauna (creatures), structures, sounds, and weather define the environment players will explore.