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Vestments of the Runecarvers pre-order pack cosmetic costume.[2]

The costume cosmetics that are included in each month's pre-order set are indeed a full piece, and when you put it on it will cover your entire appearance. You will not be able to mix and match/toggle those pieces individually (other than your helmet) when you're wearing the entire costume. This is partially why there is a separate category for accessories - those are able to be worn/equipped on a more individualized basis, so you can mix and match to your liking![3]Sarah Flanagan

Costumes are available for purchase from the cosmetic store.

  • Costumes don't have a level restriction.[4]
  • Costumes are not gender locked.[5]
  • Costumes are one piece outfits that cover an entire (gear) set.[3][6][7][8]

Full costumes do not mix and match pieces.[8]Steven Sharif

The costume cosmetic does not come in pieces. It will cover your entire set.[7]Margaret Krohn

Gear slots

There are 16 gear slots in Ashes of Creation:[17]


Alpha-1 female plate armor 3D render.[18]

We want to be realistic with the application of particular types of armor, such as plate armor. In this regard for the different sexes there's a fine line that has to be drawn between accentuating the form of the sex as well as making it somewhat realistic and actually applicable to the environment.[18]Steven Sharif

Gear is intended to be realistic in appearance.[19][20]

  • There will not be "oversized" weapons.[21]
  • Armor will not be overly sexual in appearance.[20]

We're going for kind of a more realistic look; not necessarily realistic setting, but we want our characters to have weight and kind of feel like they're there.[19]Jeffrey Bard

I'm more of the mind that it wouldn't really serve a purpose to have bikini plate armor, just in like reality, if you're going to have armor, it should be protective. I think from a fashion statement is enjoyable for some people, but it's a kind of an immersive issue.[19]Steven Sharif

Armor will take on a racial appearance.[22]

Each race is getting its custom geo pieces, which then will share thematic components such as color palette, attachments, design filigree. Those types of things will get shared across the geo but generally you're going to see unique races with unique geo.[23]Steven Sharif

  • Cosmetics can be used by all races but there may be slight variations to make them work with the body builds of each race.[12]

Players can change gear colors using dyes.[24][25]

Helmet display can be toggled on and off.[26]

  • Hair will likely be masked if helmet display is toggled on.[27]

Particle effects are used to denote the importance and rarity of some weapons.[28]

Weapons are able to be sheathed.[29]

Crafters are able to influence what their crafted items will look like.[30][31]

Appearance slots/Transmogs

Gear will have appearance slots (Transmutation/Transmog/cosmetic slots) that are used to copy the appearance of an item (in some cases).[32][33]

  • There are rules when applying cosmetics to specific items, unlike costumes, which don't have level restrictions.[4]
  • Cosmetic slots can be toggled on or off by the player.[34]
  • A "default player appearance" may be automatically applied during sieges or other large scale battles to improve client-side performance.[35][36]


Attachments are able to be unlocked as flair pieces to armor to create a customizable look.[37]

  • There will be hundreds of attachments available ranging from a small clasp to the front plate of a breast plate.[37]

Dyeable items

Dyes only affect tagged portions of dyeable armor or cosmetic items.[38]

  • The dyeability of costumes depends on the specific costume.[38]

Outside of wanting to keep maybe some identity from a lore perspective; for example if you have like a white lion's suit of armor, you may not want that white lion suit of armor to be black or blue. So, it's possible. It depends on the costume itself.[38]Steven Sharif


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