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Characters will receive rewards on their in-game birthday.[1]

Daily login rewards are something we really have to think about in terms of what we want to offer... We want the game itself to offer enough reward to log in daily rather than trying to make it an explicit like gamified reward.[1]Jeffrey Bard

Daily quests

Daily quests will not be prevalent in Ashes of Creation.[3][2]

We don't really have dailies.[3]Steven Sharif
  • There will not be an obligation to login each day.[2][1]
  • Will likely not be RNG based.[2]
  • Focused around how changes in the world relate to a player's opportunities.[2]
  • Location matters due to the lack of fast travel.[2]
I don't think those will be RNG based. Those will be probably- you will see the reward structure for those types of quests. Will they be dailies? No they won't be in the sense of what we've experienced dailies in the past where you feel so obligated to log in and like you'll miss these things. It's more gonna be focused around like how the world is changing and how the changes in the world relate to your opportunities; and then if your location's gonna matter because fast travel is not a thing, where you're located at is going to determine your the risk versus reward opportunities that are present; and then depending on the time that those occur.[2]Steven Sharif

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