Ashes of Creation Steven Sharif @ Pax West 2017 combat + Q&A

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  • Interview by Jason Wivart


Doing what every gamer wants to do, is make a game because there are so many games out there that just don’t get it right.

  1. 0:20
  2. I agree with you, got fed up and had the ability to do it. So i did.

So you were telling me that in 3 months, you build this entire Pax Demo?

  1. 1:00
  2. Yes.
  3. Our team worked very hard on building it.
  4. Started pushing after Kickstarter.

It seems like the online feedback is more negative, where the feedback here is more positive, so I think it is something you actually have to get your hands on to feel.

  1. 2:00
  2. This is an entirely an iterative process, meaning we will be going through many different changes as we bring it to alpha and beta.
  3. The UI aspect will be highly customizable. Bar to Circle.
  4. Everyone here has been extremely positive

The economies will all be local based?

  1. 3:13
  2. Yes, no global markets, no global warehouse.
  3. Markets are local
  4. Goods need to be transported region to region
  5. Crafting in region A, will need resources from region C
  6. Transporting will be risky, we want risk vs reward.

Have you thought about the whole Mailing thing?

  1. 3:54
  2. Yes, no mailing of Items

Do you roughly know how many nodes the world is going to have?

  1. 4:22
  2. Can’t tell you that right now.
  3. Have a number in head, will build alpha with that in mind
  4. Want to aim for an 8 thousand concurrent user basis

Think of nodes as states. What reason do I have to be in, say New York node, to interact with California node?

  1. 4:56
  2. Each node will have its own types of services
  3. Stage, type, decisions made by the government, and affiliation. Unlocks the type of services.
  4. Quests will take you across to other nodes.

A lot of dialog, a lot of options in PVE?

  1. 6:46
  2. I love story, plays toward your immersion. Get lost in the world

Will you have the Take a Break pop ups after 4 hrs?

  1. 7:31
  2. That may be a legal requirement

Any other big news?

  1. 12:19
  2. Ben McCreery, composer
  3. Alpha 0 date Dec 15, 2017
  4. Name of the world is Verra

This doesn’t feel like a kickstart at all this feels like a triple A studio, is that what you are going for?

  1. That is who I have hired.
  2. I have hired people who are Veterans of the industry, mmorpg specific

And you have the money to back it up too you said “If this game doesn’t get released, i will refund your money?”

  1. 8:54
  2. Absolutely
  3. Crowdsourcing for community development and marketing,

Combat, I know you said it is 20% rough now, where do you see it going, do you see it polished in 2018 for alpha and beta Kickstarter?

  1. 9:43
  2. I believe we will see it very close to complete combat state of polish at the end of 2018

What does the combat look like in your vision?

  1. 10:08
  2. Players have a choice that when they are building out skill tree they can choose between tab targeted skills or for more action oriented skills so you can tailor your skills.
  3. Want it to be strategic, movement, situational awareness

So for time to kill, are you going to keep that kinda high?

  1. 10:42
  2. I would say it isn’t that high, may get a little bit faster.
  3. Keeping it like this allows for strategic game play


  1. Thank you!