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  1. Very excited to be at pax
  2. Introduction of Panel Members
    1. 1:50
    2. Jeffrey Bard - Lead Designer
    3. Steven Shariff - Creative Director / Founder
    4. Keith Kovach - Senior Character Artist.
    5. Michael Bacon - Senior General Artist
    6. Mat Broome - Senior Character Artist.
  3. Announcement of Alpha Zero December 15th, 2017
    1. 2:44
  4. Process of the start up of Intrepid Studios
    1. 4:26
    2. Keith Kovach first employee
      1. December 2, 2015
      2. Only one person (Steven) in the room when he applied.
      3. No Computers. Just excitement of the project.
    3. Jeff Bard
      1. Heard from a friend about this start up
      2. Wasn’t expecting much, since he has seen start ups before.
      3. Pitch was intense, and Inspiring. Passion and Plan
      4. Steven had did his research and had Vision
      5. Not dreaming. We know the where when and How.
    4. Michael Bard
      1. Been in the industry dawn of time
      2. Duke Nukem
      3. Jumped from company to company
      4. Everquest II, Clone wars animated series pitch.
      5. Looking for a new gig, Indie, small studio , passionate.
      6. He can Concept, Model , Animate, Design, play music
      7. Makes his own game .. Retro Salt (itunes store) plug
    5. Mat Broome
      1. Legend in the industry
      2. Sony, Vertical pitch for Harry potter,
      3. H1Z1, Star Wars Galaxies worked on some Everquest 2 worked on DC Universe Online PlanetSide 2 EverQuest online Adventures
      4. Was told about Steven’s plans. Sounds super hard.
      5. Steven is a computer, will get the same answer everytime.
      6. Steven is there late into the morning , this is his first time where the founder is side by side with you.When something is a passion it isn’t work.
  5. Kickstarter
    1. Was community development , marketing
    2. Wasn’t sure of the reaction.
  6. History of Steve’s mmo history
    1. First was Neverwinter
    2. First mmo is nostalgic and we all try to recreate that.
    3. You always want to be innovated and traditional.
  7. Announcement of Musical Composer Bear McCreary
    1. 18:49
    2. Did the music for Battlestar Galactica, Walking Dead and a lot of other things.
    3. Distinct music for each zone, and game.


To what degree will Soulbound equipment be featured in Ashes ?

  1. 21:50
  2. Not a very high degree.
  3. Items are not soulbound. Want the market to work off of transferable goods.
  4. Hired a PHd Economist named Rocco
  5. Be able to deconstruct, destroy, transfer these items
  6. Ability to Craft. Markets are Regional. No Global warehouse, marketplace.
  7. Soulbound is designed to pull items out of market.

How accessible is Ashes for those that play casual and don’t want to have to engage in large group activities ?

  1. 23:42
  2. The layers of community don’t involve a lot of dedication. Thieves guild quests. Or religion. For Solo play. You become part of a city
  3. You don’t have to talk to people to engage in some of the activities, defending a city.

If i have a house in a city and it gets attacked while i am not online, am i going to lose my home?

  1. Mechanics of a quest in order to attack a city to obtain an item that lets you attack
  2. There is a time period that they can declare a siege
  3. There will be a window of preparation.
  4. A village node has a 3 day window.
  5. You will know when that siege happens
  6. Yes you will lose your house, But you will be able to save layout, blueprinting, everything in your house will be returned to you.
  7. We want you to have a reason to help defend your city.
  8. When a node progresses it locks out progress of other nodes.

What is your stance on Alt characters and level progression with that, and changing of classes ?

  1. 29:14
  2. Alt, perfectly fine.
  3. Class progression is 8 archetypes you choose as a primary that gives you a set of skills
  4. Each skill will have a slots that lets you apply augments to
  5. They will change the way those skills feel.
    1. Example: Fighter rush skill, secondary Rogue, Charge with a stealth augment will let you rush invisible.
    2. As a mage you apply teleport to that rush.
    3. As for respeccing Primary, leaning toward no, Secondary , leaning to yes

As you bring on more and more staff, how structured do you see your plan being, Do you see this as now to the end of the game, or do you see things evolving?

  1. 31:48
  2. Very specific vision, and plan
  3. Will use our feedback from Alpha’s. does that mean it will change? no, most systems are set, but tweaking is possible.
  4. Very flexible staff, multiple hats, so not a lot of bottlenecks.

What do you guys have for Raid content, small group high difficulty challenge?

  1. 36:25
  2. Raid size starting at 40, want to put the massively back in MMO’s
  3. You can be a part of large events.
  4. Triggered events from nodes. Like a dragon from the mountain.
  5. You have all different type of players, should cater to all of those players.
  6. Want to have small content, large content. Opt in. content.

You said large scale, is there anything small group high difficulty content?

  1. 38:51
  2. Mini occurrences within a siege for solo players.

What features about this game that are special are you’re most excited about it? And do you have a mathematician?

  1. 39:42
  2. No not a mathematician, we are all pretty good at math.
  3. But the narrative in the hands of the players. No existing NPC structure. Nodes and zones of influence, they will develop with experience. And they will grow and unlock more content.
  4. Locking out other content.
  5. Each server will have a different history

Combat system, the mini game bar, how set in stone are you , and will all classes be the same?

  1. 42:04
  2. The Quick time event, combo, or precision system. We didn’t want an auto attack feature
  3. Only applies to one skill and generates focus.
  4. These skills also have a progression system where you can choose what proc’s
  5. Hands on experience, had positive feedback.
  6. Melee may be adjusted. The ui is in pre Alpha stage.

How Alt friendly will the game be, how many times to do End game locks?

  1. 45:59
  2. It depends on what your goals are.
  3. No account locks on Gear, or items.
  4. End game is a bad word.
  5. Releasing content on a monthly basis as well as a quarterly basis.

Can i move the combo system and make it transparent?

  1. 47:29
  2. Yes
  3. The UI will be extremely Customizable

What kind of skill cap are you looking for, easy to learn hard to master, or consistent?

  1. 47:52
  2. I envision a skill tree of Action skills and Tab target skills
  3. Players have a choice to be geared more towards tab targeting or action orientated combat.
  4. In terms of damage here will be balance between skills that require a high skill level and skills that you can just tab target
  5. Want to make sure entry is easy. But a high place where they can experiment

I know you have it where large groups decide content in the game, but have you thought of side quests that will help change the paths?

  1. 50:07
  2. Two types of quest lines
    1. Over arching meta that effects the world
    2. And those that relate to indiviuals and groups
  3. Types of quest
    1. Tasks - like kill 5 wolves, no story needed.
      1. Successful or failure..
      2. If failed those wolves will kill your livestock.
    2. Events -
    3. Narrative -

Do you have the cleric and the summoner, if combined Necromancer ?

  1. 52:25
  2. Our 64 class list will be coming out Soon
  3. There will be a necromance in that list.

If you delve to deeply into a mine will something happen?

  1. 53:15
  2. yes

What is the world's name?

  1. 53:31
  2. Many cultures have a different name for the world
  3. Verra is the common name

How do you feel about alchemy, can you make a boost to an individual?

  1. 55:33
  2. Augments to your character.
  3. Tattoo system
  4. Armor sets
  5. Alchemy is cool.
  6. Create cocktails, potions, aids that can assist in buffs, or revealing certain things.


  1. It’s a pleasure and honor to see your excitement.