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  • [00:23]
  • Steven: We're on. Just having some first-day technical difficulties, but the good news is, we are in business. First of all, welcome to Intrepid Studios. Thank you guys for tuning in here on the stream. We just can't even believe that this Kickstarter is doing as well as it is. I mean the outpouring of support from you guys has been unbelievable. We really are passionate MMORPG players, and having the ability to resonate with fellow gamers, such as yourselves, in the project that we're doing here with Ashes of Creation is very satisfying. We've been working on this project now for, what, 14, 15 months
  • Peter: yeah.
  • [1:20] Steven: We've put our heart and soul into this project and we're getting places very fast. We're looking to have, our ‘friends and family alpha’ and our ‘weekly drawing alpha’ at the end of this year. We are getting a lot of stuff ready for this month, to show you guys some new systems that you actually haven't even heard of yet. One of which, I know many of you are wondering about is the monster token system. We're going to be answering some questions today from the stream chat, anything you guys have on your mind, questions that you have, feel free to ask us when we get to that segment, but before we get started and showing some things we're actually going to play our kickstarter video.
  • We had a fun time filming it. Funny fact, a little tidbit of information, none of it was scripted. The entire video was off the cuff, so we just queued topics and myself, Jeff, and Peter just went talking about those topics.
  • [2:32]
  • We're going to go ahead and cut to that video now and then when we come back we'll answer some questions.
  • [03:01]
  • That was our Kickstarter video. We gave a pretty thorough synopsis of Ashes of Creation and our overview of the core pillars of our design. We had a scheduled guest for today, but we're going to pick that guest up on our Wednesday stream, where I assure you there will be absolutely no technical difficulties. That's going to be at 3 p.m. on this coming Wednesday 3 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time. We're going to field some questions from you guys on the stream. If you have questions about some of the things you saw in that video or about the Kickstarter itself, myself, Peter, and Jennifer are here to answer some of these questions.
  • [03:48]
  • Peter: We want to reiterate just how grateful we are and how psyched we are to have you with us.
  • Steven: Absolutely, we are just in awe, of the positive support and feedback that we've gotten from all of you. It is truly amazing.


What will the Phoenix Aura from the Kickstarter package look like?

  • [04:16]
  • Steven: The Phoenix aura in the game is going to be a particle effect that surrounds your character, kind of like a glowy fashion, little bit of a fire aura that will will make your character stand out from other players in the game. It'll be toggleable. You can turn it on and off.
  • Peter: Right we don't want the particle effects to clog up everybody's screen all the time.
  • Steven: It represents your spirits connection with one of the primary avatars of one of the gods in the lore of the game, and it represents that you're a kindred spirit with that god.

“What will the currency be like in the game?”

  • [05:14]
  • Steven: One of the interesting things that I always thought of whenever I played MMORPGs was that I could go out in the wild and I could kill a wolf or I could kill a bear or some type of monster and it would drop gold or it would drop items and I just thought that it was kind of a disconnect between the immersion that I experienced in the game and what just made sense.
  • [05:48]
  • Peter: I understand that feeling as well. I think that we're going to have a single currency. I'm not sure how deep this person wants. If they're after specifically the name of the currency. We’re going to have a single currency. Trade is going to be a huge aspect of our game. Buying and selling goods is gonna be a huge aspect of our game. Receiving currency for doing certain actions is a huge aspect of our game. So, the economy is definitely something that is in the very forefront of our minds.
  • [6:16]
  • Steven: One of the most important aspects of the economy is that as you saw in the video, we've regionalised our marketplaces and warehouses, so that that trading in the economy is is very important for local markets. Currency in the game is going to have greater purchasing power based on the local market you're a part of. Because of the supply and demand that exists in the game for certain resources and gatherables.
  • [06:43]
  • Peter: We really want distance to matter. We want the regions themselves to matter. What you're selling in town ‘A’ is going to be worth a much different value in town ‘B’ towns ‘C’ etc.. Instead of the typical global auction house, where this iron bar is worth X we want that to be worth different things depending on; where the iron is, how hard it is to get the iron, and where you currently are, those types of things.

Really important question, when will the Sandals DLC be available?

  • [07:11]
  • A: Steven: I'm sure many of you on this stream are currently on our official discord. If you're not on our official discord, it is . A very popular meme on there, at this moment in time, is about my sandals. I was on a flight and on discord, as I often try to go on discord everyday, just to interact with the community, because I feel that community interaction from the developer is extremely important, both for a transparent reason and just the sense that the community should be the focus of an MMORPG. I mean that's the most important part of an MMORPG is that community. I want to be in touch as much as possible. Anyway, long story short, I fell asleep on the flight, and when we landed, I was on discord, I looked down and I had lost my sandals.
  • [8:13]
  • So discord knows that I lost my sandals and ever since then it's been a little bit of a meme about my sandals. They may make an appearance in the game as a very powerful end game loot from some type of world Boss. I don't know what world boss is gonna wear those sandals, we'll figure it out. Maybe it's just a part of a dragon horde who knows right, and what was the question?
  • Jennifer: If there was going to be a sandal DLC.
  • Steven: They won't be DLC. It'll come standard.
  • Peter: Sandals confirmed.

How will loot to work in the game? Is it randomly generated or does it the good gear only come from dungeons, quests, etc.

  • [08:59]
  • Good gear does come from dungeons and bosses, not in the form necessarily that little monsters are going to have them, but you'll find them in treasure chests, you'll find them as loot that you can gain through that way, as well as, epic world boss drops - that kind of thing. Also and very importantly is we have an extremely intricate and in-depth crafting system a crafting system that follows sort of a sort of a crafting Trinity. In the sense that there are three separate paths that you can develop as a player. There is the gathering, the processing and, the crafting and each of these paths require advancement and you can't be a master of all of them as an individual player in order to incentivize other crafters to work with each other; crafters to work with gatherers, gatherers to work with processors, and to play again on that local market scene and the regional economy that we've developed. So, to answer your question crafting is going to be able to to to create the top gear in the game, but there will be a comfortable blend of epic drops that are also going to be loot that's kind of Top Gear.
  • Peter: To target the random aspect of that question, there's obviously going to be loot tables, and there's going to be tables that we're drawing from. It's never going to be completely random what you're achieving. I'm not sure if that's what they were getting at but just to clear that up.

Are all animation placeholders for now and are we planning to invest in mocap?

  • [10:38]
  • Steven: Currently we have one animator on our team, David [Thornfield], and he is amazing at his job. Right now, we're really focusing on getting animations up and running for a lot of models, so that we can get some activity in the game server that we can use as designers. We haven't done anywhere near a final pass on animations, nor have we brought on additional animators, but we will be very soon. I believe we have a hiring process going out within the next couple of weeks, that we're going to be bringing on at least two or three more animators. No, to answer your question in the short. Animations currently are not indicative of the final product. We are still in a pre-alpha state. We're not in alpha yet, and you can expect that these animations you're seeing are very unpolished and not representative of what they will be when launch comes or even when alpha comes and beta comes.

What was your first MMO Steven?

  • [11:52]
  • Steven: Oh wow! Let's see, I am 31 years old and I…
  • Peter Laughs
  • Steven: Hey! Your getting close to 31! Lets calm down there. My first MMORPG was actually, and I know a lot of people play around on the internet with this, but it was the first graphical MMORPG, if you look it up, it was the first MMORPG in a graphical way. It was called Neverwinter Nights. It was the first Neverwinter Nights that was on AOL. This was back in 1992, when I was 7 years old. I was playing on an old gateway, that was using Windows operating system 3.1. You had to pay six dollars by the hour to play this game, because it was through an ISP AOL. Let's just say that me at seven years old didn't have any understanding of what money was so to speak or that the Internet cost money, and at the end of that month - my first addiction to Neverwinter - Let's just say I did not have a very fun conversation with my mother for that bill, but no that was my first MMORPG and I think at that point, I really kind of got hooked on the whole aspect of of what it was to be a part of a community. It's hard to understand that at seven years old, but you were just flooded with these chats, that were like these other people and I didn't know. The only people I knew where at my grade school, but ya know it was definitely an interesting game.

Q: How will PvP be like?

  • Steven: PvP
  • Peter: So, that's big question.
  • Steven: That's a huge question. I think that it's important to note that when making an MMORPG and having played MMORPGS for for such a long time, there needs to be a comfortable balance/blend between PvP and PvE. Without an environment that means something, that takes commitment, growth, and effort on part of the player base, you're not really going to have much satisfaction when it comes to PvP and how PvP can catalyze change in the world. We really took an approach of, “How can we make PvP meaningful and catalyze change that players will see based on events that may happen either organically or even structured events?”
  • PvP and Ashes of Creation revolves around a few systems first and foremost, it revolves around a flagging system and flagging systems aren't something that's new. Flagging systems have existed back since, gosh, the late 90s. We've taken a little bit of a different approach to the flagging system, however, in regards to what type of penalties people take for murdering others. We don't want to incentivize murder. We don't want this to be a gank box of murder.
  • What we really want for PvP is to incentivize players to fight back and defend themselves if they're out in the open world. More importantly, we have more organized PvP both in an organic sense and in a structured sense through our castle system.
  • [15:16]
  • Castles are kind of like the pinnacle of guild achievements in the game. They exert control over the regions that they exist in, and over the nodes that the castles have purview over. There is also a siege mechanic related to our node system and that kind of allows for the players to institute change among nodes. Because the way that nodes develop, they lock out other nodes as they're progressing in stages, and we don't want that lockout to be permanent. We want it to be up to the players to determine whether or not civilization should take a new direction and siegeing nodes is a way that can be done.
  • [16:00] We have our caravan system, which again talking about regionalised marketplaces and economies, the caravans are how we transit goods from those regional places to other places, in order to process the goods or sell them in those local markets. Caravans carry with them a static proximity grounds around the caravan which prompts a player within range to either participate as a defender of that caravan, bandit of that caravan, or just not participate at all - it's up to the player.
  • [16:30] Then lastly we have guild wars. Between guilds that may have some player driven political issues. We really want the meaning from PvP to be something that's developed by the players.
  • Peter: We want them to have to earn something and we try to make it in such a way where…… Most players who play MMOs are somewhere in the middle, you're a little bit pvp, a little bit PvE, but we went into this realizing that there are also two very distinct populations, some people go on the left or right so to speak in the situation, and we wanted it to be a loop. …..Where PvE is helping PvP and vice-versa through the node system and all of the intricacies that are going into that such as caravans, fortresses, Guild Wars. We really tried to make that an adequate feedback loop, even if you only do PvE or only do PvP, you are actually affecting and earning with the server as it grows.

Will you be able to, if you wanted, just craft items in the game? Like, you don't need to fight monsters, you just want to be there for the events and crafting.

  • [17:43]
  • Steven: A lot of the progression in the crafting class which is called your artisan class isn't necessarily locked behind your adventuring class level, however, there will be certain achievements and or tasks that are given to you in the crafting system that may require you to be a certain level in order to...
  • [18:18] Peter: I mean there will definitely be, if you're for example, going out, and we keep using iron, I’ll just iron again, but let's say there's iron out there and it's near monsters, that there is a spawn nearby. They’re not all necessarily going to be super safe areas, but we're also trying to make it so that you can do this class, do the artisan tree, mine ore, and have a functioning economy yourself to be able to move yourself up, without having to necessarily dig into areas that you don't enjoy. We really want to make the solo experience personalized.
  • Steven: So to answer your question in short, you absolutely can minimize your involvement in both PvP and/or even combat, in general, I guess, and still advance significantly in the crafting class / the artisan class, but I think to fully reach your potential in that regard, you're going to actually have to get involved in some of the more combat oriented aspects of the game. Not necessarily on a PvP basis but at least versus nature, that's probably going to require some involvement on your end.

Can we have the beautiful beard man named Bacon say hi to everybody on the stream?

  • [19:26]
  • Steven: Oh, bacon they want you to wave!
  • Peter: Want me to duck?
  • Steven: Bacon, we got Bacon, that's Michael Bacon he's a senior artist here at Intrepid Studios and a generalist. He has a wide variety of talents not just restricted to art, although he is a true master when it comes to anything art related, but the Baconator is definitely big dog here in the studios.

Will seasons affect gameplay and/or events?

  • [20:06]
  • Steven: Seasons will absolutely play a role in both gameplay and certain events. I think Jeffrey Bard, who's our lead designer, spoke a little bit about in one of our seasons blogs, how seasons will impact your environment how they may close off certain dungeons or open up certain paths that were previously closed to the people. They're going to affect crop rotations. They're going to affect what NPCs are available, what monsters spawned, the visuals of those monsters. We want immersion in our game to be a fully faceted mechanic, where you can enter in and you'll feel so many aspects of the world including seasons and how it affects your time in the game. We've made sure that that it's not just a visual thing. It is intrinsic of other game mechanics.
  • Peter: For sure, I think seasons are a mechanic that we went into thinking that we we definitely wanted to include this to have an impact. To answer that question, in a concise way, it's going to have an impact, we just need to do testing to essentially say how impactful it's going to be, which degree are we going to end up with, but it’s something that we will definitely be keeping everybody updated on about the process.

What are we going to do to make summoners great again?

  • [21:41]
  • A: Peter: topical
  • Jennifer: I have a feeling I know who wrote that
  • Steven: No, okay, all of the classes in Ashes of Creation; we have eight archetypes in Ashes of Creation, and many of you know a little bit about our class structure but for those of you who don't, you're going to enter the game choosing a primary adventuring class and you're going to choose from one of those eight Archetypes, there are four marshall and four arcane, you have fighter, tank, rogue, ranger, mage, cleric, bard, and a summoner. Specifically, to answer the question, in regards to the summoner, summoners along with all of our classes are going to be very, very awesome. How do I answer that, they're going to be great.
  • Peter: What the people who play the summoner are looking for, we're trying to orient things like group skills to make them more dynamic, to have different summons to make it enjoyable for the person and I think as we get on and we explain our classes in our blogs and address updates that work will be coming soon. That's when we're really going to release more
  • [22:58] Steven: I think one of my favorite aspects of the summoner class is that since we're in a non pay to win game, we'll need to rely heavily on cosmetics and your ability to achieve those cosmetics both in game and in the marketplace. The Summoner in particular will have the ability to gain custom appearances for their summoned pets, and I think it's going to be really interesting to see each character that focuses on their summoner class having a different representation of those cosmetics for their summons and seeing a large diversity that speaks more to the character of who's playing that summoner.
  • Peter: Since this is more somewhat of a broad class question, you're going to get the Augmented skills of our classes once you go into, let's say for example, your summoner/fighter, your skills are going to change, your summons are going to have different things that they're doing, and we want people to mess with those hybrids. We want them to figure out, “Wow! This one really fits my play style! This is the summoner I want to be.” We're excited to see people mess around with that, work through it.

How are you planning on doing servers and will we see merging if a servers player base dies?

  • [24:17]
  • A: Steven: First of all, obviously our our goal is to accurately and proportionately populate our servers. There's a very healthy number of players and in order to achieve that goal, obviously this Kickstarter is a great start to that, but more importantly having that relationship with the community to help build our community with Ashes of Creation, so that we have a strong player base that is large in numbers, really will mitigate the risk in having to consider server merges, but I think that if we were to come up across that issue, it would be it would be a process that's both fair to each of the server populations being considered for that merger.
  • Peter: It's something we're definitely cognizant of, it's not on the back burner. We are always thinking of that in relation to how to move forward. I think the first step [in how to move forward is that] we're mentioning servers plural, so we're not thinking a world server, that's not in the thought process there.
  • Steven: Multiple servers, we're thinking a very healthy number for the concurrency, current server usage.
  • Peter: Yeah


  • [25:46] Steven: Well I hope you guys have enjoyed this QA. We're going to be doing QA s like this three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 3:00 p.m. Pacific time, I believe that's GMT - seven at the moment or PDT. Please join us for these Q&A's and we're going to have some guest stars; some streamers who are going to be popping in to chat about the game with us. We can't reiterate enough just how appreciative we are of the amazing support we've seen so far, today on Kickstarter, and what an amazing community that you guys have just developed with us. I mean, if you're not on discord go ahead and get on our discord. If you're not registered go make sure to register for our site, follow us on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, just the Internets in general. Anyways guys we appreciate it. We love you guys. We'll see you on Wednesday.
  • Peter: See you soon



All of the flora, fauna (creatures), structures, sounds, and weather define the environment players will explore.