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Notes: [1]


  1. 04:18
  2. Welcome
  3. PAX was fun.


  1. Developer Playthrough video
    1. 6:21
    2. Pax Demo from PAX West with Developer commentary
      1. Steven
      2. Josh
      3. Jeffrey
      4. Akil
    3. Camp of Marrowsmead.
      1. Stage 2 of Node System
      2. .2 Version of the UI
    4. Mushroom Quest.
      1. No Sparkles on the mushrooms.
      2. So harder to find the resources, but they will spawn where you’d expect them to spawn.
    5. Node upgraded to a Stage 3 Village.
      1. New quests will now be available.
      2. New merchants
      3. Upgraded crafting stations.
      4. Ability to purchase homes, or place freeholds.
      5. Player governments now activated.
    6. Caravan.
      1. Pre alpha Physics have knocked down the caravan.
      2. Little big of Combat with the slaveborne
        1. Slaveborne use to be a lovely race but something happened.
        2. Had a civilization in the clouds, but not anymore
        3. And cannot fly anymore.
      3. Showing off the Class utility skill of tracking.
        1. Can help you find how to complete a quest
        2. Or show you a hidden quest / areas
        3. Small sample of skills , tab vs action. As well as how the interact with fellow players
      4. Showing off the Mage skill of magic detection
      5. Showing off the Cleric skill of Cleansing.
      6. Showing off the Tank skill of Perception (missed)
      7. Showing the mage combo system
        1. Will go through cosmetic changes
        2. Fuels Focus energy number one ability
        3. In Depth progression system
    7. Boss room / fight
      1. Sorrow’s hunger.
      2. Will not always see templates on the ground. Matter of a trial error experience via Cues.
      3. Boss dead..
  2. Pax Experience commentary
    1. 29:07
    2. Great time, learning , team building
  3. Alph 0 Experience
    1. Zone size will be familiar to PAX but unlocking doors
    2. 3 Node areas only one will be able to reach village stage.
    3. So each experience depends on which gets developed, boss, storyline.
    4. Way to test Tech, and Tech supports. And Systems.
    5. Ice Cream truck trolling, Fan Visited
    6. Early look at the Empyrean race, before you were seeing the Kaelar.
    7. The Empyrean starter area.
    8. Will be continuing to expand the areas.
    9. 4 divine gateways, this will be the second gateway
  4. Concept Art Reveals
    1. Their gateway
  5. More of what to expect at Alpha
    1. 4 kilometer by 4 kilometer slice of the world each environment gets a 2x2 space
      1. Forest
      2. Floodplains
      3. Desert area (like PAX)
      4. Large river throughout.
      5. Nodes encompass one third each.
    2. More of an MMO experience than PAX
      1. Level up,
      2. Choose skills you unlock as you progress
      3. Get new equipment,
      4. Find drops
      5. Tiny bit of crafting
      6. Gather
      7. Preset Character
      8. Can choose Race, Empyrean / Kealar
      9. Choose Male / Female
      10. 3 Distinct Dungeons, will not be instanced
      11. Different spawn tables of Monsters of the area
  6. Do want your feedback both positive and negative
    1. Will be taking a second look at the combo system and determine the purpose and how to implement it visually multiple ways.
  7. More Empyrean Concept art.
    1. 43:06
    2. Another gateway
    3. Merchant stands / carts
    4. Camp assets for node system.
    5. Defensive armament
    6. Ruined architecture - greco roman influence.
    7. Housing renders
    8. Empyrean NPC’s
    9. Light Leather Armor for Alpha 0
    10. Some wallpaper pieces


[46:47] Do you plan on finishing all the skills on the first four classes and polishing them, before starting on the next four?

  1. No
  2. Will be working on lumps of each class and work on balancing them
  3. Multiple classes at once.
  4. Important to see the blend on how they work together.
  5. Showing these four only due to Art assets, animation assets. modeling.

[48:40] When will the Racial Buttons and clothing merchandise become purchasable in your Store?

  1. As soon as Shipping and fulfillment is available.
  2. Hopefully next week.

[48:57] Will we be able to sheath weapons/instruments or will they always be in the character's hand?

  1. Yes, not in PAX for tech reasons. Will be in Alpha 0
  2. In order to sheath, can’t go to idle to combat, transition between the two, is a bit tricker, so didn’t have enough time to complete.

[50:03] Are you going to get rid of the sweet spot bar from combat and look for another way to accomplish the same effect?

  1. Yeah, will continue iterating on it.
  2. That wasn’t a final product or UI at PAX.
  3. Most companies don’t show early renditions for this reason.

[52:14] Can I explicitly focus on trade skills in-game and become just as powerful or influential as I would by gear grinding pve/pvp?

  1. Yes
  2. Almost more, depending on you. What you do is different from what you are.
  3. We want to make sure you can do what you want in order to influence the world.

[53:17] In terms of character customisation and RP, will I be able to "hide" the armour in the head slot? And will there be a option for cosmetic armour slots that offer no stats - they are just purely cosmetic.?

  1. Yeah we will have social toggling

[53:49] Will there be nodes for resource quality as in will certain areas have better quality wood than others?

  1. Not forever, they will move
  2. There are higher quality resources
  3. No area will be known for better ore, maybe for a time, but not always

[54:47] Will there be open world PvP objectives that are always contested? A node with a very minor reward that groups will constantly fight over without a lockout window?

  1. Persistent objectives? We do not have plans at this time.
  2. Have pvp objectives in place.
  3. Will have scheduled sieges.
  4. Want the world to be continuing to evolve and change

[56:27] Will Tulnar be able to dig tunnels? For instance, I can put up a freehold where ever but can I dig a tunnel and live in it where ever? Can I dig an underground system of tunnels and call that my home if I am a Tulnar?

  1. No
  2. Make Tulnar house that look like mounds.
  3. But to do the digging is a technical issue , we know we’d have to be a different studio.

[57:24] When you guys release node part 3 video?

  1. Good question! We’ve lost time.
  2. soon™

[58:24] Will we be able to hide character name toggle it on and off, guild tags, etc.

  1. Yes from your perspective.
  2. Toggle friends, guild members, alliance , enemies
  3. Customization very high

[58:56] Can we change the name tank to say guardian, this is to prevent tanky mctank face ?

  1. Archetype names seem bland, this is because the flavor comes with the combination of the primary / secondary.
  2. You will see the flavor in the 64 class combos.

[59:58] Have yall decided on visiting other conventions?

  1. We have, and we will release them as conventions are nailed down and space rented.
  2. Had a great time.
  3. Want to change the dynamic between studios and community.
  4. People were glad to see the artists and designers, was nice to meet developers.

[1:01:38] Did you like my donuts at intrepid studios?

  1. Yes, none left

[1:02:17] Are you going to make mmo’s great again ?

  1. Yes we are

[1:02:22] What is your favorite class ?

  1. Jeffrey - hybrids, druid, bard
  2. Akil - Healers
  3. Steven - Mage, Sorcerer, wizard

[1:03:13] Where is the screaming goat I gave Jeffrey at PAX?

  1. Shows the goat.


  1. Thanks for tuning in , will have another stream before the end of the month.



All of the flora, fauna (creatures), structures, sounds, and weather define the environment players will explore.