Ashes of Creation Kickstarter Livestream 2017-05-30

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Notes: [1]


  1. Notes:
    1. An echo to end all echoes.
    2. Expecting 30 minutes plus of gameplay
    3. [2:30] Reached $2.5m, 13,500 backers
    4. Stream restart to fix echo
      1. Fixed
    5. Interviews with other team members on Thursday
    6. Revealing the 9th race name/silhouettes

Discord and Twitch Chat Q&A

[4:40] Can you do human sacrifices as the evil dark religion?

  1. No you cannot do human sacrifices.

[5:10] Can you do a tour of your studio in a video?

  1. Yeah, maybe we can do that Thursday?
    1. If not, then in the near future

[5:50] How will weapons be linked with archetypes/secondary classes? (Weapons linked to skills?)

  1. Classes are weapon/armour agnostic
    1. Can use any weapons/armour
    2. May not be as good as some classes who are intended to use those items

[6:50] What is preventing most people from bandwagoning into an already existing metropolis?

  1. Related to how citizenship works
    1. Early on it will have less costs associated with it
    2. As more citizens join, it will be become more cost preventative to have more citizens
  2. Some exclusive housing you may want, government

[8:40] Please address the roleplayers, we have many questions. What do you have to offer us?

  1. Will have a ton of social spaces that we will focus RP around
  2. Plenty of opportunities

[9:30] Daily login rewards? Birthday rewards?

  1. Birthday they want to, maybe the creation date of the character?
  2. Want to make it an actual reward as opposed to a gamey reward

[10:30] Can we own a mine or maybe sell mining licenses to others?

  1. You can’t own a mine outright
    1. No deeds
  2. But you can say this mine is mine, I have hired this group of players to defend it for me and you can’t come in
    1. That’s the kind of direction you will need to go if you want ownership of it
  3. Once a mine is depleted it will spawn somewhere else in the world, not necessarily come back to one spot
    1. Will feel like a mine, no individual nodes that will respawn
    2. Will take time to deplete to reflect that
  4. Discussed potentially laying down an “extractor” near a resource center on a freehold (as a citizen) to extract resources from that mine
    1. Bigger, multiplayer construction.
    2. Require a caravan to move resources.

[13:50] Spider mounts?

  1. There could be some kind of multi-legged mounts, maybe arachnid mounts?
  2. Not currently a mount
  3. One race has a turtle mount

[14:30] With the underrealm unlocked, will the max number of metros that can exist be changed?

  1. No, the way the node system works makes it so that five is a really good number

[16:00] Will there be accuracy, crit, block, etc? (RNG elements in combat)

  1. Yes, we do have stats of that nature

[16:50] New Race

  1. Notes:
    1. Tulnar, new race
      1. Look like Kobolds
      2. Culmination of some of the major/minor races that existed before
      3. Will be able to dial up which type of attributes come to the forefront of your character
        1. Reptilian, mammal, human, etc
    2. Will be doing some in-depth overviews of each races over the coming weeks
      1. History, lore, etc
      2. Stories about who they are as a race

[21:00] Gameplay Video

  1. Notes:
    1. Showing town in the winter season
    2. Steven playing a mage, Jeffrey a Ranger
    3. Concerned Citizen gives them a quest in a tavern
      1. You have options to respond to NPCs
        1. Won’t give you quests unless you reply certain ways
      2. Will give rewards (like a bow)
      3. Out to look for deer in the north
    4. Passed a caravan on the way out
    5. The water has frozen over because it is winter
    6. “Forest Guardian”
      1. Deer with glowing green horns
      2. One shot the deer with a fireball (had a cast time)
      3. Quest wants him to get eight “Raw Venison”
      4. Showing off fireball, lightning, frost spells
        1. Can move while casting some spells
    7. Node specific quest
      1. Will allow an inn to store and prevision this kind of meat
      2. Don’t have to turn the meat in
      3. This meat specifically will increase accuracy (lore says it lets you see into the future)
    8. Casts a spell that creates a light orb which follows you around
    9. Gate closed so he used a bubble spell to fly over the wall
    10. Freehold
      1. Chests to store things
      2. Refineries
    11. [41:50] Water aspect dungeon w/ undead
      1. Open area dungeon
      2. Skeleton Mobs
        1. “Unriven ranger”
        2. “Unriven mystic”
        3. “Unriven Fighter”
        4. “Unriven brute”
    12. Can get monster coins from dungeons
      1. “Twisted rabbit” coin
      2. Teleported outside of the town from the dungeon
        1. Clarified that there will be an actual event you have to be around to use that coin
        2. Legion, Elite, Epic level events

Gameplay Q&A:

[31:30] You said that you wanted each weapon to have a unique effect to give them a purpose. Could you elaborate on this?

  1. Each weapon will have a role to play
  2. Different axises of attributes that weapons will have
  3. Each will have it’s own reason for being
  4. Some of the weapons will have different conditions that can be applied based on weapon is being used
    1. Depends on crafter, level, etc
    2. Two-handed hammer might have a chance to knock down, etc

[35:40] Could we see an in-game proximity based voice chat?

  1. Proximity based? Probably not
  2. But we are creating a group based voice system players will be able to use

[37:50] Question about armour types/slots?

  1. Eight major slots
    1. Head, shoulders, chest, legs, belt, arms, hands, feet
  2. Two rings
  3. One Necklace
  4. Two trinkets?

[39:50] Will there be different starting zones for each race? Or the same for all races?

  1. There will be different starting zones for each race
  2. Will start with each “super race” (Dwarf, Elf, Human, Orc)
    1. You will eventually go and meet up with your actual race

[40:50] Can you use your freehold as a ranch? For breeding/raising livestock?

  1. Don’t know about stabling other people's animals
  2. Will be able to use animals to farm and sell milk/eggs/meat/etc

[44:30] Weapons/shields affect class choices?

  1. If you want to use shield related abilities you will need to equip a shield
  2. Similar to rogues who want to use dual wield abilities

[45:30] What plans are there for instanceable content? (Raids/Dungeons)

  1. Want a strong focus on the open world
  2. Will be a lot of instanced content
    1. Across all experience levels
    2. Won’t just be one or two low level dungeons, etc


  1. Notes:
    1. Will be doing more gameplay videos in the future
      1. Keep in mind it is pre-alpha so you’ll see thing like hit points/damage/etc that don’t represent what will be in the actual game
  2. Interviews on Thursday
    1. Dancing/Music
  3. Three more days of kickstarter!